11 10X12 Living Room Layouts To Explore

The average living room is roughly 16 feet by 20 feet long and wide. That means a 10×12 living room layout is a bit tight!

Don’t worry; here we have 11 fresh ideas for small living rooms.

A dark colored sofa with gray throw pillows with plants and a white coffee table, 11 10X12 Living Room Layouts To Explore

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While the images may not be exactly 10×12, the furniture layout would work. Pick and choose the elements from this post that create your dream living room. 

This post will discuss different aspects, such as where the TV is placed, how big the couch should be, and what should be used to accent the suggestions.

Keep reading to find 11 amazing living room layouts!

1. Go Natural

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Leave empty if decorative.

Adding nature to your living room can create an earthy feel and improve air quality, especially in smaller spaces. If monsteras and ivies don’t work for you, try air plants like Spanish moss, which drapes beautifully.

This living room also stayed true to a few colors—beige, orange, and green. Sticking to one overall color pallet is a good way to trick the eye into ignoring how small the room is.

Too many colors can make the space feel crowded. While that can sometimes look good, you don’t have the space for maximalism here.

2. Suddenly Spacious 

Contemporary inspired open space living room and kitchen

This image looks very spacious at first, but at a closer look, you can see that nothing separates the kitchen, dining room, and living room.

The walls were removed to achieve this very open style; however, there are still details that separate each “room.” The paint on the walls and the different accent colors for each room make it feel fuller. 

This futuristic look is also something to consider adding to your next project. The geometric shapes, different colors, and textures of the room make it unique. Feel free to play around with these different styles!

3. Mount The TV To The Wall

A gorgeous minimalist living room with wooden flooring and a wooden TV stand

Moving something bulky like a TV to the wall saves a lot of ground space. This image is very minimalistic, but you could have a small couch or ottoman in the room as well.

The example also features built-in shelves. If you can add these, go for it! Use them for trophies, books, or decor. The goal is to free up ground space by utilizing the walls.

You can mount the television yourself or call for support. However, to be safe, we always recommend consulting a professional before starting these home design projects. 

For more stylistic ideas for placing a TV in your living room, visit our related article: How To Arrange Living Room Furniture With TV

4. Living Room For One

A wooden sofa with a small wicker basket on the side inside a bright living room

We’re going to say it—if you live alone, then it’s okay for your furniture to represent that. Don’t try to outdo yourself with lavish furniture and decor on each table if you don’t have space!

The couch in the image is a perfect couch for someone who lives alone or with one other person. Sometimes, what makes a living room look good is using what you have to its advantage. 

5. Small Couch, Small Chair

Minimalist inspired living room with a gray sofa with bright throw pillows and plants

This room incorporates both a good-length couch and a single-seat chair. From this point of view, we’d be standing right where the TV is.

If we had to take everything in another 3 feet or so, there would still be a good amount of space between each piece of furniture.

That’s why we recommend working with a medium-sized couch and a chair!

6. Comfy Corner

White sectional sofa with white throw pillows and small plants displayed on the window sill

If you have two windows in the corner of your living room, consider styling it like this cozy corner. Think of it as a sunroom for the working class!

You’ll need a couch that can be placed in a corner or two couches that can be perpendicular.

A TV could be across from the couch, possibly mounted to a wall. When everything is in a comfy little corner, you can’t have too much in that comfy little corner. It gets crowded easily.  

7. Do We Actually Need A Coffee Table? 

A light blue accent chair with beige sofas and patterned throw pillows inside a contemporary inspired living room

If you prefer keeping food in the kitchen or dining room, you might like this idea—no coffee table in the living room.

Alright, well, maybe we’re not talking about removing coffee tables entirely. We want to rebrand what coffee tables are by encouraging people to experiment with alternatives to traditional coffee tables.  

Smaller accent pieces in front of the couch can be practical and keep walkways clear. These could be mini stools or other creative options worth exploring.

8. Furniture Tetris 

Two square ottomans in front of a coffee table. Blue sofa with four throw pillows and a tall lamp on the side. window with sheer curtains.

Look at those two glorious cubes under the table! Those can be taken out and used as seats, but they can be put under the table when they aren’t in use.

We love practical furniture! Some cubes even double as storage bins for toys or seasonal decorations.

Notice that none of the furniture in this room is oversized. To maximize space, choose furniture that fits just right and doesn’t overwhelm the room.

9. Minimalism 

Small living room with white walls and a window on one wall. A long sofa has a purple blanket and an ottoman designed coffee table in front of it.

This room appears to be more narrow than a 10×12 living room, but the styling choices still apply. This person chose to use the whole wall for a couch and the opposite wall for storage and decor.

This minimalistic look is good if you don’t want to showcase anything in particular in the room. On the other hand, there could be a TV across from the couch.

Imagine an older couple watching their grandkid’s dance recital on film. This setup is simple enough for older generations but customizable for tech-savvy users.

10. Use Bean Bags

a photo of large white rug in living room with bean bag chairs, black and grey art on wall, wood floors, small window, white curtains, film camera stand, book page garland

Bean bags are a great way to make the room look more modern yet comfortable! Swapping out a couch for bean bags also makes it easier to clear furniture out of the way when necessary.

There are many styles of bean bags to choose from. If you’re not sold on bean bags, consider Papasan chairs. They add life to the room without overbearing and can often fold up for storage.

Bean bags also come in various styles, including ones that act as beds. Depending on what you’re looking for, your bean bag living room might look different than the one pictured. 

11. Chairs Over The Couch

A sunroom with large windows, string lights hanging from the ceiling, a yellow armchair and wooden side table in one corner of the room, an orange cat sleeping on a dark blue rug near a wicker chair, potted plants, a coffee table with a laptop on it, another small sofa, all bathed in natural light.

For a tight-knit living room, try using armchairs instead of a shared couch. That way, everyone in the space has their own customized seat.

This could be cute for roommates who want their space or if you’re often hosting study sessions. Small end tables could be on the sides of the armchairs.

When people want to do something together, they could push the end tables to the center of the living room and create a coffee table. 

Wrapping It Up

A dark colored sofa with gray throw pillows with plants and a white coffee table

This post showcased different 10×12 living room layouts. There were different types of couches and living rooms that didn’t even have couches.

There were walls broken down (literally), and furniture was reimagined. Or, at least, we hope it was as dramatic and showstopping for you as it was for us. Remember some basic tips: 

  • Light will open up a room, so strategically work with your windows.
  • The furniture doesn’t need to seat six if you live alone.
  • Keep an eye out for furniture that doubles as a storage unit.

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11 10X12 Living Room Layouts To Explore
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