What Colors Go With Cedar Siding?

Cedar siding makes our house exteriors look visually warm and inviting. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, they are also highly durable and sustainable, and energy-efficient. Cedar has a vibrant tint, but it naturally goes well with a wide range of colors. So, what color door, trim, or roof would highlight the beauty of your exterior? We have gathered ideas for you.

Every color evokes a different atmosphere. Neutrals are always a safe bet for cedar siding, but you can explore other tones and hues to highlight the architecture of your house or to make it match the aesthetic you want. Here are color schemes you can paint your door, trim, and roof with: 

  • Warm Neutral Scheme
  • Cool Neutral Scheme
  • Rustic Color Scheme
  • Cool-toned Natural Color Schemes

Cedar siding is aesthetically versatile. The key is to make the colors cohesive and to go for colors that either contrast or complement the cedar's warmth. If you want to learn more about how to pair colors with cedar, keep reading below. 

Abstract wooden texture of red cedar shingles, shake wood siding row roof panel, What Colors Goes With Cedar Siding?

What Color Goes With Cedar Siding?

Pairing colors with cedar siding can be challenging, but all you need to do to narrow down your choices is to ask yourself which style direction you're going for--rustic or modern? Cedar leans more towards a rustic, warm, farmhouse-inspired design. However, you can switch this up simply by choosing the right colors that inspire a modern appeal. 

Regardless of the color scheme you choose, the important thing to remember is to make the colors complement one another. The color combination shouldn't look forced, scattered, or visually overwhelming. It should highlight your house's structure, as well as the beauty of cedar.

Here are the color schemes that can accommodate different aesthetic preferences. 

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Warm Neutral Scheme

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Warm neutral schemes lean into the warmth of cedar wood without going for rich, warm tones. This will create a softer color scheme, blending seamlessly with your sidings and making your home look elegant and inviting.

What color should you paint your roof?

For your roof, choose a natural tan shade to balance the rich tint of the siding. This is ideal if you live in a warm area since the roof won't be absorbing too much heat, cooling your house down during particularly hot days.

Other alternatives could be clay beige, Benjamin Moore Sea Froth 2107-60, or Benjamin Moore Driftsccape tan 2106-50.

For a more cohesive color scheme, it is recommended to make the trim and door colors complement one another.

What color should you paint your trim?

Paint your trim in either a stark white color to make your home visually structured or plume to highlight the earthy tone of your siding. 

What color should you paint your door?

Pairing your trims with a taupe-stained door will create visual contrast, adding a structured appeal to your house and making it look more welcoming. 

The color complements the tones of cedar, and the door won't look out of place since it's still a warm neutral color despite its slightly more saturated tone. 

Cool Neutral Scheme

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Gorgeous house with cedar trim

Cool neutral colors create a lovely tonal contrast with warm cedar sidings. They have undertones of blue and green, and they often have a recognizable grey tint. These colors tone down the warmth of cedar, tying up the exterior neatly. 

Cool color schemes also modernize architecture. So, if you are leaning towards a softer color palette with a modern aesthetic, this color scheme is ideal for you. 

What color should you paint your roof?

For example, you can paint your roof with light French grey, which can cool down the visual appeal of your home.

What color should you paint your trim?

You can go the safe route and paint the trim in white, but go for silverpointe grey if you want a more muted and classic color scheme. 

What color should you paint your door?

Pair this all up with a door in sea salt grey, which has a green undertone that can inject a splash of natural color into your scheme; or simply go for a classic white door for a cohesive color palette. 

However, if you want the perfect grey with cool and warm tones, go with harbor grey. The color will go with whatever trim you choose, and it will pair well with cedar siding.

Rustic Color Scheme

The most ideal color scheme to incorporate with cedar siding is a rustic color scheme. Lean into the wood's rustic and warm appeal, and choose paint colors that will make your home look inviting and homey. 

Rich, vibrant exteriors will instantly add a unique charm to your house. You can choose from browns, reds, and oranges to achieve a rustic look.

What color should you paint your roof? 

For example, for the roof, choose a burgundy roof to make your house eye-catching without being visually overwhelming. Burgundy is a cross between brown and red, making it more of a muted red color. 

What color should you paint your trim?

For the trim, you have the option to go for a dark brown for a uniform color scheme or go with light tan trim to add depth and visual structure to the exterior. Whatever trim color you choose, make sure it can neatly tie up and balance your color scheme. 

What should you paint your door?

For the door, you can contrast the color from the roof and match it with the trim. A desert tan color would be perfect for this since it will soften the color palette and blend well with cedar siding. 

However, you can match the door with the siding to lean into cedar's rustic appeal. Opt for a dark-stained cedar door for a monochrome look.

Cool-toned Natural Color Schemes

If you want to balance and contrast the warmth of cedar, go with cool colors. These colors may not be neutral, but they will pair with cedar nicely as long as they are in the right shade. 

The key is to choose a paint color that is easy on the eyes. It should also complement the cedar siding nicely. 

Since cedar has a natural brown-orange tone, go with other cool natural colors. For example, you can explore different shades of blue and green and incorporate them on either your roof, trim, or door. 

What color should you paint the roof?

Go with muted shades of green for the roof such as Cypress green or sage green. The contrast will give the illusion of height, and it will be visually refreshing to look at. 

What color should you paint the trim?

For the trim, go with plume or white. This will tie up the cool color scheme neatly and add visual structure to the house. It will blend with the roof color and the cedar siding. 

What color should you paint the door?

You can paint your doors with either forest green or a muted aqua shade. The play of colors will balance out the warmth of cedar, and the natural colors will complement one another. 

How Much Does Cedar Siding Cost?

a door knob and dead bolt with cedar house siding and a lawn

Cedar is a more economical siding option since it is sustainable and durable. It is also essentially an investment since the material can increase home value and elevate curb appeal. 

If you want to have cedar siding, you will need to prepare to shell out around $4,500-$15,000 since they cost $3.50 to $10.50 per square foot, and it will all depend on the size and shape of your house. 

Of course, you will also need to ask your contractor for a quote if you're planning to have it installed professionally. Usually, they charge around $2-$5 per square foot. 

How Long Does Cedar Siding Last?

Cedar is known for its resistance to rot and mold. It can withstand extreme weather conditions, especially if you seal it. To prevent it from fading into grey, make sure to paint it every 3-7 years. 

Cedar siding lasts for around 20-40 years, but it can extend for up to 70 years if it has been maintained well. Applying finish contributes to its long lifespan as well. 

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Does Cedar Come in Other Colors?

Cedar new house exterior with covered entrance and driveway with green grass and pine trees

Cedar typically comes in a reddish-brown or pinkish-red tint. Some cedar can have purple tones too, but you may need to reconsider your color choices for this kind of cedar. 

Eastern white cedar, on the other hand, has a light vanilla color with small grains. Get eastern white cedar if you want a lighter-colored siding. 

Final Thoughts

Abstract wooden texture of red cedar shingles, shake wood siding row roof panel

Cedar siding an ideal material for home exteriors. It can be intimidating trying to pair them with different colors, but having a clear vision of the style you want will make things easier for you. 

As always, maintain your sidings and house exterior so it can have a vibrant and fresh look for a long time. 

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