Should Curtain Rods Match Door Knobs?

Curtain rods and doorknobs usually go unnoticed when you're decorating your space. However, if you have a sharp eye, you may want all the colors to be complementary--but is it really necessary? How do you find out which colors and metals go well together? We have researched answers for you.

There's no definite rule about matching the curtain rod with doorknobs, so it's completely up to you! As a general design rule, mixing these metals is even encouraged since it gives the space a more sophisticated and dimensional look. It is better to create contrast between your curtain rods and doorknobs to satisfy your sharp designer eye!

Mixing metals can sound intimidating at first especially if you're remodeling your house. However, with a few considerations with contrasting and complementary colors, your space will look more elegant and polished. If you want to learn more about mixing and matching finishes, keep reading below!

Curtains, Drapes, Rods, and Interior Decor, Should Curtain Rods Match Door Knobs?

How To Effectively Mix Metals In Your Space

Industrial Style Loft Bedroom wiht Living Room.

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Mixing metals give your space more visually unique layers and textures. It is also safer than matching finishes exactly since a slight change in the color can make the mix look like a mistake.

At least if they are different yet complementary, it would look effortlessly chic. Mixing metals will make your space look more timeless, or as if the aesthetic has evolved over time. 

Don't be afraid to explore textures and dimensions using different finishes. Although this isn't a hard rule, sticking to more visually pleasing choices will make you love your space more.

Choose A Primary Finish

To make your metals complement each other, you will need to choose one primary finish into which you can incorporate other finishes. This will make your space look neater and more cohesive.

Be careful with high-gloss fixtures. Though they can make your space look elegant, they are difficult to pair with other metals. If you still want a bit of shine, go for a satin finish.

Metals with warm undertones, such as chrome, are more aesthetically versatile, so you can choose that as your dominant fixture before venturing to other metals. 

Go For Flat-Finish Accent Metals

Flat-finish metals are less visually overwhelming. This makes them complement other metals better, creating a cohesive design. 

For example, matte black is a neutral color that you easily incorporate into your space. This will give off a more contemporary appeal, making your space look polished and chic. 

Flat-finish metals are also less high-maintenance depending on the location. They easily cover fingerprints and scratches, so you won't have to look at blemishes all the time. 

Doorknobs with a matte finish can be more functional since you won't have to clean them every time someone touches them. They will also look sleeker in your living room or bedroom.

Contrast The Finish And Metals

Creating contrast is a great way to introduce depth and visual dimension into your space.

Having everything match exactly is too risky. And even if it weren't and you somehow got to make every single finish match, your space would look too one-dimensional and plain.

For visual allure, contrast warm and cool tones together, but make sure they have the same finish so it won't look chaotic.

A neutral color scheme can be made more vibrant with brass, bronze, and rose gold finishes, while you can balance out dark metals with lighter ones.

Complement The Colors

Remember that colors will always need to be cohesive and match your interior design. Having a messy color palette will make the space look visually chaotic and confusing, possibly tiring your eyes. 

If you have warm metals, incorporate warm colors to have a more curated color palette. Brass, copper, gold, and nickel will blend well with brown and yellow-toned furniture. 

Cool metals such as silver, steel, and chrome which you might find in your curtain rod, should be matched with equally cool colors. If you want a more versatile design, stick with cast iron since it is a neutral-toned metal. 

Match It With Your Personal Style

As always, you should always think about your preference when you mix metals. It is the only way to make your interior design more cohesive.

For example, although matte black finishes are on-trend because of their minimalist appeal, they won't work if you want your space to have a more retro or classic-vintage vibe.

Your metal finishes should complement your space's furniture and fixtures. If you want a soft and more feminine flair, go with a rose gold finish or an ombre polished nickel. 

Incorporate a softer color scheme on all your metals to make them match your furniture and aesthetic--although you still need to make sure you create contrast between the tones to make them look more curated.

How do you choose the right curtain rod color?

Closeup of a designer curtain rod and drape in a furnishings store

Curtain rods are hardly the first thing you see when you look at a window. Your eyes will immediately travel to the dominant parts, such as the window itself, the scenery outside, or the curtain. However, if you're the one choosing it, you can sometimes find it challenging.

In the owner's mind, it doesn't matter if guests don't know the rods don't match--what matters is that you know. And it could be frustrating if you think about it. Fortunately, there are ways you can determine the right curtain rod for your living space.

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Let It Complement Your Space's Vibe

You'll want to choose a curtain rod that matches your aesthetic. A curtain rod with intricate moldings will look lost in a minimalist and neutral interior.

Going for a sleek and plain curtain rod can be a safer choice, but it depends if that's what you want. A truly cohesive interior design will account for every finish, even the subtle ones.

So if you have a more vintage and traditional interior, go for curtain rods that have intricate carvings that will match an opulent-looking curtain.

Match With Accent Decorations

For a more integrated color palette, you can match your curtain rods with your dominant decorations and furniture.

For example, if your couch or bed is made up of warm colors, try brass curtain rods to highlight your color scheme more.

If you have a more masculine color palette, try sleek stainless rods.

If you have a more feminine color scheme made of pinks, reds, and beiges, get a curtain rod with a rose-gold tone.

However, if you haven't decided on a specific style and are still exploring, going for white or neutral curtain rods is the safest route.

Blend It With The Window Treatment 

Consider your window treatment if you're stuck on choosing the right curtain rod for you.

Matching it with your curtain or window treatment is the most practical way to choose your rods since it factors in the drapery weight along with its style.

Keep It Simple

If you don't want your curtain rods to be overpowering, it is best to keep it simple. Stick with neutral, sleek, but highly durable rods that can last you a long time. 

However, simple doesn't have to mean boring. Having a curtain rod that complements the rest of your interior will make it more visually pleasing and tie up your color scheme. 

What is a French curtain rod?

A French curtain rod is one that doesn't cut from the wall but instead attaches to it, making it look a part of the surface. This treatment will blend well with patterned or bold-colored curtains.

These rods are not only aesthetically timeless--they are also durable and long-lasting, so they can add value to your home.

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Should you use a wood curtain rod?

brown wooden curtain rail on concrete wall

Although wood would make your window treatment look more regal and elegant, you would need to occasionally turn them so they don't bend out of shape. They are high-maintenance, so if it doesn't fit your lifestyle, you're better off with a metal curtain rod.

How do you choose the right doorknob color?

Photograph of a modern styled nickel closet door lever

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Choose a doorknob that matches the space's color scheme, but make sure it is highly contrasting the surface of the door.

Having matching colors with the door will make the doorknob look lost, making it inaccessible for people who have trouble seeing clearly. 

Make sure that the colors don't clash. For example, a wooden door would match well with a dark bronze doorknob. Conversely, a dark-colored door will pair excellently with cool-toned metal doorknobs.

Final Thoughts

Subtle metal fixtures are hardly noticed, but that doesn't mean they're less important to a sharp eye. Make sure each tone and finish balance each other out and that everything matches your preference.

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