Sherwin Williams Vs Dutch Boy: Pros, Cons, & Differences

With various brands available, selecting the paint for your home projects can be challenging. Two top brands are Sherwin-Williams and Dutch Boy. You may want to compare them further to find the best choice for you. To help, we researched to give you a more detailed comparison. Here is what we discovered.

Both Sherwin-Williams and Dutch Boy are high-rated paints for interior and exterior use. Sherwin-Williams is best for interiors because they offer better color options and quality. Dutch Boy is best when considering value because it is inexpensive but only has fair coverage.

Each paint brand has its strengths that make them stand out for specific home projects. It will also help in your decision-making to know the pros and cons of the paints so that you can choose the most appropriate for your projects. Read further to learn more about these top brands.

Sherwin-Williams Vs. Dutch Boy Paints

 Paints retail store. - Sherwin Williams Vs Dutch Boy: Pros, Cons, & Differences

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There are plenty of interior and exterior paint brands in the market. Among the available choices, Sherwin-Williams and Dutch Boy rank on the top. Although you can choose either of the two, you can make sound decisions if you know the characteristics of each paint.

Read the descriptions of the paint brands below.


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Sherwin-Williams Paint Store storefront in Toronto. Sherwin-Williams is an American company that produces paint.

Sherwin-Williams is the largest paint company in the United States, with numerous subsidiaries and retail outlets.

From various user reviews, Sherwin-Williams is the best-quality paint brand for interior and exterior use. The brand offers users a wide range of colors and product offerings. Based on the reviews, the paint has the highest rating for customer satisfaction.

The focus on customer engagement is notable with Sherwin-Williams. Customers can use the online paint color visualizer to assist in choosing the perfect color. Other than digital assistance, there are thousands of retail stores nationwide.

Another significant characteristic that makes it stand out is the ease of application. You get a buttery-smooth surface with no roller marks or brush strokes. It provides excellent coverage, perfect for home makeovers. The paint is true to its promise to give a streak-free result with only one coat.

Sherwin-Williams also perform well for exterior uses. It was ranked the best overall paint because of its durability, drying time, weather, and damage resistance.

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After learning some background about the paint, below are the pros and cons to help you decide if you choose this paint.


Sherwin-Williams paints will have the following pros:

  • Advanced acrylic polymers for durability
  • More than 100 color options
  • Ease of application; self-priming
  • It can be applied in low temperatures (35° Fahrenheit)
  • One gallon covers 300 square feet
  • One coat application for pre-painted surfaces and two coats for bare wood
  • Drying time is 4 hours before a second coat
  • Resists blistering, cracking, and peeling
  • Stain-resistant; thick consistency
  • Low-VOC

Based on the listed pros, it is evident that Sherwin-Williams is a good-quality paint.

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The only serious downside of the paint brand is its price. Sherwin-Williams is priced at a premium compared to other popular brands. If you have the budget, consider purchasing this paint.

Dutch Boy

Dutch Boy Paint Information display

Another reliable paint brand is Dutch Boy. It has been in the industry for more than a century. In 1980, Sherwin-Williams acquired the company and became a subsidiary. Like their parent company, they also offer interior and exterior paints with various finishes. Although acquired, Dutch Boy retains their own production facilities and research and design units.

Based on consumer rankings, Dutch Boy comes next after Sherwin-Williams. It has above-average performance for interiors but only on average for exteriors. Like Sherwin-Williams, Dutch Boy offers tools such as a paint calculator and selector.

Learn the pros and cons of Dutch Boy paints below.


Here are some pros of Dutch Boy:

  • Wide range of colors that you can mix and match
  • Cheaper than Sherwin-Williams
  • Maximum coverage of 400 square feet
  • Covers old paint well; no fading
  • Few splatters; highly pigmented
  • Drying time is 4 hours
  • Low-VOC
  • Odor-blocking (Refresh paint series
  • Stain-resistant; resistance to abrasion

The characteristics are similar to Sherwin-Williams except for the price.

In addition, Dutch Boy teamed up with Arm and Hammer, a well-known baking soda company, to create an odor-blocking paint. The paint does not eliminate odors but can minimize them.

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A notable con of the paint is its coverage. On average, users say that it only has fair coverage. You might need a few coats to cover a surface completely.

Moreover, the sheen finish will draw attention to the flaws.

Comparison Of Sherwin-Williams and Dutch Boy

After knowing the pros and cons, you can compare the two paint brands. Although they are in the same company, there are similarities and differences.


Both paints have a wide range of colors available and combinations. You can choose any of the brands for interior and exterior use. Also, the paints have low VOCs and do not emit harmful fumes. The paint brands are conscious of the effects on health and the environment.

Both are also good in application and durability. Each brand requires at least 4 hours of drying before applying a second coat.


There are more good reviews on Sherwin-Williams than on Dutch Boy. The coverage is one of the customer’s concerns for Dutch Boy, and Sherwin-Williams get higher ratings because of its full coverage. It depends on the surface on which you paint.

Even if Sherwin-Williams acquired Dutch Boy, there are differences because the manufacturing processes are different.

Although both paints get good coverage in just one coat, Dutch Boy might need at most two to hide imperfections.

On the price point, Sherwin-Williams is premium, while Dutch Boy is budget-friendly.

Another difference is the odor-blocking paint. Dutch Boy has the Refresh paint series, while Sherwin-Williams only offer an odor-blocking primer.

What To Consider When Buying Paint

A customer is choosing the right interior paint color using the paint color palette in the store.

After comparing the paints, you can further narrow down your choice by considering vital factors for your home improvement projects.

Here are the factors to evaluate:

  • Color – Choosing the paint starts with color selection. Your choice is based on your preferences to suit the design of your home. Check the colors with paint swatches.
  • Sheen – The sheen is how light reflects on the paint finish. You can choose from glossy, eggshell, or flat.
  • Cost – The cost is important because higher-quality paints are expensive. If you want to use Sherwin-Williams, be ready to pay for the high price tag. If you don’t have much, Dutch Boy is a good choice.
  • Location – Your paint choice can vary depending on the location. You must find suitable paint for interior or exterior use.

The brand will come last. It does not matter which brand to choose as long as you get the desired results.

Is It Possible To Match Sherwin-Williams And Dutch Boy?

You might want to retain the color if you switch paint brands for your home projects.

Yes, it is possible to match these paints. However, you might get poor results. The color selection of one brand will always differ. Some colors are hard to copy. It is better to use a matching paint of the brand you initially chose. Find the closest color offered by the brand’s palette.

White is the hardest to match because of the very few pigments in color. If to compare the color white of Sherwin-Williams and Dutch Boy, experts rank Sherwin-Williams Pure White as the best.

It will take time to match colors manually. A tool used for accurate matching is a spectrophotometer. You can find one in a paint store. Ask your paint retailer to match the color for you. You can also use the color database of another brand. Yet, the match cannot be 100%.

You can take note of the color previously used as a reference for purchasing the new paint.

In Summary

Store aisle with varied choice of paint buckets

Sherwin-Williams and Dutch Boy are the best choices for paints. Sherwin-Williams is a larger paint company that acquired Dutch Boy. Although they are in one big company, they have their differences. Each has pros and cons to evaluate when choosing the paint.

After considering the information above, Sherwin-Williams is more expensive and highly favored by users than Dutch Boy. If you are on a budget, you can choose Dutch Boy and still get quality results.

You can choose any of the two paint brands for your home projects to give you a satisfactory outcome.

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