Should Front Door Match Shutters and Trims?

Should your front door color match your home's trim and shutter colors? If you're in the process of repainting or building a home, picking out paint colors can either be incredibly exciting or incredibly vexing. There are decisions you've never thought about. Like, if your trim and door color should match. And if you're adding shutters, must they match as well?

Your front door does not have to match your trim or shutter color. You can pick a separate color for each or the same for all, should you choose.

We're going to take a look at how people go about choosing colors for their home's exteriors in the post below.

A modern front door with a white framing and a black painted door, Should Front Door Match Shutters and Trims?

Should Your Front Door Color Match Your Shutters And Trim Colors?

Many considerations go into choosing paint colors for your home's exteriors. Some neighborhoods or historic districts must work within a set of approved colors, which narrows the decision-making process. Your home's exterior finish, whether brick or stone or siding will also help you make a choice. Let's look at the three different approaches a homeowner might take.

Matching Shutters and Trim With Front Door

Many times, homes that have stone exteriors or a combination of exterior finishes will have matching exterior finishes. This is the way to cut down on business and create a cohesive and pleasing look.

Matching Front Door And Shutters With Different Trim Color

Another approach many homeowners take is to match their front door and their shutters, but keep their trim color a different color. This is a super look on brick homes and homes with one colored siding as it creates some interest without being too busy.

Here navy blue is used to striking effect on the shutters and front door of this red brick home. The trim is painted white.

Here a soft moss green combination looks gorgeous with tan trim on a lighter red brick home.

Here's another take on the blue door and shutter look, this time on a home with wheat-colored siding and white trim.

Different Color Front Door, Trim, And Shutters

Sometimes you don't want to choose just one thing. There are no rules saying you can't have a bit of everything on your home's exterior. Homeowners can choose to paint their front door one color, their trim another, and their shutters a third. Here are a few examples of this used to good effect.

This lovely white clapboard home has a charcoal-painted front door, soft grey shutters, and white trim to offset the oyster-colored siding. It's a fresh and beautiful look for this contemporary farmhouse.

Why not have fun with your exterior colors? This white home boasts soft turquoise shutters, a vibrant orange front door, and white trim. 

Should Storm Door Match Trim Or Door? 

There's no rule about whether or not your storm door should match your front door or trim. Your storm door can be its own color. Many people might paint their storm doors a slightly darker or lighter version of their front door color, or they will paint it to blend in with their siding color. You can, of course, match it to your door or your trim, but that's entirely a design decision.

This storm door matches both the front door and the porch trim color.

What Color Should I Paint My Shutters And Front Door?

The exact color will depend on the exterior of your home and your taste. But let's look at a few examples that may help with your decision making.

Shutters And Doors On A Red Brick Home

Black shutters with either a black door or a red door is a pretty classic look for this style home. It's a classic and attractive and a fool-proof choice.

Forest green is another color that looks striking on a red brick home.

Shutters And Doors On A White Home

This soft grey is a beautiful counterpart to the painted white brick of this home. Black hardware, brass door fixtures, and a neatly manicured landscape job give this home real curb appeal.

Black is another excellent choice for white homes. And because black and white are such classic neutrals, it leaves you with room to paint your front door whatever color you'd like. In this case,

the homeowner chose a soft robin's egg blue, but any color will pair beautifully with this combination.

Shutters And Doors On A Stone Home

On this gorgeous home, the trim is all painted the same color. The soft tan chosen for the paint color perfectly accentuates one of the shades in the stone. It's the perfect complement.

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Entrance to the historical building in London

Shutters And Doors On Other Color Homes

Here a coastal turquoise pairs with a soft butter-colored stucco home. This is a bold choice that isn't for everyone, but if you love bold colors, it's a winning combination.

This grey bungalow is painted with a classic white trim but is styled up with a bright yellow door and post box. There's super curb appeal with this combination.

Do You Paint The Door Frame The Same Color As The Door?

Covered porch and front door of beautiful new home

You want to paint the door frame the same color as your trim color. If it's the same as the door color, then the answer is yes. However, take into consideration that your interior trim color may be different than your exterior trim color. In that case, you paint the door frame up to the jamb, the same color as the exterior trim. The interior color will be what you paint on the inside door frame and the jamb. Just tape it off well, and it will look like the pros did it.

Should The Front And Back Door Be The Same Color?

The front and back doors do not need to be the same color. Many homeowners will choose a bold color for the front door to signal it as the entrance. Then they paint the other doors to match the trim or another tone that plays well with the siding.

Should Baseboards Match Door Trim?

We've been talking a lot about exterior paint colors, but let's talk about interior colors for a second. Primarily, do your baseboards need to match your door trim color. Because the baseboard flows into the door trim, most homeowners choose to paint the door trim and the baseboards the same color. You could paint them differently, but it might look choppy.

Here's an example of how the black trim color seamlessly flows from the baseboards to the door trim.

Front door and stoop

Like so much of home decor and designing, ultimately, the choice is up to you and your aesthetic. But with websites like this one and others, you have a way of seeing the combinations available. Many paint company websites have modelers where you can input different colors to get a sense of how things will look. But the best news is that if you end up disliking your decision, paint can be easily changed.

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