17 Modern Boho Kitchen Design Concepts

Designing is a modern boho kitchen is a fun project that brings together the best of contemporary elegance and bohemian charm.

These kitchens become a warm, inviting space where modernity meets a free-spirited aesthetic, creating an environment that is both functional and uniquely expressive.

With an emphasis on blending sleek, contemporary lines with eclectic, bohemian elements, our list promises to inspire those looking to infuse their cooking spaces with a sense of creativity and comfort.

From natural textures and earthy tones to unexpected pops of color and pattern, explore kitchen designs that perfectly balance modern sophistication with bohemian flair.

1. Sleek White Cabinetry with Macrame Wall Accents

A modern boho kitchen that combines the cleanliness of sleek white cabinetry with the warmth and texture of macrame wall accents.

modern boho kitchen design with sleek white cabinetry and macrame wall accents

2. Open Shelving with Vibrant Ceramic Dishware

This concept brings life to the kitchen through open shelving that showcases vibrant ceramic dishware, adding a splash of color and pattern.

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modern boho kitchen design with open shelving and vibrant ceramic dishware

3. Natural Wood Elements with Hanging Greenery

A serene kitchen design that emphasizes natural wood elements complemented by the freshness of hanging greenery.

modern boho kitchen design with natural wood elements and hanging greenery

4. Boho-patterned Backsplash with Minimalist Countertops

Marrying function and style, this kitchen features a boho-patterned backsplash alongside sleek, minimalist countertops.

modern boho kitchen design with boho-patterned backsplash and minimalist countertops

5. Black Matte Hardware on Light Wood Cabinets

The contrast of black matte hardware on light wood cabinets offers a contemporary take on boho chic.

modern boho kitchen design with black matte hardware on light wood cabinets

6. Floating Wooden Shelves with Industrial Metal Brackets

This design concept elevates the kitchen's aesthetic with the rustic charm of floating wooden shelves supported by industrial metal brackets.

modern boho kitchen design with floating wooden shelves and industrial metal brackets

7. Rattan Pendant Lighting Over a Quartz Island

A modern boho kitchen featuring the warmth of rattan pendant lighting over the sleekness of a quartz island.

modern boho kitchen design with rattan pendant lighting over a quartz island

8. Colorful Boho Rugs on Polished Concrete Floors

Introducing texture and color, this kitchen pairs colorful boho rugs with the cool, contemporary feel of polished concrete floors.

modern boho kitchen design with colorful boho rugs on polished concrete floors

9. Exposed Brick Walls with Modern Stainless Steel Appliances

Blending the old with the new, this kitchen combines the rustic appeal of exposed brick walls with modern stainless steel appliances.

modern boho kitchen design with exposed brick walls and modern stainless steel appliances

10. High Ceilings with Wooden Beams and Large Windows

A spacious kitchen design that highlights high ceilings with wooden beams and large windows for natural light.

modern boho kitchen design with high ceilings with wooden beams and large windows

11. Minimalist Bar Stools at a Breakfast Nook

A cozy breakfast nook featuring minimalist bar stools for a simple yet stylish seating option.

modern boho kitchen design with minimalist bar stools at a breakfast nook

12. Moroccan Tiles as a Feature Wall

Injecting vibrant patterns and colors, this kitchen uses Moroccan tiles for a stunning feature wall.

modern boho kitchen design with Moroccan tiles as a feature wall

13. Industrial-style Lighting with Bohemian Decor

A unique blend of industrial-style lighting fixtures with bohemian decor pieces for an eclectic kitchen vibe.

modern boho kitchen design with industrial-style lighting and bohemian decor

14. Gold Accents on Navy Blue Cabinetry

Chic and sophisticated, this kitchen pairs gold accents with navy blue cabinetry for a rich, bohemian vibe.

modern boho kitchen design with gold accents on navy blue cabinetry

15. Reclaimed Wood Island with a Marble Top

A kitchen island that combines the rustic beauty of reclaimed wood with the elegance of a marble top.

modern boho kitchen design with reclaimed wood island and a marble top

16. Vintage-inspired Appliances with Modern Cabinetry

Merging the past and present, this kitchen features vintage-inspired appliances alongside sleek, modern cabinetry.

modern boho kitchen design with vintage-inspired appliances and modern cabinetry

17. Wall-mounted Planters with Geometric Shapes

Enhancing the kitchen's boho vibe, wall-mounted planters with geometric shapes add life and visual interest.

modern boho kitchen design with wall-mounted planters and geometric shapes

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