11 Awesome Tile And Grout Color Combinations

When you're designing a kitchen or bathroom or laundry area, one of your design decisions will be tile and grout. And though tile may be a fairly easy thing to pick out, choosing the corresponding grout color vexes so many people. Each choice can change the feel of a tiled space, so how do you make the decision?

We've put together a photo gallery of eleven awesome tile and grout color combinations to show you some options. Each of these combinations is a proven winner when it comes to your bathroom or kitchen decor. Some give you more contrast and some are more subtle. Hopefully, this post will show you the best look for your tiled space!

A rustic interior of an ultra contemporary bathroom with marble countertops on the breakfast bar and dangling lamps, 11 Awesome Tile And Grout Color Combinations

1. White Grout For Both Shower Tile And Alcove Tile In Greys And Blues

This shower has a big style with two different types of tile. The large rectangular porcelain wall tiles have an ombre of grey shades from the lightest greige to the darkest charcoal. In the alcove are small penny-sized circular tiles in shades of bluish-grey.

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Small octagon designed bathroom backsplash for soap and shampoo stand

Here, the designer has chosen to keep the grout crisp and bright, and cohesive. By keeping the same color running throughout both tile sections, it takes away any busyness with the two tile types.

2. Mottled Grey Square Tile With Cool Grey Grout

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Modern contemporary bathroom with a green accent wall, glass shower wall, and gray tiled shower backsplash

This bathroom utilizes a simple small square tile. The color is a variegated grey running from lighter to darker patches. For the grout, they've chosen to use a very cool grey-toned grout. It's still lighter than the darkest areas of the tile so isn't an exact disappearing match, but it is rather subtle.

Think of choosing a grout that picks out one of the lighter colors in any variegated tile for similar results.

3. Shiny White Subway Tile Backsplash With Dark Charcoal Grout

Modern kitchen interior with white granite countertop dangling lamps and dark blue kitchen cabinetry

White subway tile is affordable and popular. But one of the most fun things about it is the ability to really play with your grout. Because the tile is white, the grout can totally change up the look. One of our favorite looks is this dark charcoal grout. It's not as stark as a true black but still gives you that wonderful contrast.

Here, it works well with the deep teal blue of the cabinets and the shine of the stainless steel oven hood. The other nice thing about darker grouts in the cooking area is that it hides the stains that come with food oils and cooking.

4. Black Grout With A Deep Slate Backsplash

Awesome rustic kitchen with wooden countertop, black double sink and a dark stone backsplash

If you love the drama of darker colors and are incorporating them into your kitchen, here's a show-stopping look. Rich dark slate is used for the backsplash and it's lined with true black grout. The grout picks up the colors of the fixtures and the darker colors in the tiles. The natural butcher block countertop provides a gorgeous complement to the darker colors.

5. Tan Grout With Tan Marble Flooring

A rustic interior of an ultra contemporary bathroom with marble countertops on the breakfast bar and dangling lamps, 11 Awesome Tile And Grout Color Combinations

This beautiful kitchen leans more toward warmer earth tones. From the granite on the countertops to the kitchen cabinet colors, each design element has been thought out.

Let's look at the floors. Beautiful marble rectangles have been set on a herringbone diagonal to create an interesting pattern. The choice of a deep beige grout that picks up the darker tones in the tile does a great job of outlining the pattern without being distracting. This is such a gorgeous and elegant look.

6. Shiny Blue Tile With White Grout

Man turning on the faucet inside the bathroom with blue diagonal positioned tile backsplash

If you love color, here's an awesome look. Pick your favorite saturated colorful tile and pair it with white grout. In this kitchen, a glossy royal blue is the color of the day but this look would be equally fab in red, orange, yellow, or green. It's all about your style and how you want your kitchen to pop. The contrast is bright and stands out.

The disadvantage is that white grout may need more frequent cleaning than darker colored grout.

7. Yellow Grout And Yellow Tile

Granite kitchen countertop with a yellow tiled backsplash and a small plant pot

Here we go with a more vibrant color. For this backsplash, they've chosen a small rectangular glass tile in yellow. It's sunny and vibrant and is perfect for a sun-drenched kitchen or bathroom.

But rather than going for the contrast of white, here the grout is a very close match to the tile color. Because of the difference in surface textures, they don't run together, but the overall look is one of ultra-saturated rich color.

8. Patterned Floor Tiles In Black And White With Black Grout

Black and white incorporated bathroom with a minimalistic theme

These patterned tiles have taken over the design scene the last couple of years, and though there are many colors of grout available, white, black, or grey tend to be the most common grouts used with this type of tile.

Here, they've chosen to use the darker grout and as you can see, it pretty much disappears in with the pattern of the tile. Because the black extends into the four corners of the tile, choosing white grout here would give you a strong contrast, which would be another interesting option.

9. Glass Backsplash Tiles In Beige With Light Beige Grout

Small beige and light brown tile backsplash and a stainless steel faucet on the side

These tiny glass mosaic backsplash tiles are soothing in natural tones of beige. Though you could go with a simple white here, this look is elevated by the choice of soft, bright, beige grout. It picks up the same tone as the lightest of the beige rectangles. The look is not totally monochromatic but is beautifully cohesive and fluid.

10. Saltillo Tile Floors With Concrete Grey Grout

Empty rustic room with brown tiled flooring, white walls, and wooden ceiling

Many Southwestern homes use handmade Saltillo tile for flooring. This rustic floor tile has a slightly variable surface and is often the color of the surrounding desert.

Most often you will see a dark, almost concrete grey grout color used with this tile and the grout line is almost a feature of the floor in its own right. You could choose to use a light beige grout with this tile for a softer, lighter look but it may require more cleaning.

11. Warm Colored Green Glass Tile With Soft Warm Beige Grout

A dark green decorative tile for backsplash or background

If you love color but don't want the stark contrast that a white grout provides, then perhaps consider a warm beige grout. This is a beautiful combination for rooms that feature light natural wood and windows that frame the outdoors.

It would work well with other glass tile colors as well, but for this, you'll want to steer toward warmer colors like other beiges, browns, softer greens, oranges, and reds.

Tips For Choosing

As with so many home decor choices the key is to find things that complement each other or are purposefully contrasting. In variegated tiles, choose one of the colors—light for subtle, dark for more dramatic. If you're going for color, choose a glowing white, an outlining darker color, or a grout mixed to match the tile color. 

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