Picking a wall color for a bathroom with gray tiles? Keep in mind the tone and lighting you want for the space. With careful planning, you can achieve a beautiful and unified look.

Looking for inspiration to create the perfect color palette for your bathroom with gray tiles? We've got you covered! Check out our curated collection of stunning examples to help you find the ideal paint color.

Pro tip: test different off-white shades with your grey tiles and lighting by using paint samples on poster board. Whites can change hues depending on their surroundings, so it's best to experiment before finalizing your choice.

Gray Tile With Soft White Walls

Got a gray-tiled bathroom without natural light? Choose a cool-toned white to pair. This combo enhances the space's overall feel, as gray typically falls on the cool end of the color spectrum.

Pick A Cool-Toned White For Charcoal Gray Walls

Gray tiles with cool tones? Warm up your walls with ivory whites that have warmer undertones. This will create a harmonious balance and add a cozy feel to your space.

Pick Ivory Paint for Greige Tiles

This bathroom is a masterpiece of grays. The light gray ceiling reflects the other beautiful shades of gray in the room, creating a harmonious symphony of color.

Gray On Gray On Gray

Elevate your bathroom's style with a monochromatic look using light gray subway tiles and barely dove gray walls. Add depth and sophistication with darker gray accents on the mirror frame and vanity.

Light Gray Subway Tile With Dove Gray Paint

Want to make a bold statement in your bathroom? Pair lighter grays with an almost black charcoal gray for a dramatic effect that's sure to impress.

Dark Charcoal And Light Gray Combined

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