24 Colors That Go Well With Beige [Room Color Scheme Ideas]

Sometimes when people think “beige,” they think “boring,” but beige is a color that pretty much goes with anything. It is understated but very timeless. Here we have found 24 colors that go well with beige.

We have provided lots of choices for you to add color to your beige rooms. There are countless shades of beige, but they all look good in combination with the following colors.

beige colored living room with brown wooden furnitures. 24 Colors That Go Well With Beige [Room Color Scheme Ideas]

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1. Black

Black and beige are a timeless color combo. Here the designer has chosen small amounts of black to pop, making the room very neutral, but still interesting. Using pillows, rugs, pottery, and light fixtures as accents, keeps your eye bouncing around this modern Scandinavian design.

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Scandinavian interior design living room with beige colored furniture, wooden elements, black accents

2. White

White and beige give the classic farmhouse feel. Here, a baby’s room shows off how beautiful white and beige look together; the same design-feel could be used in any room of the house. The farmhouse style is both traditional and modern rolled into one cohesive look.

white nursery with natural wooden furniture

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3. Light Blue

Bohemian living room interior with beige colored furniture and wooden elements and light blue colored wall

This room uses light blue walls to accent the beige furniture and rug. The light blue walls cool down the beige and a light blue pillow makes the room cohesive. Although this example is fairly modern, changing out the artwork and the accent pieces, this room could go with any style.

4. Peach

Living Room Panorama in Luxury Home, peach accents

This room adds subtle peach color to beige walls and furniture. Peach accents are found in floral arrangements and pillows. The peach adds warmth and color to a timeless look.

6. Light Beige

Interior design of cozy living room with stylish sofa, coffee table, dired flowers in vase, poster, carpet, and pillows in modern home decor.

If you have dark beige walls and are trying to make the room look modern but don’t want to repaint, accenting with lighter beige is a nice way to tone down the walls. Designers often decorate using colors in the same palette. As an example, here the designer has used wood furniture and pottery to keep the room interesting.

6. Dark Blue

Modern home interior with dark blue sofa, table and decor in living room

Here is a more modern take on beige. The designer has used beige as the accent to the dark blue walls and couch. A beige rug, pillows, and blankets along with wood furniture in the same tone really pop against the grayish dark blue.

7. Dark Green

Stylish living room interior with comfortable sofa and cushions, dark green accents

This room uses dark green to pop against the neutral beige couch and rug, as well as the wood accessories falling in the same palette. Plants are a good way to add color to a room, either real or fake. Like with this room, plants can be used as an accent or the centerpiece of color.

8. Lime 

Leaves posters on white wall above green settee with pillows and blanket in spacious living room interior with plants, lime accent

This room shows an example of another way to use plants as an accent but the color palette is lime green. Here, the beige is found in the furniture, light fixtures, accents, and rugs, but the designer uses pops of lime green in pillows, plants, artwork, and a bright stand-alone chair.

9. Gold

Multifunctional loft apartment with home office area, gold accents

Gold adds a romantic feel to any room. In this case, gold is used subtly in artwork, accents and pillows. The chosen gold-tone is soft for a look that is overwhelmingly warm and feminine. Throw pillows are a good way to incorporate gold in your design.

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10. Robin’s Egg

Modern Boho living room interior style. Empty wall. robin's egg blue color accents

Robin’s egg blue is a surprisingly neutral color; it goes with a lot of other colors but it looks fabulous with beige. This room uses brightly colored pillows, coupled with two beautiful robin’s egg blue chairs to make the color pop. While the furniture style for this room is very modern, this color combination can be used with any other style, including a classic look.

11. Pink

reception in modern style with couple armchair, table,plant on wood floor and gray wall. pink accents

Although pink might not be a versatile color scheme for any room, pink and beige make a perfect color combination. Here the beige walls are accented with pink furniture. Although this room is very simple, it shows the awesome beige-pink combo in a non-traditional way.

12. Charcoal

Minimalist modern bedroom. charcoal colored blankets and pillowcases

This bedroom design shows how nicely beige pairs with charcoal. This room demonstrates that even in a small room with minimal fixtures, interest can still be created through the use of a more  masculine-inspired charcoal bedding and a patterned rug and textured headboard.

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13. Purple

Bedroom in classic style, purple blankets and pillowcases

Purple has always been a color associated with opulence. This room plays on that beautiful color combination of beige and purple, adding in color with satin textiles and luxury through crystals in the light fixture. Ultimately, this room emanates romance and beauty.

If you like this purple bedroom and would like to see other ideas for decorating like it, check out our blog, 21 Awesome Purple Bedroom Ideas.

14. Rust

Bohemian living room interior with beige colored furniture and wooden elements and brick wall, rust colored bricks

Rust is another color that can provide a very neutral burst of color; like robin’s egg, it is very versatile and looks fabulous with beige. Here the designer let the classic rusty brick architecture be the focal point of the room, pairing it with beige furniture and a rug that combines rust and beige.

15. Yellow

Rattan lamp and wooden stool on carpet in warm bohemian living room with yellow curtains and beige settee with white pillows

Yellow and beige give a sunny feeling. Yellow goes a long way; it is best to use in small doses. Here yellow curtains add a pop of color to an otherwise very neutral room.

16. Gray

Scandinavian interior design living room with gray and beige colored furniture and wooden elements

Gray and beige are a non-traditional color combination that works well. Here gray walls are paired with beige furniture, rug, and artwork, pulling together an overall modern Scandinavian feel to this living room. The varying shades of gray and beige add interest without significant amounts of color.

17. Mint 

Scandinavian bedroom interior with bed in pastel beige and mint colors

The bedroom can be a great place to introduce color you might not want to use elsewhere in the house. Mint green in a very particular color and little touches can be enchanting, but you don’t need much. For example, this room uses all beige fixtures and accents, except for a small mint-colored blanket at the end of the bed and a throw blanket for effect.

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18. Orange

Creative composition of stylish living room interior with poster frames, orange sofa, beige commode, and coffee table

Orange can be a tricky color to incorporate in decorating, but it looks great with beige. The orange couch really pops against the beige walls and carpet. The room pulls in green accents and images from nature for an overall earthy feel.

19. Cranberry

trendy eclectic style, consisting of a sofa, armchair, pouf, coffee table and a wonderful view from the window, cranberry accent

This very classic design incorporates cranberry-colored curtains, pillows, and a chair with otherwise plain light beige walls and couch. Cranberry, with just a bit pinker than straight red, adds a much more modern design, even with more traditional furniture styles. Cranberry also affords to pull in more subtle colors like pale green for a more varied color palette.

20. Brown

Modern living room decorate with brown leather furniture.There are large window overlooking to nature and forest

Brown and beige offer a very modern color combination. Here the designer uses different shades of beige in the paint, curtains, pillows, and rug but contrasts the light with very dark brown leather sofa and chairs. 

21. Sage Green

Modern dark green home interior with rattan furniture and dry palm leaves in vase. sage green accents

As we have proven above, green and beige pair well together. But oh my, sage green and beige might be the best combo of all. Although the space is small, the designer has used sage green walls and curtains and coupled them with beige furniture, throw, accents, and rug for a perfect blend of earthy and chic.

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22. Teal

Real photo of a sofa with pillows and blanket standing next to an armchair and a small table, teal accents

This designer not only uses varying textures to create interest in the room but varying colors of teal as well. The different shades of teal in the hearth, pillows, and throw; as well as the different shades of beige in the curtains, chair and couch force your eye to bounce around the room, creating depth and texture.

23. Mustard

bohemian room with cozy interior, wicker chair, pillows, cushions, green plants, bed and rug on wooden floor. mustard accents

This eclectic, anything-goes room uses bright bursts of color to tie the whole room together. This room, without a doubt, proves how non-boring beige can be. Mustard-colored canopy and bedding warm the room up and pull the overall bohemian design together.

If you like mustard and would like to see other ways to incorporate it into your design, check out our blog, 13 Grey And Mustard Yellow Living Room Ideas.

24. Cerulean

cozy sofa in domestic living room, cerulean theme

A beige couch and lighter beige walls are brought to life with cerulean pillows, art, and throw blankets. The designer has unlocked the secret to utilizing beige as a base and color to add interest. This room is vibrant and interesting and really can go with any style of furniture or design.


In summary, beige can go with a rainbow of colors. When people think beige they think aged and dated, but beige is one of the best colors to incorporate into your design to allow for the use of so many other colors. Gone are the days when beige is boring – but rather, the choices for good design are endless when you choose beige! 

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