Get cozy with gray carpet and our condensed list of wall color options to create a stylish home

Make your home a reflection of your style with the endless color possibilities of versatile grey. Let's explore some popular color combinations together!

Timeless and versatile, white walls provide a bright neutral background that complements any color. See how it pairs with light gray carpets and vibrant green accents in this contemporary example!


Add a sunny touch to your space with shades of yellow, from soft lemon to rich gold. Pair with cool gray for a modern and energetic vibe. Let's create a refreshing space together!


Create a serene space by pairing shades of blue on the walls with your gray floors. Warm it up with dark brown and copper accents, and add a pop of bright white. Let's transform your space together!


Pair red walls with your cool gray carpet for an energetic contrast. See the example with tomato-colored shiplap against tan-gray flooring, with black and white accents. Let's ignite your space!


Choose green walls to complement your gray carpet for a calming natural vibe. Add depth with different shades of green decor, as seen in this example.


Gray walls with gray carpets can create an expansive look. Add depth and dimension with different shades of gray. Accent colors like gold and light fixtures can give your space a pop of color.


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