15 Stunning Moroccan-Themed Bathroom Concepts

Get ready to enter a world of exotic luxury and vibrant colors with these captivating Moroccan-inspired bathroom designs.

These enchanting spaces showcase the perfect blend of intricate patterns, rich textures, and mesmerizing hues, inspiring you to create your own North African oasis right in your home.

Motifs & Elements You'll Find Here

  • Colorful, patterned tiles (zellige, encaustic, or mosaic)
  • Arched doorways and mirrors
  • Intricate metal lanterns and light fixtures
  • Rich, jewel-toned colors (deep blues, vibrant reds, and emerald greens)
  • Moorish arch patterns and Islamic geometric designs
  • Hand-painted ceramic sinks and tiles
  • Plush, Moroccan-style rugs and towels
  • Ornate, silver-toned or gold-toned hardware and faucets

Moroccan bathroom. copper textured tiles. large mirror

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