Grey is a timeless favorite in modern design, inside and outside homes. It's the go-to color for giving old homes a facelift with charm and curb appeal. Plus, it's a versatile neutral that can rock any accent color, from bold to subtle.

Looking for ways to incorporate grey into your home's exterior? Keep reading for inspiring ideas!

White And Grey Craftsman

Craftsman homes with shingle siding look great in grey and white. A light silvery grey provides a subtle contrast while maintaining the home's charming details.

Modern Prairie

This Prairie School style home gets a sleek greyscale update with bold pops of color, like dark grey columns and a distinctive white roof, showcasing its iconic flat or slanted roofing with large overhangs.

Dark And Modern

This modern home stuns with sleek lines and a grey and white color scheme. Dark grey on the garage and white on the house draw the eye to the background, creating a dramatic effect.

Grey And Stone

Upgrade your home's front view with stone pillars! The dark grey home looks sharp with added white trim, while the natural shades of stone complement the landscaping for an impressive look.

Sunny Yellow

Transform a tired blue-grey home with sunny yellow! Adding pops of this vibrant color, whether through flowers or a front door, can bring your home to life and add a new level of energy.

Bright Red

Looking to add a standout accent color to your light grey home? A classic choice is a bright red door, which pairs exceptionally well with the soft grey to create a warm and inviting contrast.

Two-Toned Home

Solid dark grey is a perfect choice for modern homes with clean lines. Add a light or stained wood element for the perfect contrast and modern aesthetic.

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