21 Awesome Purple Bedroom Ideas

The color purple is associated with royalty, luxury, wisdom, and creativity. It comes in many different shades, ranging from the darkest wine to the most delicate lavender. Decorating with the color purple is usually something people do with caution, as it has a reputation for being too vibrant. However, there are over 50 different shades of purple to choose from! This allows you to go as bold or as muted as you choose.

When deciding to use purple in your room, be sure to choose either warm or cool colors, not both. Otherwise, it can make your bedroom look chaotic instead of sophisticated. Purple is rarely found in nature. Therefore, the incorrect use of it can make a room feel artificial.

To get the best out of your purple, pair it with white, black, yellow, brown, or even other shades of purple. This will prevent it from becoming too over-powering and becoming an aesthetic nightmare. In addition, it is also important to avoid too many yellow accents and be sure to use light and dark shades to add depth.

Are you are searching for luxurious room designs featuring purple but don't know where to start?  There's no need to stress. We have found 21 fashionable styles that make purple the star! Now that you know a bit about decorating with this royal shade continue reading to view several examples of themes to give you some ideas to make your room the lap of luxury!

Purple bedroom with purple pillows, blanket, carpet, wooden bed and nightstand, 21 Awesome Purple Bedroom Ideas

1. Purely Luxurious

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Modern purple shade bedroom with fluo style and materials

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at this design is how luxurious it feels. The different shades of purple complement one another really well and give the feeling that you are in a super modern hotel room. Adding the matching bed sheets creates a cohesive feeling that resonates throughout the entire space. This feeling of unity is something to strive for while decorating.

2. Simple

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Pink blanket on purple bed in elegant bedroom interior with painting on gray molding wall

This design is for people who love the color purple but don't want to go overboard with it. Using gray and pink to accent the purple makes the color stand out. Adding a painting right above the bed makes the room look classy while keeping the decor simple. This is the style to pick if you want clean, crisp decor.

3. Royal

Cozy luxury bedroom interior with double bed, silk curtains and a black fur carpet

If you want to feel like royalty, this theme has you covered. In fact, one look at this room and people will find it hard to believe you don't live in a castle. This design uses black with various shades of purple and lavender to create unity. When paired with square lamps and ceiling to floor curtains, this style is truly a great way to feel royal.

4. Minimalist

Minimalist purple bedroom interior with cozy white bed, modern nightstand, wall lamp, armchair, many books around and house plants

For people who like minimalist styles, this room should offer some inspiration. It uses light colors and a very simplistic design to create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. Adding a small armchair, a couple of plants, and some bookshelves will really cement in the cozy feeling that this design aims for. It makes you want to curl up with a book and read for a while!

5. Magical

Modern magical master bedroom with leather bed and purple wall

When you look at this bedroom, it looks a bit like it belongs in Alice and Wonderland. Instead of making everything purple, the designer used a purple accent wall to really make the black and white decor pop. If you want your room to feel surreal and magical, you may want to try out this style. Certainly, this is straight out of a storybook!

6. Bold

Lamp on wooden table in spacious purple bedroom interior with decor above bed

If you want to do purple, you may as well do it all the way! Normally, you would want to avoid doing a room that is extremely dark and extremely purple. However, the person who decorated this room proves that it can be done stylishly! Because everything in the room is the same color, it is very easy on the eyes. It feels very unified and cohesive.

7. Child-Like

Purple and white bedroom with study desk infront of two windows and purple blanket on the bed

This room is perfect for a child or the young at heart. It is both exciting and peaceful. Combining the colors white and purple make the room look more open and inviting. Light purple and white create a calming environment that will help lull the occupant to sleep. 

8. Stylish

Beautifully dressed bed in purple, cream and gold in a luxury new home

This design uses purple in a way that makes it look extremely stylish and classy. The combination of the headboard, blankets, and rug add to the feeling of luxury. Another thing that comes to mind when admiring this room is the organized feeling it has. Everything has its place and is in the proper order.

9. Basic

Basic bedroom interior with pastel colored bed with pillow, gray concrete wall, floor lamp, carpet and a plant

When decorating, sometimes it's better just to go back to the basics. This room is extremely simple and doesn't include a lot of decor. The simplicity makes this theme extremely easy to model. If you are looking to change your room without making it showy, this is the theme you want.

10. Elegant

Elegant bedroom suite with purple color, purple carpet, pillows and curtains

To create a big difference in your life, sometimes you have to go all out. Living in this room will make the occupant feel like they are worth a million bucks. Surrounded by luxury, the person who lives here will feel more driven and ambitious. Changing up your living space can change your perspective on life. Living surrounded by elegance will make you feel elegant. That's why we love this theme! 

11. Nursery

Baby bedroom with white crib, pillows and toys against a purple wall

When there's the excitement of having a baby or giving the baby their own room, everyone wants to make sure the baby's bedroom is done right. This purple-themed nursery is a great example of what a nursery should look like. Your child will enjoy looking at the purple walls and love the contrast between the white and the purple. 

12. Teen-Approved

Teen white and purple bedroom with large bed, purple wall, cozy bed and carpet rug on floor

Since we included ideas for a nursery and a child's room, we figured we would also include a room that teens will enjoy. It is modern and trendy. In addition to the room's stylishness, it also has the added benefit of having less decor. The lack of decor leaves the walls open for anything the teenager wants to put on them, making this a versatile design that leaves room for independence.

13. Relaxed

Simple and stylish bedroom interior with double bed, purple bedding and modern nightstands

The organization in this room looks effortless. It is this effortlessness that gives it a relaxed feel. This design isn't showy, yet it is still beautiful enough to show off. One of the most important things to note about this bedroom is that it uses multiple color changes that enhance each other. It is the subtle differences in shade that add depth to this area.

14. Classic

Home bedroom with curtains and bed with large purple headboard

For anyone seeking a classic look, consider using brown and subtle shades of yellow with your purple. This theme does just that. It is extremely important to note the subtleness of the yellow and brown. If it isn't subtle, it won't look as well-put-together. Even though the colors are subtle, the design of the room is extremely vivid. This room is meant to be shown off!

15. Bohemian

Expensive interior of bohemian bedroom with luxury bedchamber, textured wall with molding and mahogany parquet flooring

Bohemian-style rooms are designed to be full of life and carefree. This room is no exception. Therefore, if you want to communicate to others that you are interesting and unusual, this style is for you! In order to add complexity, a textured wall and mahogany flooring were included in an otherwise simple design.

16. Rustic

Country bedroom in rustic style, light purple beddings and towels

Due to its vibrant color, you wouldn't think that purple works with rustic-style decor. However, due to purple's versatility, it can be used if you use the correct shades! Aim for really light shades of lavender and lilac to create that country-style feel. In this theme, brown and extremely light lavender are paired together. This pairing makes the space feel homey and warm.

17. Modern

Modern bedroom interior, purple wall, blanket and headboard

People who are searching to upgrade their room to a more modern style need look no further! This room is the perfect example of what a modern room should look like. At first glance, an observer notices the way the light and dark create contrast with each other. Upon further examination, they will notice the modern-looking lamp and the intricate balance between the room's decor and theme.

18. Contemporary

Elegant contemporary apartment, pink blankets, purple headboard and pink curtains

This contemporary-style theme mixes neutral and bold colors in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Combined with simple and sophisticated decor, this bedroom is sure to impress. The muted tones and soft lines in the decor make it easy on the eyes and soothing to see. This is great in a bedroom as it will help promote sleep.

19. Traditional Moroccan Style

Traditional Moroccan style beautiful deluxe bedroom interior decorated with arabian motifs, textured pillow, blankets and rug

With its bold and bright colors, this room is sure to impress. In order to add to its boldness, consider adding carved wood and metallic accents. One of the key elements of Moroccan decor is texture, so add textured pillows, blankets, rugs, and wall hangings.

20. Subdued

Light purple wall, nightstand, pillow, beddings, flower in the vase in the nightstand and stuffed toy on the bed

One of the most impressive things about the color purple is its versatility. While it can be bright and bold, it can also be subdued and quiet. This design is a show of how subtle it can be. You can go for an almost white shade of light lavender or lilac for anyone who doesn't want dark colors in their bedroom. The result of this faded color is a sense of serenity and calmness throughout the room. It is this calmness that will relax the occupant into a dreamless slumber.

21. Cozy

Cozy modern bedroom interior in purple tones, mirrors on the sides of the bed and flower in the vase on a small table

A single glance at this room makes you want to curl up in bed and take a nap. Looking closer, you will notice how the light hues combined with the bolder ones make this room stand out. To add to the ambiance of the room, decorate with flowers and simple glass decorations. By doing that, this room will not just look cozy but also feel homey. In order to make the room flow and give off positive vibes, add mirrors and simple paintings to the walls. As a result, you will feel completely at ease in your newly decorated room.

Final Thoughts

After reading through this post, you should have several ideas of what you want to do to design your room.  Keep in mind that when using the color purple, it doesn't have to just consist of bold, bright colors. Classic purple is great, but there is such a wide range of hues available to suit any mood.

Before you go to decorate, here is one final tip! Remember to pair your purple with other accent colors, even if it is just a different shade of purple. White and black are amazing options. Certain shades of yellow and brown are also great accent options. Due to the versatility of purple, the possibilities are endless! 

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