Seven 10X10 Bedroom Layouts To Consider [Inc. 3D Simulations!]

Do you have a 10x10 bedroom and need some design help? A 10x10 bedroom is on the small side, so you may be wondering what size bed will fit best and how you can arrange your other furniture to maximize the space. We've selected seven 10x10 bedroom layout options for you to consider, and we've even included 3D simulations so you can better visualize each room. Whether you've got a double bed or a twin bed, one of these is sure to help you arrange your perfect bedroom.

vertical view of linen pillow on the bed in white bedroom of stylish house, 7 10x10 bedroom layouts to consider [including 3D simulations]

Layout 1: Opt for Off-Center

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Bedroom Layout #1

This bedroom layout option shows how a bed can fit in a 10x10 room and still provide enough space to access it from either side. By placing the bed slightly off-center, the door isn't blocked, and you won't feel cramped upon immediately entering the room. A small night table with a lamp on each side offers convenience and balance to the room.

See this design in 3D -

Choosing a tall, narrower armoire rather than a wide dresser also provides some storage room without sacrificing too much floor space. Decorating the room with a large mirror and a couple of large paintings help it to feel bigger than it is.

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Layout 2: Balance the Bedside

Bedroom layout 2

This bedroom features a double bed and double nightstands. Due to the placement of the door in relation to the orientation of the bed, it makes the most sense here to center the bed in the room. This also allows the use of large nightstands that offer extra storage space and provides plenty of room for getting in and out of the bed. Each side even has space for a rug.

Opting for a dresser or shelving unit that's both wide and tall is an efficient way to achieve more room for your belongings. The one in this example features both shelves and drawers so you can store a variety of items without crowding the room with extra furniture. And by placing storage baskets or bins on the top, you can store even more by taking advantage of every inch of vertical wall space.

Layout 3: Create Cozy Corners

Layout 3

If your bedroom only has one occupant, you can create even more space in the room by placing the bed against the wall. You don't need to include dual nightstands or provide walk space on each side of the bed if the room won't be shared. This allows space for an even larger armoire or dresser. Again, choosing a single piece of furniture that's both wide and tall provides the most efficient use of the space.

As long as you leave enough room to open the door, you can choose an item that fills most of the wall. With the bed pushed over to one side, this cozy bedroom even has room to include a comfy chair and a couple of rugs.

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Layout 4: Make It Yours

10 by 10 bedroom layout number 4

Here's another option for arranging a double bed in a room that won't be shared. With this layout, you can fit both a large nightstand with drawers and a large wall-filling armoire. Plus, by tucking the bed in a corner, you have plenty of space for both a chair and a colorful rug.

No matter how small the room, make sure to put your decorating stamp on it. Include pops of color, cute pillows, and even a few plants. If you stick to one color or theme, you won't have to worry that your design elements will overwhelm the small space. Here, the artwork and pillows follow the same floral theme and color palette, and the design is all tied together with a coordinating rug. 

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Layout 5: Choose Your View

Layout 5 bedroom 

This bedroom featuring a double bed offers a layout with a different view. Consider the size of your furniture and the items you want to include when determining the best arrangement for your room, and don't hesitate to play around with a variety of options. The bed and small nightstand are a perfect fit for the wall beside the door, so it makes sense to place them there. This helps allow more space for accessing the extra-large armoire.

Wall sconces above the bed rather than using a bedside or standalone lamp are another clever way to save space in a small bedroom. This bedroom even finds space to fit a cute dressing table. Always consider your windows when placing your furniture. This layout that places the dressing table between the two windows is smart because it offers some natural light for getting ready in the morning.

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Layout 6: Open It Up

10X10 layout 6

Choosing a twin bed for a small bedroom is a great option for maximizing your limited space. By opting for a smaller bed, this room can also fit a desk. Tucking the bed against one wall and placing a large armoire or dresser on the opposite side allows plenty of floor space for a rug in the middle. This is a great option for a kid who needs room to spread out with their toys or a teen who prefers to sprawl out on the floor while finishing their latest school project.

Layout 7: Save Some Space

Bedroom layout 7

Here's another option for arranging a small bedroom that features both a twin bed and a desk. By leaving the floor space behind the desk chair open, you (or your kid) can roll freely out of the area without hitting any furniture or getting hung up on the rug. If your armoire doesn't have quite enough space to fit all your clothes, consider all your storage options before crowding the room with another large furniture piece. This bedroom added a small clothing rack to hang the extra items. It takes up much less space than a second dresser and doesn't require you to cut back on your wardrobe. 

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In Closing

Hopefully, these layout options inspired you with some great ideas you can use to furnish and arrange your 10x10 bedroom. Be creative and choose the suggestions that work best for you, and you can't go wrong. If you need more bedroom design tips, check out these articles:

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