Kitchen Curtains Above The Sink [Pictures And Design Tips!]

The windows inside a home are not only practical for keeping out the elements, but they visually impact the overall energy of a space. Choosing a window treatment for the kitchen not only sets the mood, but it changes how light is filtered in the area and shows off your sense of taste. It might seem overwhelming once you review your options, but keep reading as we have a curated selection of high-quality window treatments.

Installing curtains in your kitchen makes a clear statement about your lifestyle. Your choice of curtains can make or break how inviting your kitchen feels, especially if it clashes with your color palette or theme. If you are big on entertaining, or you spend a lot of time cooking meals for family and friends, you will want to select curtains that reflect how you use your space and improve the experience. Aside from offering a modicum of privacy, the right set of kitchen curtains above the sink should be a length that doesn't impede functionality, allows ample light to shine through, and complements your home perfectly.

Modern kitchen with checkered curtain, Kitchen Curtains Above the Sink [Pictures and Design Tips]





Above the Sink Kitchen Curtain Ideas for Inspiration

Beige kitchen interior with classy white curtain

Cordless Magnetic Roman Shades by CHICOLOGY

Effortlessly decorate your kitchen windows when you install this elegant and tasteful magnetic curtain. The 100% polyester drape comes in a crisp white, which allows sufficient light to pass through but still maintains your privacy. If you are in the mood for a curtain that comes in a neutral palette, comes with a clean looking wall mount, and quickly raises and lowers without hassle, this is a quality choice. Choose a modern and chic looking curtain such as this one for homes that have an industrial theme, vintage details, or even a Boho look, as this type of understated curtain fits seamlessly with every look.

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Stylish modern kitchen interior with boho design curtain

Golden Damask Jacquard Valance Luxury Curtain by ELKCA

If your home decor has more of a country or rustic style, these opulent looking curtains might suit your fancy for your kitchen window. A kitchen that consists of rich, dark, warm tones and colors with plenty of structure is complemented well by this window treatment. Give your kitchen window a heightened sense of drama because of this imported, soft curtain without a lining. The fringe hanging off of the curtains and the drapery evoke a sense of old-world royalty and romance.

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Modern kitchen with white curtain

Roman Shades - Dark Coffee by Artdix

Install these beautiful shades with either an inside or outside mount, and you will allow natural light to come through and brighten up your kitchen. If your kitchen needs a modicum of privacy but leans heavily on minimalistic and natural decor, this fabric shade set is ideal. Add the softest touch of muted color to make a window pop, and still allow your kitchen to breathe. Complement most kitchens that have a modern style complete with natural stone, wood, and metal accents.

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Modern kitchen with nature inspired curtain

Paisley Curtains, Sunflower Damask Pattern by NICETOWN

Give your kitchen windows a breath of fresh air with a set of stylish curtains featuring a paisley design. Installing these airy looking curtains provides plenty of visual interest while offering an ultimate level of privacy by blocking out light from outdoors. Choose these curtains for a kitchen decorated with a menagerie of colorful accessories paired with dark wood elements or metal furnishings. Paisley never goes out of style, and the sheer fabric and timeless pattern complement a traditional kitchen or a modern-style space.

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Modern kitchen with checkered curtain

Kingsville Gingham Window Curtain Tier & Valence Set by Home Maison

Upgrade your kitchen windows with a decor that fits under vintage, classic, traditional, or eclectic decor. Complete the look of your kitchen with this unique set of tiered curtains, which balance privacy and allow enough natural light to pass through. Enjoy this set of curtains for years which are resistant to color fading and feature a delightful checkered pattern. Gingham curtains like these are soft, machine washable, and match many types of kitchen decor.

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Modern kitchen interior with red floral curtain

Luxury Damask Window Valance by Violet Linen

Let the sunshine in with this window covering that provides a minimal amount of coverage and floods your kitchen with natural light. Complement a kitchen with a vintage, traditional, or clean and modern theme with an attractive patterned valance. Whether your kitchen is decorated with a neutral color palette of creams, beige, or a soft gray, or a bold, dark color, this burgundy valence is a suitable match. Increase your productivity and feel good about your kitchen when you install this sophisticated window treatment.

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Crimson Window Valance by Patriot

Decorate your kitchen window with a classic valance featuring a striking pattern in red. The curtain provides little in privacy, but the box pleat and traditional style prove a welcome upgrade visually to any kitchen window. Choose a window treatment like this for a kitchen dominated by a clean, minimalistic look to add a pop of color. Anyone who appreciates a durable and quality curtain made from cotton and eschews synthetic fibers would be pleased with this selection.

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Modern black and white kitchen with peach curtain

Natural Linen Curtain Panels by Turquoize

Any traditional kitchen in need of new window treatment would be complemented nicely with a set of these sheer curtain panels. Brighten up your kitchen over the sink area and beyond with these elegant and classy-looking curtains made from soft 100% polyester and features an open weave that keeps things lightweight and smooth. Kitchens with a clean, bold modern look, vintage decor, and even rustic or country style are best paired with this curtain set for a desirable ambiance.

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House kitchen with white flower curtain

Floral Lace Sheer Curtains by DWCN

Invite the beauty of nature into your home with a set of these airy and elaborately decorative sheer drapes. Let the light in your kitchen and brighten up your life with these curtains that feature an elegant floral design. Kitchens with a traditional look, eclectic elements thrown together, or a vintage-styled home are an excellent match for these curtains. You get the right amount of privacy, a beautiful accent to upgrade the look of your kitchen, and allow plenty of light to pass through.

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English kitchen window with striped curtain

Farmhouse Style Cafe Curtains by Piper Classics

Give your rustic, farmhouse-style kitchen the window treatment it deserves. Bring a touch of class and simplicity with a set of curtains in a beautiful charcoal grey striped fabric, featuring a cotton lining, a hem fold, and plenty of texture. Keep prying eyes out with this curtain that covers the middle to lower part of the window but allows for natural light to shine through up top. The design of this curtain and draping provide a warm and inviting ambiance and lots of visual interest.

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Beige kitchen interior with stylish floral curtain

Roman Shades by Artdix

Stay inspired while brewing coffee, preparing meals, or washing dishes with this lovely floral pattern shade. Show off your love for all things natural with this fabric shade dyed with eco-friendly technology, and block out up to 70% of intense natural light from the outdoors. Soften the lighting in your kitchen for some dramatic flair, whether you install it with an interior or exterior mount. Pair this curtain panel with a modern or vintage kitchen that has dark, luxurious wood countertops, or a neutral color palette throughout with modern, chic metal accents for a desirable look.

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Brighten Up Your Kitchen and Tantalize Your Senses

Before you decide on a window treatment for your kitchen windows, assess how you utilize your kitchen and your privacy needs. Depending on the style of curtain you choose, you may discover you can readily increase the amount of natural light that comes through without sacrificing privacy. Choose longer curtains that drape or have pleats for a boost of drama, or select sheer curtains with or without an understated repeating pattern.

You will also want to consider how often you will change your window treatment and how much maintenance certain drapery or curtains will require to look their best. Installing an attractive curtain for the kitchen window over the sink is a significant point of visual interest in a kitchen, and it sets the tone for a kitchen as soon as you walk in. Take pleasure in your home and get acquainted with the window treatments that will tie your kitchen decor together and make your home complete.

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