How to Decorate a Wall with a Window in the Middle?

Decorating your home can be one of the most rewarding parts of ownership, a way to claim a space as your own. Unfortunately, you might occasionally run into some nags, like your vision for wall decor and a window placement that doesn't cooperate. Having a window in the middle of your wall might throw off your decor scheme, but we've found some other options for you!

When it comes to decorating a wall with a center window, the key is balance. Too much decor on either side, and you make the room seem unbalanced. The window centers the room, so decorate to maintain that balance.

While it's hard to provide one answer for so many different decorating styles and preferences, we can provide you with examples and information to help. Keep reading to learn more about how to best decorate a wall with a center window.

How To Decorate a Wall with a Window in the Center

When you have a window in the center of your wall, it can be hard to decide how to decorate. It makes the available connected space to place your decor smaller, which means you may have to break up your plans into several smaller pieces. If done incorrectly, you will make the room seem unbalanced. When done correctly, you can make the room appear taller or longer, accentuated by a great source of interior light.

White interior of a living room with white curtains and a picturesque view of the city

Before you start, take stock of what you have, as you're going to need to try to keep the look balanced. While that doesn't mean you should have two of every item, it would help to maintain balance if you had corresponding items of general average size. Think of your central window as a scale. You want to maintain the balance on either side of the window, but in this case, you'll be using size instead of a scale. This specific effect is called visual weight.

Keep in mind that blank wall space isn't automatically a bad thing. Decorating a wall isn't just about what you put on the wall. Often it's about what you put in front of the wall. For example, a bookshelf may not initially strike you as a form of wall decor, but it takes up wall space, and in turn, you can place decorative items on the bookshelf. Chairs or lamps on either side of the window aren't wall decor, but they also take up wall space.

If you're not sure what kind of decor to use, you can always use wallpaper to give the wall personality without actually adding anything to it. Click here for a few wallpaper ideas you can use!


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Interior of a beige room with white trims and a white ceiling, How to Decorate a Wall with a Window in the Middle?

Here are some examples of rooms with centered windows. Each one balanced on both sides of the window through the use of furniture and wall decor. Let's look at the different styles and come up with a few ideas for you to use!

1. Shelves

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Modern house with huge bookshelves

Whether the shelves are built into the walls themselves, or you have decided to include matching shelves on either side yourself, this is an easy way to take care of the issue of balance that comes with a centered window. While you would still have to pay some attention to the issue of balance, the booksellers would do quite a good job of that for you, giving you more freedom for items of decor, albeit less space for larger pictures or mirrors.

2. Balance

A comfortable reading nook

This nook featuring a centered window finds balance in the pillows that it has placed on the cushions directly beneath it. Because the balance has been taken care of, it won't matter what kinds of decor are on the shelves to either side. This is a great example of what you can accomplish with the furniture around the window, and the effect it has on the decor placed on the walls.

3. Minimal Space

Gorgeous entertainment area

Sometimes the windows will take up enough space that you find yourself in a bit of an awkward situation. There's not enough wall space to decorate, but there's enough space that it would be awkward to leave it empty. When you run into this situation, use furniture! It isn't a direct application to the walls, but it does take up wall space, and help the whole thing seem less empty. As you can see here, the balance on either side of the window has been maintained.

4. Simplicity

A huge window with a beautiful living area

In this situation, the central window is large enough to take up so much wall space that there isn't room for decor. However, it would be a large space to just leave empty. The curtains rod placed higher above the window helps make the wall seem higher, and the balance is maintained through the curtains, chairs, and the table placed right in the middle.

5. Differences

A bright and comfortable living area

This is a great example of balance without identical features. On either side of the window, there are paintings. On the right side, you have a single large painting, while on the other side, you have multiple smaller paintings. The size and number of items may be different, but the visual weight is the same, or at least close enough that it doesn't throw off the balance of the room. In this situation, the furniture isn't necessary for helping add effect to the walls. Click here for some living room wall decor inspiration!

6. Height

A gray chair with white throw pillows

It can seem like a natural fit to place a couch or something similar underneath a central window, but just because you can doesn't mean you should. Depending on the size of the window, you can use it to adjust your perception of the room.

For example, the curtain rod above this window has been placed quite high, much higher than it needs to be. The curtains, though, are the correct length: reaching to the floor. This gives the effect that the room is much taller than it actually is. Referred to as a window treatment, you can use the color and spread of your curtains to help cover and augment your walls.

7. Cohesive

rattan chair incorporated in a bright dining area

If you're looking for a sure-fire way to make sure your decor doesn't clash when you're hanging it around your central window, you could consider replicating this person's decisions. Their use of wood on their blinds, furniture, and picture frames gives a wonderfully cohesive effect that brings everything together. The window may be taking up a lot of room, but this person didn't let that limit their style.

How Do You Decorate a Wall Between Windows?

Interior of a beige painted house a tray ceiling and matching beige sectional sofa

You have two main options available to you. You can decorate the center wall with artwork, decor, or a mirror meant to draw the eye and ground the room, making that middle wall the center of the room. You can also install one large set of curtains that covers the two windows and the wall between them. Doing this will help make the windows seem more prominent, and you can still have something on the wall to look at when they're open.

How Do You Decorate a Window Behind a Bed?

If the window is small and is high enough that it wouldn't interfere with a headboard, you can decorate around it as you would an average window. However, if the window is significant, and your headboard covers parts of it, move the bed slightly away from the wall, far enough away that you can hang curtains. If the bed is centered with the window, having curtains that coordinate well with a headboard and bed set will bring your room to the next level.

How Do You Decorate a Room With a Large Window?

Huge and luxurious house with white interior, green and yellow furnitures and a huge window on the background

You should first ask yourself if you want to make the window the focus of the room or the furniture. If you're going to make the window the focus, start the kinds of window treatments you want to use. For example, you can use several different shades of sheer curtains to create a color combination meant to draw the eye. However, if you don't want the window to be the focus, the curtains can be colors the compliment your other decor.

Assuming this window will let in lots of natural light, make sure you place your furniture in locations where it won't be exposed to as much sun, which can lighten the fabric over time. Mirrors can be placed on the wall opposite the window to help spread light around, while lighter colors will help diffuse that light, helping the room seem bigger.

How Do You Decorate a Room With Too Many Windows?

Luxurious interior of an apartment with white painted walls and small windows

The first place you should go when confronted with too many windows is window treatments! Window treatments are any kind of augmentation that brings attention to the windows themselves, instead of the wall around them. This is especially useful when there isn't much wall to be decorated in the first place.

You have the option to use curtains, drapes, blinds, shades, shutters, and trim to draw attention to your windows and to frame them nicely. You can use a combination of sheer curtains and drapes for showing off a color palette, or shades and drapes for better light control. You can also utilize your curtains to help make the room seem taller by hanging the curtain rod closer to the ceiling.

Wall with window at the middle, white colored window framing and items placed on the living room, How to Decorate a Wall with a Window in the Middle?

Wall with window at the middle, white colored window framing and items placed on the living room, How to Decorate a Wall with a Window in the Middle?

Wall with window at the middle, white colored window framing and items placed on the living room, How to Decorate a Wall with a Window in the Middle?

Wall with window at the middle, white colored window framing and items placed on the living room, How to Decorate a Wall with a Window in the Middle?

Wall with window at the middle, white colored window framing and items placed on the living room, How to Decorate a Wall with a Window in the Middle?

Wall with window at the middle, white colored window framing and items placed on the living room, How to Decorate a Wall with a Window in the Middle?

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