Mediterranean-Inspired Reading Alcove in Cream and Blue [Design Concept]

Mediterranean-Inspired Reading Alcove in Cream and Blue

  • Design style: Mediterranean
  • Color scheme: Cream, Sky Blue, Navy Blue
  • Materials: Cotton, Linen, Ceramic
  • Items of note: Blue and white patterned cushions, Ceramic decorative plate, White drapery

This image reveals a serene reading alcove that's inspired by Mediterranean design.

The hallmark of Mediterranean interiors is a palette inspired by the sea and sky, as well as warm earthy tones that create a welcoming atmosphere.

In this alcove, the sky blue and navy blue hues evoke the feeling of the ocean, while the cream drapery and cushions provide a soft, sun-washed look typical of Mediterranean homes.

Key elements of this style include the use of natural materials such as cotton and linen, ensuring a comfortable and breathable space, which is especially important in the warmer climates where this style originates.

The decorative ceramic plate hanging on the wall is reminiscent of Mediterranean pottery, often featuring intricate blue patterns against a white background.

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Mediterranean reading nook in blue and cream - including color scheme

The cozy nook is accented by an assortment of cushions with various blue and white patterns, highlighting the region's traditional color scheme.

The elegant drapery that frames the alcove adds a sense of luxury while also providing a practical solution for controlling natural light.

Tips for Achieving a Similar Look at Home

Incorporate Blue and White

Embrace the classic Mediterranean color scheme with a mix of blue and white textiles. Look for cushions, throws, and rugs featuring these hues.

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mediterranean throw pillow in blue and cream

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Natural Fabrics

Choose breathable fabrics like cotton and linen for upholstery and window treatments, prioritizing comfort and a casual, laid-back aesthetic.

Add Ceramic Accents

Decorate with ceramic plates or vases that showcase blue and white patterns. Hang plates on the wall for a striking visual element or use them functionally in the space.

Use Drapery to Soften Spaces

Soft, flowing curtains can create a sense of enclosure and intimacy, perfect for a reading nook or a small lounge area.

Embrace Pattern Mixing

Mediterranean style often includes a variety of patterns. Combine geometric prints with organic shapes to keep the decor interesting but harmonious.

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