15 Beautiful Hydrangea Flower Arrangement Ideas

Hydrangea flowers are versatile plants. They can reach 15 feet in height, and change color based on the pH level of their soil. When the soil has a pH of below 5.5, the acidity turns the flowers blue. Anything above above a pH of 5.5 will turn purple and gradually into pink. Over time, wilted hydrangeas will appear to have a green pigment. 

These magnificent flowers are easy to grow. Potted hydrangea plants can be grown indoors if you're looking to grow your own arrangement. Make sure the plants receive direct sunlight for a few hours throughout the day as well as partial shade. 

Planning centerpieces for any sort of celebration can be stressful; but, it should be creative and fun! That's why we compiled 15 of the most beautiful hydrangea flower arrangements to inspire your next display.

Woman holding huge beautiful blossoming bouquet of fresh colourful hydrangea flowers on the wooden wall background, 15 Beautiful Hydrangea Flower Arrangement Ideas

1. Hydrangeas and Chrysanthemums

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Hydrangea and chrysanthemum blossoms in a glass bowl

This is a very basic but pleasing combination. White chrysanthemums represent faith and devoted love. White hydrangeas represent vanity, admiration, and a sense of pride. Combined with the beautiful, not-yet-bloomed spider mums, this is bound to be an eye-catching centerpiece. This arrangement can be downplayed in a neutral bowl, or it can be accentuated by playing with the green undertones. 

2. Monochrome Bouquet

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Hydrangea on a glass vase

Monochrome aesthetics have recently taken over social media. Between fashion, home decor, and even stationary- monochrome seems to be the new obsession. This lovely bouquet shows the elegance of having a solid color arrangement. Blue hydrangeas symbolize remorse and deep apology. This particular arrangement may be a good apology bouquet however, there are solid color bunches of hydrangeas for every occasion. 

If you're looking to recreate this look with false flowers, we've got you covered!

Click here for realistic silk hydrangeas on Amazon.

3. Throw in some Poppies 

Blue and white hydrangea bouquet with poppies on white background

Adding in other complimentary flowers to the hydrangea arrangement can really upgrade the look. For example, poppies have a lovely contrast between the petals and the pistil. This accentuates the single-toned hydrangeas. 

4. Stick with an Earthy Look

Hydrangea on a pot isolated on white background

I know what you're thinking, "There is no way I'm putting a whole potted plant on my tables." Think of the possibilities though, potted plants not only give the hydrangeas more time to grow; this also makes for a potential party favor. Perhaps this is not the look you would choose for a church wedding, but this could be a wonderful outdoor bridal shower piece. At the end of said event, guests could choose which plant they'd like to take home and grow for themselves! 

5. Plain Basket - Make the Flowers Pop

Hydrangea flowers on a wicker basket

Using a plain or neutral basket like the one pictured can make the flowers pop even more. The blue, pink, and purple contrast with the white basket. This is also something we haven't seen in previous designs. If vases seem boring, then opt for something different!

6. Add Filler Flowers 

Beautiful summer bouquet of white hydrangeas and roses

Sometimes all a flower arrangement needs to stand out is small filler flowers. In this particular piece, the main focuses are the hydrangeas and white roses, but you also see baby's breath and various wildflowers. Baby's breath is a cheap and popular addition to many centerpieces. The ribbon on the vase is also a cute touch! 

If you are looking to replicate the image with a natural baby's breath, try using dried flowers.

Click here to see dried baby's breath on Amazon.

There are also options for faux flowers.

Click here to see faux baby's breath on Amazon.

7. Preserve the Memories 

Dried Hydrangeas in wine bottles against white brick wall

Who said the hydrangeas had to be alive? Dried flowers are gorgeous, and this will certainly attract attention to the arrangement. After the special occasion, these flowers will still be around to tell the story. The earth tones are universally harmonious. The wine bottles are a unique vase as well! This is a more rustic than refined look. 

8. Multicolor Magic 

Very nice young woman holding huge beautiful blossoming bouquet of fresh colourful hydrangea flowers on the wooden wall background

One simple idea is to gather different colored hydrangeas and bundle them all together. If you're basing the arrangement on hydrangeas, there isn't any more hydrangea-focused it can get than this. The bottom of these flowers is tied together. If you find yourself getting bored of the containers, try to switch it up rather than always being held in a vase. The multicolor bundle works better as a handheld arrangement versus a set centerpiece. 

9. Simple as 1, 2, 3

This is a basic design but it looks wonderful. We can split this arrangement into three parts:

  1. Hydrangea - essential to a hydrangea arrangement of course.
  2. Sunflower - a flower with a pop of color! In this case, the blue and yellow contrast each other nicely. 
  3. Rose and greenery - There's nothing more classic than a rose and adding in greenery ties the piece together. 

10. Metal Urn 

A flower's vase can play a big role in finding the right arrangement. These beautifully dried flowers are in a metal urn. The brown undertones tones complement the metal container. Hydrangeas are usually a vibrant pink or blue, but in this dried piece, we see another side of the flowers. 

11. Flower Buds








Pairing bloomed flowers with buds is a great idea. The natural greens from the buds complement the peaceful hydrangeas. There is also a texture and shape contrast. The buds are solid spheres that break away from the soft look of the petals. 

12. Purple Hues 










This bush of flowers is all different shades of purple! The preserved flowers have been intricately placed into a sphere. Purple hydrangeas represent understanding. The note reads "Happy Mother's Day!" but you can customize this look for any occasion! 

13. Hair Accessories 

Wedding Hydrangea hair accessories isolated on the white fur coat

Rather than a bouquet, these flowers are arranged to wear. This may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is certainly an option to incorporate nature into your wardrobe.

A dark red version of this look would pair perfectly with a matching bouquet! 

Click here to see hydrangea hair flower pins on Amazon.

14. Use Branches 

Still life flower arrangement with Hortesia in horn of plenty made of branches in Guatemala

The branches make an eco-friendly basket to place the flowers in. Combining sticks and hortesia flowers (a form of hydrangea) makes for a rustic centerpiece. This would best work for a outdoor event, such as a barnyard wedding or a fall potluck. 

15. Make a Wreath 

Hydrangea flower frame

Nowhere to place a vase of flowers? No worries! You can make a wreath to hang your hydrangeas on a wall or door. You can style the wreath by adding in other flowers, or stick with an all hydrangea theme. Leaves, herbs, and other greenery may complement the decor as well! Adding in herbs can change the scent of the arrangement from sweet to minty, earthy, etc. You could even add in sticks as a backboard for the wreath! 

Happy Hydrangea Hunting!

Now that you have an idea of what arrangement you may want, you need to buy the flowers. We've already talked about faux flowers and growing your own hydrangeas, but what about the other flowers? The sunflowers in design #9 contrast very well with blue hydrangeas. You can learn how to dry your own sunflowers step by step right here

On the other hand, if you're more interested in finding a centerpiece. you can check out 11 designs here. Plants are a popular contender to fill spaces, so why not consider using hydrangeas? 

When in Doubt, Go Simple

If all of this was overwhelming, consider going with one of the more basic designs. Grab your favorite vase, cut the fresh flowers outside your window, and call it a day. Floral arrangements don't need to be stressful! We wish you good luck in designing your next hydrangea centerpiece. 

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  1. I too loved dried hydrangeas! I like greenery or other accents even a few w dried hydrangeas. Would faux accents distract from the natural appeal or look confusing? Suggestions? Thanks.

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