18 Best Front Door Colors For A Gray House

Gray is a common house color because its neutrality makes the home a blank canvas for the homeowner to spruce up with decorative accents — windows, trim, shutters, foliage, and the door. The color of the door is arguably most important because it functions as the portal into your abode, the window into your world.

A collage of beautiful front door colors for a gray house, Best Front Door Colors For A Gray House

Luckily, several colors complement gray flawlessly. Check out these inspirational photos of front door colors that look great with a gray exterior.

Gray Door For A Gray House

A gray front door can look great on a gray house, especially when bordered by a light-colored doorframe. The color gray can mean several different things, but when it comes to home decor, gray indicates formality and sophistication.

1. Medley Of Gray

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Black front door to a house decorated with Halloween pumpkins

This house incorporates several different grays, from the front door to the exterior brick. The dark front door beckons visitors inside with warm formality.

2. Gray Uniformity

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Beautiful upscale grey house in Canada with a Maple tree next to the front door

This front door matches the house's exterior color, but it pops due to the thick white doorframe. The frame delineates the door, making you want to step inside.

Brown Doors For A Gray House

The color brown has many meanings, but when it comes to home decor, brown represents simplicity and friendliness. A brown front door is a great way to make a house warm and welcoming, setting the tone for your humble abode.

3. Quaint Brown

Luxury house entrance porch with stone column trim and wooden door

This light chestnut-brown front door gives off warm and inviting vibes. Visually, this shade of brown complements a light gray exterior perfectly.

4. Wooden Hue

Slate steps leading up to a fancy wood door for a federal style house with flowers in planters

This chestnut brown front door is the focal point of the scene. The door's soft, warm color and the layout and decor of the porch beckon visitors inside, promising a safe and inviting refuge beyond.

5. Gothic Aesthetic

Arched stone entry of luxury suburban home with timber door

Black is often associated with the gothic aesthetic, but this front door shows how powerful brown is in achieving a similar look. The color of the door and the shape of the entrance work harmoniously to create a bold but inviting feel.

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6. Picturesque

American blue house with well kept front yard and hardwood door with oval shaped glass in the middle

This dark brown front door adds a warm accent to the house. It even matches the rich dark mulch in the flowerbed for a cohesive look that extends beyond the house itself.

7. Dark Cherry

Grey house exterior with dark brown door and stone wall

This glossy, dark cherry-brown is undoubtedly the focal point of the front of this home. It practically radiates a sense of warm serenity that will make guests feel welcome.

8. Brown Invitation

Brown stained front door on a home with bordering window and a pillared porch

The color of this front door makes it a subtle focal point, but a focal point nonetheless. It makes the entrance to this home warm and inviting.

Red Doors For A Gray House

Red is an emotionally intense color that oozes with energy. A red front door will be the focal point of any house.

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9. Bright Red Entrance

American house exterior in grey color with red front door and blue stairs on walkway

This bright red front door is the vibrant focal point of the gray exterior.

10. Slight Red Accent

Small cute grey New England style home with pink red door

The boldness of this red door is slightly tapered by its many windows. Nevertheless, it still makes a statement.

11. Cozy Red

Grey old house front porch exterior with red door

This red front door is bold enough to command attention, but it promises a cozy greeting.

12. Ruby Red

Entrance porch of a modern house with red front door

This ruby red door provides a spark of color amidst a neutral color palette.

Blue Door For A Gray House

Blue is a color that fosters a calm, cooling, and relaxing feeling.

13. Teal Treasure

Modern house with grey exterior, white trim and blue door

Against a gray exterior, this teal front door stands out and brings a lovely pop of color.

Purple Door For A Gray House

The color purple is associated with royalty, creativity, and ambition. This color is a wonderful choice for adding intrigue to your entrance.

14. Regal Purple

Front door in purple plum color with nice landscape

Grab the attention of your guests with this regal purple door. The hue complements the exterior of the home beautifully.

Black Doors For A Gray House

The color black signifies power and strength. It's also a hue full of tradition and elegance.

15. Moody Hue

Modern home with gray brick and black door

The dark exterior of this house is all things moody and makes a bold visual statement. The inky black door promotes this cohesive look.

16. Black Accent

Front yard of modern home with dark blue door during late spring

The black front door on this house serves as a beautiful dark accent color.

17. Traditional Elegance

Entrance to house with dark blue door during springtime with blooming flowers

Black, white, and grey hues exude traditional elegance when they're blended together.

A Yellow Door For A Gray House

The color yellow exudes positivity, cheer, and energy.

18. Pastel Beauty

Pretty new home with a yellow front door and perennial garden

Soften your entrance with a soft yellow hue. Though positive and cheerful, it's also soothing.

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    • The teal looks really close to my front door color which is benjamin moore calypso blue #727. I used their advanced paint and sprayed it on. It turned out beautiful and has lasted years.

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