13 Grey And Mustard Yellow Living Room Ideas

Grey and mustard is a beautiful and smart interior design combination. Both of these colors are very trendy but classic enough to remain stylish over time. Together, they provide a bright pop of color balanced with a safe, darker neutral. 

With all the ways that this combination can elevate a room, it is no wonder it is becoming more popular. However, with mustard being such as bright and bold color, it can be intimidating to work with, especially if working with color is out of your comfort zone. 

Whether you classify yourself as a timid designer trying something new or you are an adventurous veteran, we are excited to bring you some ideas and inspiration for using mustard and grey in your living room. 

A minimalist industrial themed living room with a yellow sofa with yellow throw pillows mixed with gray sectional chairs, 13 Grey And Mustard Yellow Living Room Ideas

Designing With Accents 

These looks play it safe by using accent pieces to create the mustard and grey color palette. If you are unsure about going bold, accents are a great way to experiment with the look and decide if it is right for you. You can also take it a step further or tone it down by adding or removing pieces. 

Brightly Accented 

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A white love seat with yellow throw pillows inside a gray themed living room

Not sure about a yellow couch? Start even smaller with some mustard-colored accent pieces. Throw pillows and ottomans, such as featured in this living room, allow you to keep your permanent pieces neutral and safe while adding that bright yellow pop. Because these pieces are more easily changed and replaced, they are a great way to explore the mustard and grey combination without making a big commitment. 

Bright And Sunny 

A panoramic photo of an interior of gray and mustard combined living room with wooden chaiirs and dividers added with indoor plants all over the room

This look begins the mustard and grey color scheme in the living room and extends it into the dining room. Again, yellow is incorporated using only accent pieces. However, those pieces are strategically placed so that they are enough to brighten the whole room. While you don't have to be afraid to choose large, bold pieces, this image demonstrates that less can be more. 

Monochrome With A Pop

A gray themed living room with a gray wallpaper with patterns, two coffee tables, and mustard colored floor lamp

Symmetry assists grey and mustard in blending well together. If one color is overused, you run the risk of that color overshadowing the other one. However, it is possible to create a stunning look without symmetry. This image beautifully demonstrates how to pull this off. Every element in the room is a dark shade of grey, except one very bright lampshade. While grey is used much more than yellow here, the grey doesn't overshadow the yellow. Instead, the strategic and minimal use of yellow created a compelling overall look. 

Creative Uses Of Furniture 

These suggestions are a bit bolder than simply using accent pieces to create the yellow and grey color scheme. Instead, furniture becomes the element of focus. While furniture pieces are more permanent than less costly and easily replaceable accent pieces, using furniture is a great way to continue experimenting with the color scheme without making any significant changes. 

Furniture With Symmetry 

A minimalist industrial themed living room with a yellow sofa with yellow throw pillows mixed with gray sectional chairs

Walls and floors in a neutral white provide a blank canvas perfect for the grey and mustard color scheme. The look uses two neutral armchairs alongside a brighter, yellow sofa. The surrounding room is very minimal, letting the furniture be the stars of the show. The arrangement of the furniture creates symmetry and balance. 

Minimal But Bold 

A mustard yellow sectional sofa inside a modern living room

Even minimalists can find joy with this color combination! While mustard is a bold color, it does not need to be "in your face." Place mustard furniture in a room with grey walls and neutral accents to play it safe and experiment with how you feel about this look. 

Playful And Fun 

A yellow curved reading chair, glass coffee table, mock up picture frames on the gray wall

The uniquely shaped chair in this image is a great example of using each color's personality to design your room. The dark grey wall with minimal decoration is sophisticated and elegant, while the unique chair is playful and unique, like the shade of yellow used. The result elevates the room's personality and style.

Sunny Walls 

These suggestions are not for the timid! Brightly colored walls are the stars of these rooms. Whether you paint your entire room yellow or choose an accent wall to brighten, there are many creative ways to include your walls in your grey and mustard color scheme. 

Evenly Split

A light yellow colored living room with a light gray colored sofa, yellow carpet, and a tall yellow floor lamp

If you're having trouble deciding whether you want grey or yellow walls, why not choose both. While painting half of the living room grey and half of the room yellow is a bold choice, the furnishings and accent pieces are carefully selected and placed to balance the entire room. Each grey element is countered with a yellow element so that one color does not overshadow the other. 

Bright With A Touch Of Grey

A yellow living room with a gray chair and an end table with a small plant on top

Designers commonly use bright colors to accent an otherwise neutral space. The designers of this room thought outside the box and used grey as an accent color. If you enjoy bright colors, this might be the look for you! 

Introducing Other Colors 

Using a mustard and grey color scheme doesn't mean that you can only decorate with these colors. Adding some other colors can elevate your look. It is important, though, that you use other colors with caution. While grey is a neutral color that goes with anything, yellow is not, and you don't want to choose colors that will clash. 

Fall All Year Round 

A brown square armed sofa with mustard colored throw pillows, accent chest on the side, and a yellow weaved ottoman

This living room features accent pieces with subtle touches of mustard against grey walls. To create more depth, throw pillows in coordinated colors and furniture in warm tones were added to bring the room together. The finished look is cozy and reminiscent of the fall season. 

Cheery And Bright 

Interior of a stylish living room incorporated with colors yellow and shades of magenta

We gave an example earlier of how less is more. But sometimes more is more! The inclusion of many different colors in this image creates a space that is bright and fun. The predominantly grey walls and furniture prevent this look from being too busy or over the top. 

Black And White 

A detailed photo of a gray sofa with mustard yellow and black and white throw pillows

A good way to add some more color to your space without worrying about clashing is to add more neutrals. The black and white patterned throw pillows and rug add an additional element to the space while complementing the yellow and grey nicely. 

Pretty Patterns 

A gray sofa with mustard yellow throw pillows on top and ca

Besides pieces that are solely grey or yellow, consider adding some depth to your space by including accents that feature both colors. The throw pillows in this image are interesting, fit nicely in the space, and match the overall look. 

Complementary Colors 

A gray and white sectional sofa with dark violet throw pillows and a mustard yellow ottoman

An easy way to add one more color to your grey and yellow color scheme is to include a complementary color. Since purple is yellow's complementary color, you can be sure that it will look great next to your yellow elements. The purple shade in this image works particularly well because it has a rich color that stands out against grey, but it is dark enough to contrast the brightness of yellow. 


Yellow can be a scary color to work with, but it doesn't have to be. Whether you prefer bright or deep and cozy, there are plenty of great looks that you can accomplish. Grey is an excellent pairing for yellow because it is safe and it provides balance. Keep it simple by experimenting with just yellow and grey together. If you want to kick it up a notch and add some more bright colors, carefully consider the colors that work well with yellow. Choosing a complementary color, choosing the same shade of a different color, or adding more neutrals are tried and true ways to create a coordinating look. 

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