How To Embellish Plain Curtains [4 Awesome Suggestions]

Curtains are a simple way to add character to any room in your home. However, they can be costly when purchasing unique or stylish designs, especially for your entire house. You can choose a solid white or grey curtain and save some money, but you miss out on the creative styles that can take your room to the next level. Trendy interior design doesn't have to be costly, as long as you're willing to invest a little time and creativity into the process. If you're in the market for stylish or unique curtains without breaking the bank, then you'll love this list of embellishment ideas to update plain curtains into something one of a kind.

Here are some ways you can spice up any boring curtains to create a new statement piece for your home: 

  • Add trim
  • Use paint or dyes
  • Create unique tie-backs
  • Combine different curtain styles

Whether you're a DIY expert or a novice to the art, we've put together a list of embellishments you can easily add to the curtains in your home. Keep reading to get some inspiration for your own curtains.

White and brown curtains in hygge style bedroom interior, How to Embellish Plain Curtains [4 Awesome Suggestions]

How to Embellish Plain Curtains

As interior design styles are constantly changing, keeping up with current curtain trends can be costly. Save yourself the money and check out these modifications you can make to a simple pair of curtains and keep up with ever-changing fads.


Trim is an addition to curtains that can fit any style you are searching for. Whether you're looking for something classic and modern or fun and creative, the possibilities are endless. 


Tassels have reached a new peak in the design world. From handmade earrings to home decor and drapes, tassels are everywhere. Adding a tasseled trim down the sides or across the bottom hem will elevate solid colored curtains' look. You can choose the clean and classic look of white curtains with black tassel trim, or you can opt for multicolored tassels for an added pop of color.

Replicating this curtains style is an easy DIY project, and you can even skip the sewing if it's not in your wheelhouse. Start by choosing your tassel trim. This can be a solid color or something bolder.

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From here, measure what side of the curtain you're going to add the trim to and sew the border on. If you want to avoid sewing, you can purchase an iron-on fabric adhesive. With this, you put the adhesive between the fabrics, iron them, and the heat creates an adhesive bond. 

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If you plan to use this method, the trim you purchase should have a flat, solid border for the adhesive to stick to.

Thick Borders

If you prefer a more classic look, then choosing a thick, decorative border will add a simple but impactful look to your curtains. You have so many options from solids, to patterns, to your choice of how thick you want the border to be.

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Because most of these borders will be wider, they're an excellent match for the iron-on adhesive tape. 

Paint and Dyes

It might sound a bit strange, but it's possible to paint your curtains. This is a perfect alternative to painting your walls, especially if you rent and can't change the color. Adding some fun elements to your curtains can jazz up any room.

Stencils and Sponges

Stencils are an easy option if you're looking to add patterns to your curtains but aren't the best at painting. This DIY gives you so much freedom to create your own designs. You can cover the curtains in a repeated pattern or get a larger stencil for a couple of bursts of color.

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Using fabric or acrylic paint will give you the best results when painting curtains. If you're looking for a clean and crisp look, fill in the entire stencil. If you want a more weathered look, you can use a sponge to fill in the stencil so that it isn't as solid.

Sponges are also a fun way to paint your curtains. You can use geometrically shaped sponges, like circles or squares. Or, if you're feeling more creative, you can cut a sponge into any unique shape to create your pattern.

Personal Artwork

For the more artistic, hand-painting your own artwork on curtains is a beautiful way to display your work. Although this may not seem like this would be a DIY for everyone, it's a fun project to create the perfect focal point in your home. Even paint-splattered or abstract curtains are a unique addition to any room.


If you already have an old pair of white curtains, then dye gives you a cheap way to revamp them to match any room. You can turn light-colored curtains into something new and classy, like a lush emerald or deep maroon. Or you can venture into tie-dying for a more relaxed look.

Although the stereotypical thought of tie-dye is bright primary colors that can be overpowering, tie-dye can be anything you want. If you're looking for a funky style curtain, pick some bright colors. But if you're looking for a more mature version of tie-dye, choose one color to give depth to otherwise bland curtains.


Whether your drapes are closed at night and open during the day or stay open all day, tie-backs are helpful additions to window treatments. The wonderful thing about tie backs is that they can be as simple or as creative as you'd like. This project is a way of embellishing your curtains without having to alter them in any way. 

Here's some inspiration on unique tie-backs to try in your home:


Wooden beads take on a modern or rustic feel, but you can opt for any beads. Simple wooden beads can be painted to match any room. You can also add tassels or poms to add more texture.


Rope tie-backs are great because they are versatile. You can use a length of straight rope or learn a new knot for a more intricate look.


For another simple DIY, you can hot glue flowers to ribbon for a beautiful curtain tieback. You can use artificial flowers or make your own from felt or burlap. With such a large variety of craft flowers, you can adapt this to almost any decor.

Combine Curtains

If you have different types of curtains, whether it's fabrics or colors, consider combining them to make a whole new creation. Although these crafts can be accomplished with iron-on adhesive tape, we recommend sewing in this case as it will be stronger and less likely to fall apart while hanging.

Different Fabrics

Combining different types of fabrics can make even cheap curtains look expensive. Mixing a sheer curtain and a solid curtain create dimension and gives the room a soft light, so it looks more airy and open.

Color Blocking

When you have curtains of different colors, color blocking can be helpful for a couple of reasons. First, you get something new out of old and boring curtains. Second, you have some freedom for adjustments. Combing curtains like this can be great if you want to add length or just a touch of color. It's also great if you have old curtains that are torn or stained. Just cut that part off and sew the rest onto another pair of curtains, and it's good as new.

How Do You Decorate Old Curtains?

Older curtains may be more challenging to work with when using the creative processes on them. When deciding on what project to use on old curtains, consider whether they will stand up to certain embellishments. You most likely won't want to cut up and re-sew older curtains if they have wear that weakens their structure. 

If the fabric does seem weaker, stick to the iron-on adhesive and the tiebacks to not further damage its structure.

Is It Better To Embellish Old Curtains Or Buy New Ones?

Embellishing old curtains is a great way to save money on purchasing new, but there are times when it's best to skip the embellishments and go straight to recycling them.

Since curtains are fabric, they hold dust, dirt, and smells. Curtains should be washed about every six months to keep them fresh and clean. However, if even washing doesn't remove odors or if they become thin and tattered, there isn't much embellishing will fix. 

How Do You Lighten Up Plain Curtains?

A great way to create a lighter and more open feel for plain curtains is to add a layer of sheer white curtains. These can be placed on a rod behind the existing curtains or the inside of the curtain panels. This will create a fuller and more luxurious look.

Or you can add the sheer curtains to the front of a darker shade to make them look lighter and add depth to the drapes.

Should All Your Curtains Look The Same?

There isn't a need for curtains to match throughout different rooms in your home. However, if you have an open-concept home, various rooms share the same space. In this case, you have a couple of options. You can match the curtains and create continuity, or you can coordinate different color curtains. The key with this option is to use complimenting colors between the curtains. It also helps if you stick the same type of fabric throughout the drapes to create a level of togetherness. 

In Conclusion

Curtains don't have to be expensive to be on-trend. You can use simple embellishments to turn cheap or plain curtains into something one of a kind.

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