27 Living Rooms With A Fireplace And TV

The living room is the place to go to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. That space is typically designed with comfort and entertainment in mind. Of all of the hallmark living room features, the TV and fireplace are at the top of the list.

If you feel at a loss for how to arrange and decorate the space around the fireplace and TV in your living room, you're not alone. In order to help you out, we compiled a list of 27 great inspirational ideas. So, without further ado, let's get going!

TV living room with large speakers window fireplace and concrete walls, 27 Living Rooms With A Fireplace And TV

1. Black And White

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Monochrome living room with wood and grey tiling accents

Black and white make up a timeless color combination. The colors go well with nearly any architectural and design styles. With this color scheme, your TV will even match the dark hue when turned off.


2. Stacked

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Well-furnished living room with fireplace, TV, cozy sofa set and wooden table

If space allows, you can rest or mount the TV on top of the fireplace mantle. Stacking these two items creates a focal point in the room. Position the furniture around this center point.

3. Minimalistic Design

TV living room with large speakers, window, fireplace and concrete walls

In a minimal design, the TV and fireplace might be the few items used in the room. That's perfectly okay! The two items don't necessarily have to pull the room together. Instead, they can stand on their own and serve two different design purposes.

4. All About Accents

Travertine house interior with cozy white sofa set, TV and fireplace with wooden wall

Two walls in this room have great texture and depth. On one wall you have a fireplace, stacks of wood, and intriguing art sculptures, and on the other wall there is a TV mounted above an entertainment center that houses two sculptures. The TV and fireplace don't have to be right next to each other to have a harmonious look.

5. Corner Fireplace

Spacious living room interior in a luxury apartment with cozy sofa, brick walls and fireplace

Arranging furniture around a corner fireplace may seem daunting. Embrace the layout! Arrange the furniture to match the angle of the fireplace instead of fighting the angle. Position the TV close to the fireplace to take advantage of the angle and allow both items to serve as focal points in the room.

6. Outdoor Living Room

Outdoor sitting area with fireplace in a tropical setting at an estate home

Who says you can only enjoy a fireplace and TV from an indoor living room? Take the duo outside to take entertainment and relaxation to the next level. Position a comfortable, outdoor, patio furniture set around the TV and fireplace.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Set

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7. Cute And Cozy

Modern log cabin living room interior with dining table, fireplace, TV and sofa chairs

Even with limited space, you can design a welcoming living room with both a fireplace and TV. Position comfortable furniture around the center of the room.

8. Natural And Bright

Modern living room with fireplace and kitchen in common space

In this living room, the fireplace is off to the side. Let the TV to serve as a focal point in the room. The fireplace position on the side casts warmth into the room without being the main attraction.

9. Rustic Cabin Vibe

Modern living room interior with cozy sofa, wall with stones, deer head, TV, parquet floor and fireplace

When a fireplace is freestanding in the middle of a room, it creates a natural barrier between two sides. On one side of the fireplace, position the TV above the mantle to create an entertainment side. On the opposite side of the fireplace, position a collection of furniture to create a conversation side.

Ottoman Coffee Table

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10. Livable Design

Modern family room with brown leather sofa, TV, fireplace and coffee table

Create a livable space by arranging the furniture in a way that promotes natural movement around the room. Keep in mind your daily activities as you design the space.

11. Medieval Era

Medieval style living room with knight in armor, weapons and leather furniture

If you're into themed rooms, you don't have to sacrifice aesthetics or functionality for a TV and fireplace combination.

12. Contemporary Appeal

Main floor interior of open concept family room in newly built North American private home

Create a seamless look with a TV and fireplace combination like this one. Strong visible lines and neutral colors are utilized in this contemporary space. This look is made up of a simple yet sophisticated style.

Glass Top Coffee Table

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13. Wide Living Room

Luxury villa with TV, fireplace and cozy white sofa set

In a wide living room, it's easy to have both the TV and fireplace run alongside each other on the same wall. Space two couches across from each other and place an expansive coffee table between the furniture. With a design like this one, you can enjoy the duo from wherever you sit.

14. Vertical Gardens

Luxury living room with natural stone and innovative green moss walls, eco fireplace, brown leather sofa and coffee table

Have you ever thought about bringing a touch of the outdoors in? Set off the TV and fireplace by using a vertical garden on each side of it.

15. Sleek And Modern Aesthetic

Luxurious big living room with walls covered with natural stone and wood wall coverings, leather sofa and eco fireplace

This low gas fireplace and the sleek flatscreen TV are a match made in modern decor heaven. The setup exudes classy functionality.

16. Expanse Of Stone

Living room with brown leather sofa, fireplace and brick wall

The oriental rug is the perfect element that balances the hard rigidity of the stone fireplace. The result is a seamless marriage of classic and cozy.

Oriental Area Rug

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17. Lodge Feelings

Living room elegantly appointed with mission style furnishing and interior design elements

This living room features a unique design - the TV and the fireplace are on separate sides of the room. The decor is classy and cozy, but the layout is modern and unique.

18. Warm And Cozy

Large christmas decorated living room with TV, fireplace and glass windows

An accent chair positioned next to the fireplace makes for an inviting and cozy nook. Whether you sit in the chair to read or simply enjoy the warm fire, this will quickly become a favorite spot in the room. Position the couch across from a mounted TV for entertainment purposes. Add in a throw blanket and pillows for supplemental decor and coziness.

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19. Bright Accents

Interior of modern luxury living room in North American private residence

In an otherwise neutral-toned room, the blue velvet accent chair adds an incredible pop of color to the room. The fabric softens the appearance of the space and is the perfect fireside companion. It's amazing how one pop of color can really elevate the room's aesthetic.

Blue Velvet Accent Chair

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20. Misty Grey Hues

Interior of a luxury white living room with stylish fireplace, TV and cozy sofa

In a room full of misty grey hues, a fireplace will certainly stand out. If your home has a fireplace design like this one, it basically serves as a piece of art along the wall. Position the furniture around it in a way that fosters conversation and entertainment. A large square coffee table completes the space.

21. Cabin Vibes

Interior of a log cabin living room with stone fireplace and seating area

This cozy living room oozes mountain vibes. The TV sits atop a small wooden entertainment center. The room is perfectly balanced with the timeless real wood stone fireplace.

22. Overstuffed Furniture

Furnished living room interior in newly constructed luxury home with hardwood floors and fireplace

One excellent way to frame the fireplace and TV set is by flanking the duo with matching ceramic vases. Stick seasonal floral stems in the vases with the changing seasons. Overstuffed furniture is super cozy and inviting and really sets the tone of the room.

Large Ceramic Vase

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23. Slipper Chairs

Furnished living room in a luxury home with modern fireplace, black leather sofa, TV and accent chair

Don't sell-short the addition of an accent chair in the living room. This chair doesn't even have to match the rest of the furniture exactly- it can serve as a fun break from the rest of the style. It's also easy to turn the chair around to be close to the fireplace if you want.

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24. Ambient Mood

Elegant home living room with a stone fireplace and large windows looking out into the yard

Set an ambient mood in the living room by combining style, comfort, and functionality. Don't underestimate the power of floor and tabletop lighting. Dimmable lights and fireplaces cast warmth into the room that otherwise might not be present.

Huntington Table Lamp

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25. Dark Industrial Aesthetic

Dark spacious modern living room with large glass windows, cozy sofa, parquet floors, TV and fireplace

Even with a dark industrial aesthetic, you can craft a welcoming living room. With dark furniture, walls, floors, and ceiling all around the room, a fireplace casts a bright, welcome color. Use oranges and yellows as accent colors to help pull the hues of the fire throughout the room. This makes for a cohesive look.

26. Off-Center Appeal

Beautiful living room with hardwood floors, coffered ceiling, and fireplace in new luxury home

To enjoy your TV, it doesn't even have to be right in the middle of the room or right about the fireplace. When it's off-center, it can help take the focus off sole entertainment. Flank the fireplace with built-in shelves to house books and other decorative pieces.

27. TV Position

Beautiful living room interior with hardwood floors, TV, vaulted ceilings and fireplace in new luxury home

Even if there is space above the mantle to position a TV, don't feel as though you have to do so. Reserve the mantlepiece for a decorative display instead. This can help your space from feeling too TV-centric.

Artificial Topiary Trees

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  1. Thanks for explaining that the TV doesn’t have to be centered above the fireplace for us to enjoy it. My brother and his wife want to have a fireplace added to the parlor of their small single-family home but have been having trouble deciding on the best location for it. I’ll pass along these tips to help them consider layouts they may not have thought of on their own!

  2. Can you tell me any information about the furniture in #17 Lodge Feelings? I really like this style & fabric!

  3. So none of these ideas help me with my layout of a small house. With a stupid corner fireplace.
    We’ve flip flopped the living and dining room, and the tv is still above the fireplace but it just doesn’t feel right.

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