How High Should A Mirror Be Above A Sideboard?

You’ve selected the perfect, beautiful sideboard to finish out your room, and now things are nearly the way you imagined. The only thing left to do is hang a mirror above the sideboard. But how high should the mirror be? We’ve looked into it, and we have answers for you.

Designers typically recommend leaving 4-6 inches between your sideboard and the bottom of the mirror. There is some flexibility to this, depending on the room layout, how you intend to use the sideboard, and what you place atop it.

Keep reading for more details about where to hang a mirror above your sideboard and some other things to consider when hanging your mirror.

Chest of drawers and mirror near opened door in hallway. - How High Should A Mirror Be Above A Sideboard?

Mirror Height Above Sideboard

If you found a sideboard that is simply perfect for your living room, dining room, or hallway and now you want to hang a mirror above it, you need to consider some things.

While many designers recommend placing the mirror 4-6  inches above the sideboard, there are additional factors to consider.

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Hallway interior with shoe rack, mirror and mat near door.

Intended Use

If your sideboard is in an entryway and is only used as a place to put your keys or bag when you enter the house, you may like the 4-6 inch height.

If, on the other hand, you are using the sideboard to hold several family photos, vases, or other decorations, it may work better to raise the mirror a few inches. The same is true if you are using it as a serving buffet in a dining room.

Whatever way you intend to use it, think about whether any of the items you plan to place atop the sideboard will interfere with the mirror. Some designs may look better with their reflection showing in a mirror, but sometimes it can make things look cluttered.021

Eye Level

If you are placing your sideboard in a location where people will rarely sit, you may prefer if the mirror is at eye level standing up. Many designers recommend around 57-60 inches.

If you have the sideboard in a living room or dining room, consider people's eye level when seated. Four inches or six inches may be acceptable in this case, but you may like it even lower. Some people place the mirror directly on top of the sideboard. This may work well in a living room, where people may sit low on a sofa.

Room Height

If your room has a high ceiling, you may want to place the mirror a bit higher than in a standard room. If your mirror is huge in a room with lower ceilings, you may be better off putting it slightly lower. Cut a piece of paper or cardboard and tape it to the wall where the mirror will be so you can move it around to get the correct feel before committing to a permanent location for the mirror.

Personal Preference

This is the most important consideration. It is your house, so you should always give your own opinion the most weight. If you like the mirror to sit on top of the sideboard in your dining room, then do so. Just do it intentionally, not because you didn’t think of all the things we’ve mentioned above.

How Big Should A Mirror Be Over A Sideboard?

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A mirror over a sideboard should be at least ⅔ the width and no more than around ¾ the width of the sideboard. The reason for this is balance. A small mirror over a large sideboard would look out of proportion.

As far as height goes, the important thing is to consider the scale of your room. While you should consider the scale of a mirror compared to the sideboard for the mirror's width, the room is more important when it comes to the height of the mirror. A tall room usually requires a taller mirror. Many different heights can work well, as long as you hang the mirror at the proper level to work with the room.

Should I Hang A Mirror Horizontal Or Vertical?

Modern chair with table and mirror near pink wall.

Typically, the taller a room is, the taller a mirror should be. The same principle applies to a long room, where you should use a long mirror. These are the basic guidelines you should consider when hanging your mirror. If your room is very tall and not very wide, hang the mirror vertically. But if the room is long and has low ceilings, hang the mirror horizontally.

An exception to the above is if you are hanging the mirror between two windows. Your mirror should then be scaled to the area of the wall on which you are hanging it. Hang it vertically if the windows' space is narrow, horizontally if the windows' distance is longer than the ceiling height. The same applies to any section of wall between a window and a corner or similar area.

Consider the image below. They hung a mirror vertically next to this door. A smaller horizontal mirror would not work as well in this case.

You should also consider the scale of what you place the mirror over. If you place the mirror above a sideboard or sofa, it needs to be at least ⅔ the width of the furniture beneath for balance. It shouldn’t be over about ¾ the width, or it would throw the balance off.

If a mirror above a sofa, for example, is too long for the sofa if placed horizontally and too tall for the room if placed vertically, you may need to select a different mirror. Otherwise, you may throw the balance of the entire room off.

What Can Hold A Mirror On A Wall?

When hanging a mirror, it is important to make sure it is well secured to the wall. An improperly hung mirror may fall, which could cause damage to the mirror or injury to anyone nearby when it falls.

There are many fasteners available that work well for hanging your mirror. Some require holes in your wall; some do not. Typically, the non-destructive fasteners will work on small mirrors but not larger mirrors.


There are several types of glue specifically designed to glue mirrors to the wall. Some people have used construction adhesives to install their mirror, but you should make sure the adhesive you use is approved for use on a mirror, or it may damage the backing.

Liquid Nails Mirror Adhesive

Loctite Mirror, Marble and Granite Construction Adhesive


If you have a smaller mirror, you can hang it with double-sided tape. Several types of tape exist that work well for this, but many can damage your wall when you remove the tape, keeping that in mind.

Scotch-Mount Indoor Double Sided Mounting Tape

Gorilla Tough & Clear Double Sided XL Mounting Tape

Drywall Anchors

Drywall anchors work well if your mirror already has a hanger or hooks on the back, and you need a hook or screw in the wall to attach it to. They also work well if you plan to use mirror clips to hold up a frameless mirror. Most people recommend selecting anchors rated around double the weight of your mirror for safety.

Qualihome Drywall Anchors

E-Z Ancor Drywall Anchors

Drywall Hooks

Drywall hooks are often rated to hold a load that would suffice for most mirrors. They provide a good hook for you to hang your mirror from, and they do minimal damage to your wall.

ESFUN Drywall Hooks

Hillman Monkey Hooks

Toggle Bolts

These bolts work by drilling a small hole, sliding the spring-loaded toggle through, then tightening the bolt. The toggle expands on the backside of the drywall and you pull it tight with the bolt. Toggle bolts are good options for heavier mirrors.

Swpeet Toggle Bolt Kit

HELIFOUNER Toggle Bolt Kit

Removable Adhesive Velcro Or Hooks

Wall stainless steel hook on white background isolated.

If you want to hang a mirror without damaging the wall, then removable velcro strips or hooks may be the best option. They work well for lighter mirrors, although you should use strips or hooks rated for about twice your mirror's weight to make sure it stays put.

Velcro Hangables

Click here to see these on Amazon.

3M Command Picture Hanging Strips

DDMY Reusable Adhesive Hooks

3M Command Small Wire Hooks

In Closing

The usually recommended height for a mirror above a sideboard is 4-6 inches above the sideboard top. There are exceptions and other considerations, as we’ve discussed. Using this guidance and your own preferences, you can hang your mirror in a location that is just right for your room.

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closed front door of a house with metal sideboard and mirror above it. How High Should A Mirror Be Above A Sideboard

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