15 Wall Decor Ideas For A Classroom

Classrooms provide spaces for learning, but that does not mean they have to be boring. Children learn better when they are alert and engaged. One way you can create a welcoming environment for your students is by decorating your classroom.

With so many options available and such variations in student personalities, it can be overwhelming to decide how to decorate your classroom. Take a look at the inspiration we gathered to help you make this the best school year yet! 

Modern nursery room interior, 15 Wall Decor Ideas For A Classroom

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1. Student Artwork 

Children love seeing their artwork on display! It gives them a sense of pride and allows them the opportunity to contribute to the beautification of their space. You can dedicate a wall in your classroom to student art, so the students can always look at their creations.

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Nice classroom in a kindergarten with tables and little chairs

Treat the wall like a gallery or museums and change “exhibits” to display the latest project you’ve assigned in class. Or, you can give each child their own space to choose what artwork they display. 

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2. Mural Decal 

Kindergarten classroom interior

Of course, a classroom should be decorated with visual aids that encourage learning and reinforce skills. However, that doesn’t mean that the classroom decor cannot include some decorations that are simply colorful and fun to look at.

Decals are a great way to add decoration to your walls without making the decor permanent or ruining the walls. Choose a mural or scene that your students will enjoy and add to a play center or reading nook to spark their imagination. 

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3. Number Fun 

Classroom of kindergarten interior design

Numbers and number lines are staples of classroom decoration for all grade levels. Younger students will benefit from having exposure to the numbers throughout the day. Even when they are not directly working on learning them, they are being committed to memory. Older students also benefit from more advanced number lines that give them a point of reference to refer to while they are working. 

These visual aids don’t need to be boring. There are many creative ways to display numbers, so they are attractive to your students’ eyes. 

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4. We Are Here 

Textbooks and color pencils on the school desk

A map is great to have in the classroom regardless of student age. There are options available to appeal to any age group, and frequent exposure to the map will spark curiosity in even the youngest students. 

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5. Follow The Rules 

A set of 5 motivational classroom rules bulletin board

Rules are essential to effective classroom management, so it is no doubt that you implement rules and go over them frequently with your class. Give them a visual reminder so that the rules are always salient in their minds. Of course, necessary doesn’t mean boring, so there are plenty of ways to display your rules so they are pleasing to look at. 

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6. Word Art 

Kids school library interior design for student

Wooden letters can be purchased in a variety of fonts and sizes, and they are available unfinished or already painted. You can use them to create a quote for your room’s library area, display your name, or indicate specific areas of the classroom. 

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7. Creative Clocks 

Clock with pencil on its short and long hand

Most classrooms will already have a clock installed by the school, but that shouldn’t stop you from using fun clocks as room décor. Teachers of younger students can add a clock to the dramatic play area to make it feel like home. Older children would love multiple clocks on the wall when they learn about time zones. 

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8. Board of Reference 

Elementary school classroom concept

Instead of scattering reference posters all over the room, dedicate one wall to display all of the concepts your students will use. This will free up other areas of the room for other décor and your students will know exactly where to look when they need help remembering a concept. 

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9. Rustic Storage

Room of art with drawing materials on floor

Decorative items for classrooms, particularly those for younger students, are often overwhelmingly colorful. Balance it a little with natural storage options. Use crates or shelves to add storage that can be easily removed at the end of the school year. 

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10. Shaped Shelves 

Interior of a modern empty kindergarten

Shelves are an easy way to add interesting visual elements to your classroom while expanding your storage space. Because they are available in so many different shapes, you are likely to find one pleasing to your students and matching your classroom style. What you put on them and whether students access them or look at them as part of your décor is entirely up to you! 

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11. Banners And Garland 

Classroom of Pre-school with colorful chairs

It’s amazing how a simple pop of color can change the mood of a setting. Inexpensive and easy to hang up or take down, banners are an easy way to liven up your classroom. Holiday or seasonal banners are a great way to make your classroom look festive. 

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You can also choose banners or garlands in colors that match your classroom theme for an easy but more permanent fixture in your room. 

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12. Curtains

Room with toys and colorful chair in a kindergarten

Okay, we’re cheating a little bit here because curtains aren’t technically wall art. Still, they are another example of an easy way to add some personality to your classroom without making any significant or permanent changes to the spaces.

Available in patterns or solid colors, they are a great way to keep the sun out while enhancing your classroom décor. They can also be used to dress up storage shelves or spaces. Be sure to check your school district’s policy on window coverings before investing in the style option! 

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13. Tiny Details 

Interior of modern playroom in kindergarten

Creating a visually pleasing space does not mean that it needs to be jam-packed with a lot of stuff. A little often goes a long way when designing spaces, especially when using a lot of colors. Use small wall decals to add color and highlight different areas of your classroom.

In the image above, just a few small colorful dots were enough to add some depth to a play area. Do the same animal tracks in your science area, for example, or paint splatters in the art center. 

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14. Use Your Chalkboard 

Sketched text and numbers on a blackboard

Not every classroom still has a chalkboard, but if yours does, include it in your decorating theme or use it as a canvas for fun messages to your students. If you’re not using your chalkboard for teaching, treat it like a bulletin board and decorate it with a fun theme or idea. 

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If you do use your board regularly, you can still have fun with it. Spruce it up with some border paper or use chalk markers for eye-catching morning messages. 

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15. Greenery

Design and decoration in empty modern classroom

Don’t be afraid to add some plants or flowers to your classroom. Whether you affix planters to the walls or add some plants to your shelves, they serve two purposes in the classroom. You can teach your students how to care for them, and you can bring a bit of freshness to the classroom. 

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In Closing

Your classroom is a home away from home for you and your students. You want it to feel welcoming and comfortable for everyone who will be spending time there. While you are likely to have some limitations based on your school’s rules, there are plenty of ways you can make your space your own without having to make any permanent changes. Be creative and have fun! 

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