What Curtains Go With Persian Rugs?

Curtains play a very important role in any room. They can affect the mood and overall impression that you may have of the room. Pairing them with an elegant Persian rug can be daunting, as you'll need to choose which curtain will best match it. We have done extensive research on this and have some useful tips for you.

Curtains that go well with a Persian rug have neutral colors that won't overshadow the beauty of your rug. Dark, subdued colors work best with large and colorful rugs, while lighter-colored curtains are better for small Persian rugs with more intricate designs. The more well-known neutral colors that go well with Persian rugs are:

  • Light tans and beiges
  • Creamy whites
  • Dark greys and blacks
  • Dark oranges and reds
  • Dark blue and royal blues

The curtain should be chosen carefully so that it harmonizes with the Persian rug that is the main highlight of your room. If you struggle to find the right combinations, our guide will guide you through what type of curtains go with Persian rugs and the most recommended ones that can emphasize the elegance of the Persian rug in your home. 

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The Right Curtain Color For Your Persian Rug

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An exquisite Persian rug is an amazing centerpiece for your room. It's a good idea to make the rug the basis for the other decor around it.

Knowing the possible overall style of the room based on the characteristics of the Persian rug as well as what colors and patterns would go well with it will make the process easier.

The right color for your curtains depends on your Persian rug's size, pattern, and color. Persian rugs come in many colors, and they can also be very vibrant. This is why choosing the color that will harmonize well with your Persian rug is important.

The trick is to choose a neutral or subdued color for the curtain. Neutral colors will not take away the beauty of the Persian rug but rather harmonize it.

If you have a large, colorful Persian rug, you might want to choose curtains with a more dark, subdued color. A Persian rug that's smaller and has a more subtle pattern will go well with curtains that have a lighter color.

You do not want to choose a curtain similar to your Persian rug, but it shouldn't be too different that it clashes with your rug. You want to connect the different elements and give your place a sense of comfort, coziness, and harmony.

Light Tans And Beiges

Light tan and beige curtains go well with Persian rugs. These colors are light enough not to overpower the pattern in your Persian rug. Your curtains aren't the room's main focus; you want your Persian rug to be the focal point, with the curtains acting as a beautiful frame for the rug.

You can use light tan curtains if your rug has a lot of red or blue. Light tan or beige curtains work well with rugs with many orange tones and small rugs with intricate designs.

Creamy Whites

Creamy white curtains will go nicely with any color on a Persian rug. They will especially go well with oranges, reds, and greens. This color will look beautiful as curtains in a dining room where you have a Persian rug on the floor.

Dark Greys And Blacks

Another great choice is either dark grey or black curtains. If your Persian rug has a lot of blue, dark grey curtains would be a good pair with it.

Dark grey will contrast nicely with blue and make it stand out. Dark grey curtains will also go well with rugs that are primarily red. Meanwhile, a black curtain is a good choice if your Persian rug has a lot of orange in its design.

Black is a known neutral color that can go well with almost anything, but if you have a large Persian rug with a lot of red or blue in its pattern, a black curtain would be a poor choice. The black would overpower the red or blue in the design of your rug. Dark greys are a better choice for a Persian rug like this.

However, if you have a small Persian rug mostly white with a subtle pattern, you may choose a curtain that's either dark grey or black.

Dark Oranges And Reds

Dark oranges and reds are other great options for suitable curtains. That said, if your Persian rug has a lot of blue, try to steer clear of dark oranges and reds since they will clash with the blue in your Persian rug. The same goes if your rug has a lot of orange on it.

Dark oranges and reds are a good choice if your rug has a lot of red since they will complement the red and make it stand out. But remember that they are best used with smaller rugs with a subtle pattern. A large Persian rug with a bold pattern would be too overpowering when paired with dark orange or red curtains.

Dark orange curtains would look great in a living room where you have a small Persian rug on the floor. Red curtains would go equally well in a bedroom, home office, or dining room.

Dark Blue And Royal Blues

Another option worth considering is choosing dark blue and royal blue curtains. Dark blue is a versatile color that will pair well with many rugs. Royal blue, on the other hand, is a color that will bring out the reds and oranges in a Persian rug’s pattern.

If your rug has a lot of blue, try avoiding dark and royal blues. These colors will clash with the blue on your rug. Dark blues and royal blues are a good choice if your rug has a lot of orange or red. They will contrast nicely with the orange and make it stand out.

Dark blue curtains will go great in a living room or bedroom where you have a small Persian rug on the floor. They would work equally well in a dining room with a large Persian rug. For a large Persian rug with a bold pattern, you may consider a royal blue curtain.

You can also use dark blue or royal blue as the main color for your curtains. However, you must balance blue with other colors and patterns.

Do You Need to Match Your Curtains With Persian Rugs?

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Your curtains and carpets ought to harmonize with one another, but they don't have to be essentially an ideal pair.

It is preferred for the curtains to be of similar color variation to the Persian rug, although reciprocal tones can likewise work. You can read more about it in this article: Do Curtains And Rugs Have To Match?

How To Decorate With A Persian Rug

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We know that a Persian rug is such an exquisite item that it will usually be the centerpiece when thinking of a design for your room. The other decor and fixtures of your room will have to harmonize around it, including the very room itself.

You want your rug to be around two to three feet smaller than the dimensions of your room, thus making your room appear more open and balanced. 

It is also important to note that a Persian rug has more intricate designs than other rugs. Choosing upholstery and accent furniture with a subdued and minimal design would be a good choice to match your Persian rug. This contrast would give your room a sense of harmony between its pieces.

Bottom Line

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Curtains that go with Persian rugs should have a subtle, neutral color scheme. You can go with light colors such as light tans and beiges as well as creamy whites. Darker combinations like dark greys and blacks, dark oranges and reds, and dark blue and royal blues would also work.

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