Will A King Size Bed Fit In A 10X10 Room?

Are you moving to a bigger bedroom? Feeling cramped in your current bed with your partner? You may be considering investing in a king-sized mattress if so. They certainly add a nice presence to any bedroom. However, some buy them with no regard for whether they’ll even fit in their room. If you’ve been asking these questions, you won’t have to look any further; we’ve done all the research!

A standard king-sized bed measures around 76 inches by 80 inches. These kinds of mattresses are among the largest available you can purchase today. At the minimum, a room should measure around 10 x 12 feet for a standard king-size bed, so a 10 x 10 room would not be able to fit a king-size bed comfortably. 

Keep reading to learn how to decide whether a king-size mattress is right for you by thinking about your bedroom size, budget, comfort level, and more!

A spacious bedroom with a king sized bed, gray header wall and laminated flooring, Will A King Size Bed Fit In A 10X10 Room?

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Room Size

For the most commonly purchased king bed, the Standard King, your minimum room size should be 10 x 12 feet. Many designers will say that you should have a minimum of 30 inches of room around the bed for movement and other furniture.

An example would be a bedroom that’s 12 x 12 feet and would be able to comfortably hold a king-sized bed with nightstands on either side and a dresser.

Types Of King Mattresses

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Different sizes of beds with dimensions

While California kings and standard king mattresses are by far the most popular types of king beds, there are a few others. As well as the California and standard, there are Texas kings, Wyoming kings, and Alaskan king mattresses. So what’s the difference?

Standard King Bed

A standard king sized bed inside a pink colored bed

The regular king bed is the most popular out of all the different types. King mattresses are much wider than queen beds at 76 inches wide but are the same length and 80 inches. Kings are great if you need a bit more room to roll over.

Since it’s a popular size, you don’t need to worry about finding the right-sized sheets or comforters. The recommended room size for a regular king-size bed is about 10 feet x 14 feet.

California King

Luxurious Bright Bedroom With Comfortable King Size Bed and Modern Furniture.

If your feet hang off the edge of a queen mattress, then a California king bed is a great option. California king beds clock in at 72 inches wide and 84 inches long, which means they’re not as wide as standard king mattresses but are a few inches longer. That’s good news for taller folk!

However, one drawback is that it’s more difficult to find a spot for these mattresses in your home due to their odd measurements. The recommended room size for this type of mattress is 12 feet x 14 feet.

Texas King

A huge Texas king bed inside a modern home

The Texas king mattress is the second-largest oversized mattress coming in at 80 inches wide and 98 inches long. A Texas king bed is a beauty but an expensive one. These beds aren’t budget-friendly, with their prices starting at around $2,000 or more.

They are also increasingly harder to comfortably fit in a normal-sized room. Length-wise, one of these beds would take up just over 8 feet of space! The ideal size room for this bed would be 14 feet x 16 feet.

Wyoming King

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Wyoming kings are a great choice if you like the length of a California king but want something a little wider. They measure 84 inches wide by 84 inches long. However, because they are as long as wide, they can be challenging to fit into your bedroom. They don’t cost as much as a Texas king but still start at around $1,800.

The ideal-sized room for the Wyoming King is 14 feet x 14 feet.

Alaskan King

A large Alaskan King sized bed inside a huge and luxurious bedroom

If you want the biggest and best mattress on the market today, the Alaskan king is for you. These beds are enormous at 108 inches long and wide. That’s 9 feet in both directions! To comfortably have this bed in your room, it needs to be a whopping 16 feet x 16 feet.

These mattresses can sleep several people and are great for families who co-sleep with multiple children or have many furry pets that sleep with them at night. A drawback with this mattress would be the need to have a massive amount of space to fit this bed in your room comfortably.

The price isn’t for those on a budget; they’re priced between $3,000 and $5,000.

How To Decide If A King Size Bed Is Right For You

It can be difficult to decide whether or not to buy a bigger mattress. We have a few key points to consider if you’re thinking of buying a king-size bed for your home.

Who Will Be Sleeping In The Bed?

More than one person typically occupies King size beds. So when looking into purchasing a new mattress, you need to take their comfort preferences into account. Each sleeper will get about 38 inches of space on a king mattress. This bed type is excellent for couples if one is a restless sleeper and the other is an active sleeper. This mattress will enable you to comfortably move around without bothering one another.

Comfort Level

If you share a mattress with someone and can’t agree on a firmness level, you may want to consider a medium-firm mattress as an in-between. You may want to consider a split king if you cannot come to a compromise. In that case, both occupants can choose their own mattress that has their personal softness preferences.

Side sleepers tend to prefer softer mattresses, and a medium-firm type mattress would be ideal for back sleepers.

Room Size

Usually, you’d want your bedroom to be on the bigger side, preferably around 14 x 19 feet, to make sure you have enough room to maneuver around comfortably. If you don’t have a larger room, you might consider purchasing a queen or split king mattress. Ensure you have at least 3 feet of walk-around room plus space for your furniture.

Body Size

King-size mattresses or larger ones can provide more space for larger individuals and heavier couples. Also, taller people may want to consider other types of king-size mattresses such as Texas, Alaskan, or Wyoming. These mattresses can add another level of comfort for folks with longer legs.


King-sized mattresses tend to be higher in price than any other mattress size. They usually cost more than queen-size mattresses of the same style and brand by about 25%. Bigger types of king-size beds like the California king or Alaskan king will come with a hefty price tag.

If you’re on a budget, you may want to consider a standard king-size with an innerspring since those tend to be lower in price than other types.

Temperature And Motion Isolation

Are you a person who tends to get hot while sleeping? Memory foam mattresses are great at reducing motion felt on the other side of the bed but trap heat more easily than other types of mattresses. Innerspring or latex mattress types are cooler feeling mattresses. On spring mattresses, you can feel your partner moving around more, impacting your sleep.

King or Split King

The only difference between a king mattress and a split king is that a split king is comprised of 2 separate mattresses that add up to king-size dimensions. This arrangement is ideal for couples who have differing mattress preferences. One may prefer a firmer mattress, while the other might like a soft mattress. Another big bonus to a split king is that you won’t feel your partner moving around while you sleep!


A spacious bedroom with a king sized bed, gray header wall and laminated flooring

Finding the right mattress for you and your family shouldn’t be difficult. Of all the factors that go into shopping for a mattress, the size should be number one on the list. Be sure to measure your room before purchasing. Leave a little room on either side for a dresser, nightstand, or other furniture.

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Will a King size bed fit in a 10x10 room?

It’s also best to compare features to find what best works for you, including sleeping position and preferences. Don’t forget to check out more of our articles about mattresses below!

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