43 Nautical Bedroom Ideas That Will Bring Out The Sailor In You

You don't have to know how to sail to love nautical decor or apply it in your bedroom. Nautical-themed rooms are all about a passion for the sense of freedom that the ocean inspires us with.

A bedroom is intimate enough to go wild with any design style. It's your own shelter from the world, where you can live out your fantasies free of criticism. It doesn't matter if you live in a landlocked city - you can still bring in elements of boating into your sacred little corner away from the world.

Modern flat with nautical decorations, 43 Nautical Bedroom Ideas That Will Bring Out The Sailor In You

43 Nautical Bedroom Ideas That Will Bring Out The Sailor In You
43 Nautical Bedroom Ideas That Will Bring Out The Sailor In You
43 Nautical Bedroom Ideas That Will Bring Out The Sailor In You
43 Nautical Bedroom Ideas That Will Bring Out The Sailor In You
43 Nautical Bedroom Ideas That Will Bring Out The Sailor In You

The way to create a nautical theme is by including elements such as boats, ship wheels, anchors and other sailing-related motifs. The classic nautical color palette is that of navy blue and white, though natural wood and neutral colors work well too. After all, old schooners were made of wood.

Keep reading to take a look at some gorgeous boat-themed bedrooms to get more ideas, or spend some time watching this video first (it only shows some of the designs, so make sure you proceed with the list below).


Bedroom with anchor design pillow case and boat model on the side

Nothing says nautical more than a boat model next to your bed. Note how the designer complemented this with blue and white pillows, one of them decorated with an anchor, and a natural-looking wicker basket that serves as a nightstand.

Bedroom with boat model on the side table

Another boat model that clearly states the theme here. In fact, it's so gorgeous and big, there is no need to amplify the theme even further.

Cheerful kids room with a boat bed

A classic boat-themed kids bedroom with a gorgeous boat-shaped bed that any toddler would love to sail on! The bluish carpet and blue walls contribute towards creating the nautical theme here.

Love the idea? We found a gorgeous boat bed on Amazon too! Here's what it looks like -

Cozy nautical themed attic bedroom with study table

We loved how this bedroom looks like a sailor's home, down to the bunk bed and wooden walls. The lantern and themed pillow add to the atmosphere too.

Modern flat with nautical decorations

Ships ahoy! An anchor, a lifebuoy, rope ties samples and a selection of sea-themed throw pillows, along with a classic gray, blue and white color palette make this a gorgeous bedroom for lovers of the ocean.

Modern nautical themed bedroom with office table

Going full nautical here! This stunning bedroom is designed to look like a luxurious boat berth - only larger. Note the use of round windows and how wood is combined with blue to create that ship-effect to the max. The design is modern in nature though - nothing rustic about this sleek room!

Modern sailor themed bedroom

Sometimes, all it takes is a choice of throw pillows and a sailor's cap to set the tone.

Nautical themed bedroom for little boys with a boat model on the side

A more bold design here, adding bright red to the color scheme. Note how wooden planks are drawn on the wall, setting up the stage for the lifebuoy.

Nautical themed bedroom for young boys

Great bedroom design for a kid or even a teenager who's dreaming of exploring the high seas. A beautiful wooden bed with plenty of storage, complemented with a lifebuoy, two globes and a large-sized posted showing a ship for wall art.

Nautical themed bedroom for young girls

Who says a nautical-themed bedroom can't be girlie? Check out this take on the boat theme and you'll see the two styles work very well together. The bed's headboard serves as a great focal point, designed to look like pink sails. The ship wheel mirror and pink coral on the wardrobe complete the look.

Nautical themed bedroom with paddle on the wall

Sail away to dreamland using a set of ornamental wooden oars! This design is made perfect using copper lanterns for lighting, a clock that looks like a ship's propellor, a nightstand made of rough rope and of course, a nautical-themed throw pillow.

Nautical themed bedroom with wooden little boats on the shelves

An easy way to quickly create a nautical theme is by showcasing your collection of model boats!

Nautical themed living room with a white baby crib with a drape

Even a nursery can have a nautical theme. All it takes is the right color scheme. And a lifebuoy, of course.

A wooden ship wheel on a small bed with white pillows

This bed is all about boating - and it certainly sets the tone for this bedroom.

A gorgeous sailor themed bedroom for little boys

Welcome aboard this fishing boat, where a good night's sleep is secured using lifebuoys as well as a fishing net. An anchor and a ship wheel on the pillows complete the scene.

Ship style bedroom for teens with lifebuoy on the bed

A sleek modern look in a classic white-and-blue bedroom. Anchor motifs on an accent wall are enough to turn this into a nautical bedroom. The lifebuoy on the bed helps too.

Interior of a gorgeous nautical themed bedroom for a young teenager

We loved this boat-themed kids room! Everything here from the clean lines, the use of wood and of course, the boat-shaped bed, sitting in its own little ocean-like rug. Don't worry if you can't swim - a gorgeous deck leads the way to the boat.

Even more nautical Bedroom Ideas

Need more inspiration? Just keep on scrolling. We found you some gorgeous examples on Instagram and we're sharing them here -














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