21 Living Rooms With Blue Walls

So much takes place in the living room. You entertain guests, host family movie nights, and even spend solitary evenings unwinding from days at work. That's why you'll want to take care when decorating the room.

Consider the color blue. It has the power to both calm and energize, is always pleasing to the eye, and never goes out of style. For these reasons and more, blue makes the perfect choice for living room decor. We've put together an inspirational photo list of 21 gorgeous living rooms with blue walls. Let's take a look!

A blue colored wall with a dark blue colored chair and checkered rug on the center of the living room, 21 Living Rooms With Blue Walls

1. Classic Combination

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Blue painted living room wall with an indoor plant on a table and a matching white colored couch

If you choose to paint your walls blue, you'll need most of the furniture to be a different color. Look no further than this living room for proof that the color combination of blue and white never goes out of style. Casual dashes of grey and green keep this color scheme dynamic but don't detract from the two main colors.

2. Electrifying

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A Scandinavian themed living room with paintings on the wall and a cabinet on the side near the window

Want to wow your guests? Using electric blue on your walls is a great place to start. When we talk of blue having the ability to energize, we're referring to shades such as this. Notice how the boldness of the paint is offset by navy blue accents around the room.

3. The Accent Wall

A light blue colored wall on the living room area with a white laminated panel cabinets and indoor plants in the room

You don't need to make your entire living room blue to have a blue living room. A simple accent wall can do the trick! Bring out the color you choose by peppering same-color accessories throughout the space, like the curtains in this living room.

Want to recreate the look in your home? Try these curtains for a cobalt accent wall. 

4. Somber Blue

A brick wall painted with blue colored with a matching yellow couch and coffee table

Want a shade that'll carry a bit more weight? Navy blue is just the ticket. Simply be sure to offset the powerful color with something bright and cheery, like this yellow couch.

5. Blue And Gold

A blue stone painted wall with a blue colored painting on a canvas and a sectional couch with throw pillows on it

Looking for a color scheme that screams elegance? You really can't go wrong with blue and gold. Notice how the throw blanket, the lighting instruments, and the legs of the coffee table all work together to complement the light blue featured heavily in this living room.

6. Two Shades, One Room

A blue colored wall with a dark blue colored chair and checkered rug on the center of the living room

Since the couch is the centerpiece of any living room, you'll typically want it to be a complementary and different color if you choose to paint your walls blue. However, you can have both blue walls and a blue couch if you select different shades and make all the other pieces in the room a different color.

Get the look in your own home:

7. Grey And Slate

A blue painted wall on a luxurious living room with gray colored furnitures matched with indoor plants near the huge window

The shade of pale blue-grey seen on the walls of this living room offers a calming and unassertive backdrop to the bolder, darker grey of the furniture and accent pieces.

8. Fifty Shades Of Blue

A blue themed living room with blue furnitures, blue area rug, and a matching fireplace mantel

If you love the color blue but can't pick just one shade you want to feature in your home, fret not! You can make a mostly-blue color palette work by picking two base shades and then incorporating a third or fourth shade in small doses, like the vase on the coffee table or the wall art of this space. This method works best if you also have a neutral color, like white, to offset the rest of the decor.

9. Up The Elegance

A blue walled living room with cool wall lamps, gray curtains with white drapes and an area rug with gray sofas

Want a blue and grey color scheme but find the casual look of slate and grey unappealing? Try pairing a silvery grey with a sapphire for a richer, more elegant vibe. Note the way the texture of the couch adds to the luxurious feel of the room.

10. Au Naturale

A comfortable living room with wooden flooring, light blue colored furnitures, and a wooden dining set

As this living room clearly demonstrates, blue pairs well with various shades of wood stain. Pick a color that evokes a bright, cloudy sky to enhance the chic aesthetic.

11. Energizer Living Room

A comfy blue painted living room with a yellow sofa, a white area rug, and a white round table

Yellow is another color that naturally energizes. Pairing it with a shade of blue brings a vibrancy to your living room that'll wow guests.

12. Colorful Accents

A blue painted living room with a blue colored fireplace mantel inforporated with a brown sofa

Pairing navy blue walls with bold, eye-catching accents is a great way to bring contrast and whimsy to your living room. Notice the way the pink glass accent on the mantle matches the fuzzy accent pillow.

Want the look in your home? Consider this pillow. The burnt orange would pair nicely with an electric or cerulean blue.

13. It's Not Easy Being...Blue

Victorian style living room. With deep blue walls, plush green velvet sofa, and brass accents. Bay window with white sheer curtains ar 3:4

Blue walls and accessories would make this living room overwhelming to the eye if not for the refreshing plant life. Adding greenery to your blue living room can provide contrast for the eye and is often just a pleasant feature to have in a space.

14. Directing Focus

Contemporary living room allure. With a statement sapphire blue accent wall drawing the eye to a sleek, white mantled fireplace. The warmth of the fire contrasts with the cool blue tones, complemented by minimalistic decor and clean lines ar 3:4

Using your blue accent wall to draw focus to a certain feature of your living room is a clever use of color. Notice the way it highlights the fireplace in this room.

15. Blue And Black

Modern minimalist study. With matte midnight blue walls, black rattan lounge chair, and herringbone wood flooring. Built-in bookshelf and circular mirror above fireplace ar 3:4

Darl blue and black is a bold, moody color combination. Notice the way the accent chair in this living room doesn't draw too much attention.

16. Blue And Blush

Scandinavian style corner. With soft blue walls, a dusky pink butterfly chair, and gold accents. White modern sideboard and large contemporary monochrome artwork leaning against the wall ar 3:4

Blush pink adds instant elegance to any living room. It also pairs well with many shades of blue, making it a great color to utilize while decorating your blue living room.

17. Boho Blue

Bohemian bedroom haven. With deep navy blue walls, woven rattan headboard, and eclectic patterned bedding. Accented with brass hanging planters and a tapestry of warm hues ar 3:4

Love the bohemian look? The great news is that navy and other dark blues contrast nicely with the woven accessories that help give the look its character. 

If you want to bring this aesthetic into your home, this lamp is a great place to start.

18. Sofa Blues

Luxurious contemporary living room. With crisp white walls, a navy blue velvet sectional sofa, and an oversized abstract painting with splashes of blue, white, and gold leaf. Complemented by a pair of round gold nesting coffee tables and a bouquet of soft pink roses in a clear glass vase ar 3:4

Sometimes all you need to create a blue living room is the right blue sofa. Choose a rich dark blue like in this living room, and then bring the look together with blue accents, such as wall art.

19. Eclectic Living

Eclectic living room charm. With a bold teal blue accent wall, a caramel leather sofa, and a vibrant abstract painting with bursts of yellow and red. A lush areca palm in a woven basket planter adds a touch of greenery, beside a herringbone-patterned wooden chest ar 3:4

If you have a knack for matching pieces that don't seem like they'd work together to create a striking and visually appealing living room, this style is for you. Notice how the artwork and the couch work together to create a focal point in this space. The added pillows, plants, and light fixtures don't necessarily complement each other, but they do work together to finish off the look.

20.  Ocean Blue

Coastal serenity living room. With crisp white walls, an off-white plush sectional sofa, and a duo of serene blue oceanic paintings. Accents of navy and sky blue pillows, a cozy knit throw, and a potted palm enhance the tranquil beach-inspired theme ar 3:4

If the color blue makes you think of days at the beach, run with that! Eater-inspired artwork, cerulean throw pillows, and a sand-colored rug to evoke the beach in this living room.

21. Mid-Century Modern Blue

Mid-century modern lounge. With sleek blue walls, furniture featuring exposed tapered wooden legs, and sharp, clean lines. A walnut credenza and iconic Sputnik chandelier complement the retro aesthetic ar 3:4

Exposed legs and sharp silhouettes make this living room a classic study in mid-century modern style. 

In Closing

After you've scrolled through these inspirational photos and settled on a direction for your blue living room, you'll want to check out some of our general decorating tips. Our guide to positioning an area rug, for example, is a must-read, as are our tips on how many throw pillows to add to a couch.

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