31 Living Rooms With Brown Walls [Photo Inspiration]

When it comes to decorating a room, the color of the walls can really set apart the design. The walls have a lot to say about the overall aesthetic of a room. Brown is a neutral earth tone that goes well with a large variety of styles. The natural color, in all of its hues, brings a sense of warmth. The color also makes it easy to incorporate accent colors into the design.

Since the living room is a place designed for gathering and entertaining, it should be welcoming. The colors and design of the room are key players in making this a known feeling. So, what better room to paint brown than the living room?

There are lots of ways to use this color in your living room. We created a list of 31 ideas for living rooms with brown walls. Continue reading to get inspired!

Luxury modern living room with white couch, framed wall art and house plant, 31 Living Rooms With Brown Walls [Photo Inspiration]

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1. Brown Accent Wall

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Blue and brown living room with air conditioner, sofa and footstool

Pick out one wall to paint a warm brown hue. Doing so highlights that wall and the furniture and decor around it.

2. Entertainment Focal Point

Modern living room with fireplace and tv set

Use the brown wall to create a focal point in the room like highlighting an entertainment center. The pairing of a TV and a fireplace makes for a cozy room.

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3. Modern Appeal

Modern living room with fireplace, brown wall and blue armchair

Sleek, clean lines are a hallmark design aspect of a modern aesthetic. Color blocking with misty blue, brown, and ivory creates a visually stimulating appeal.

4. Earthy Tones

Luxury modern living room interior with modern sofa, gray wall, armchair and plants

Earth tones are, without a doubt, warm and inviting tones. They're common colors to use in a room that's frequented a lot. It's an organic color scheme that really consists of many different colors that work together harmoniously.

5. Textured Walls

Interior shot of brown and beige luxury living room

Textured walls are an excellent way to add in depth and visual interest to an otherwise ordinary room. It gives the space more life.

6. Gray-Brown

Classic interior with home cinema system

A gray-brown hue is soft on the eyes yet demanding of attention. The light-colored wood stands out against the wall color, creating a unique look. A pair of leather chairs add a nice warm texture and contrast to the wood color.

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7. Tan Hue

Brown color inspired living room from couches to flooring and fireplace

A tan hue is a wonderful color that meshes well with a plethora of styles. It's easy to incorporate other colors into the design, too.

8. Bright Furniture

Living space with huge sliding windows and white ceiling incorporated with orange chairs

Sometimes the best way to liven up the space is through furniture. Since a muted brown color is calming, any bright color is going to stand out.

9. Formal Living Room

Brown walled living room with orange and white chairs complementing living room

A formal living room has furniture that has a touch of elegance and elevated design. The tan colors of the walls smooth out the space and foster a sense of elegance.

10. Beachy Vibe

Small living space with brown walls and dark long couches

Turn your living room into a beachy dream. Bring in all the colors of the ocean and the beach through furniture and wall color as well as its design. Soft features of the furniture are calming.

11. Stonework Fireplace

Modern living room with wooden flooring, curved couch, and brown walls with fireplace

Stonework fireplaces, without a doubt, add architectural intrigue and beauty to a room. It makes the room look more inviting to guests, and it plays well off the color of the walls.

12. Luxury

Modern living room with brown walls and glass door with brown couch

Cream, tan, black, and metallic sheens come together to create a truly luxurious aesthetic. Table lamps provide a warm glow, and plant life adds organic beauty.

13. Modern Maven

Modern living room with brown walls, brown couches and white painted second floor

Since brown has so many different tones, it's easy to use a variety of them in the furniture, flooring, light fixtures, and decorative items.

14. Wall Paneling

Living room with white hanging lamps and brown couch with matching decorative 1x1 square bars

Accent walls, especially using wooden slats or panels, provide rich texture and depth to a room. Don't shy away from bold options!

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15. Luscious Green

Living room with white ceiling, brown walls and wooden flooring with white couches

Talk about a vibrant accent color. Bright green is sure to stand out against brown hues, giving the eye all kinds of visual stimulation. It's a fun use of color that won't soon be forgotten.

16. Cool Color Palette

Living room with white ceiling and brown walls with curtains

In a living room full of neutral colors, it's easy to lay back and relax. Incorporate different patterns, colors, and textures to the room for differentiation.

17. Pendant Lighting

Living room with white blinds and brown walls with white couch

Pendant lighting is a fun way to add some intrigue and glam to a living room. While it might not be the standard lighting choice in that room, it's a fun option.

18. Natural Lighting

Living room with huge window at right and TV set mounted at walls as centerpiece

Natural lighting does wonders for any room. It's fresh and bright, and it highlights the wonderful features of the room.

19. Intimate Setting

Living room with decorative rock paneling fireplace and white couches

Position furniture in a way that fosters conversation and gathering. Comfortable furniture does a lot, too, to ensure that!

20. Minimal Aesthetic

Living room with brown walls and wooden flooring with white couch

A minimal aesthetic ensures that you appreciate the furniture and design features displayed in the room. The wood of the floating shelf matches the two side tables for a cohesive look.

21. Leather Furniture

Living room with brown walls and dark colored couch and wooden dividers with plants and books placed at top

Leather furniture is an excellent addition to every single design style. It's a timeless style that brings an aesthetic value to the room.

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22. Tropical Sense

Living room with brown walls and brown couch with cabinet

Organic fibers and dark green hues can come together to create a warm tropical vibe. Position a large tropical indoor palm in the room to help filter the air and bring in natural beauty.

23. Traditional Style

Living room with brown walls wooden flooring and center fireplace

A traditional style is a very popular home decorating style. It's a combination of comfortable furniture, classic designs, and symmetry. The color palette is truly warm and welcoming.

24. Geometric Patterned Wall

Living room with brown flooring and white ceiling

A geometric patterned wall is an excellent way to bring in a fun impact. It complements the furniture in the room and livens up the space.

25. Glitzy And Glamorous

Living room with brown flooring and matching curtains circular mirror

A glitzy and glamorous aesthetic pairs exceptionally well with brown hues. In this living room, the soft brown walls are the perfect backdrop to the luxurious sofa and elegant curtains.

26. Color Blocking

Living room with brown and blue walls blended with wooden flooring

Color block the living room with a few of your favorite colors. Teal, tan, and brown come together to make a strong impact on the overall aesthetic. The area rug pulls those colors together wonderfully.

27. Exposed Beams

Large living room with fireplace decorated with brick wall and white ceiling with wooden trusses

Exposed beams are meant to accentuate a space. Because of this, it's important that the wood and colors used are not too heavy and weighty. The room is left feeling light and airy.

28. Patterns

Dark living room with red floral curtains and white couches with circular mirror mounted at walls

Consistent patterns are a great way to make the room flow and match. As seen in this photo, the throw pillows, lampshades, and curtains match. It helps the room feel more put together.

29. Vibrant Orange

Brown living room with gray flooring and long couches

A rich vibrant orange stands out against neutral colors exceptionally well. If you want to make a statement with accent colors, then go bold.

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30. Rich Curtain Texture

Brown living room with brown curtains and wooden flooring

Curtains do a wonderful job of transforming a room and making it look truly put together and fabulous.

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31. Consistent Color Palette

Brown couches with fireplace as centerpiece and white ceiling with ceiling lights

Run with a consistent color pattern in your living room. Ensuring that the furniture and other decorative pieces match is essential for keeping with a consistent color palette.

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