15 70’s Style Coffee Tables That Will Give Your Living Room a Retro Touch

15 70's Style Coffee Tables That Will Give Your Living Room a Retro TouchThe 1970s were an interesting decade for home design. From simple and earthy to bold and flashy design elements during this time covered a lot of ground. These looks really carry over to the more modern decorating motifs that we see today. A great way to incorporate a 70's vibe into your living room without getting too retro is by adding a coffee table that channels those times. Here we have collected some excellent examples to provide inspiration in your search.

1. Azumaya Folding Coffee Table

Azumaya’s folding coffee table (in walnut) is perfect for any 70’s style room. Lighter, natural wood was a staple for the decade, and this modern table is both a space saver and a focal point. Its stain-coated finish gives it a sleek look while the foldable legs bring a more contemporary aspect to the design.

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2. Versanora Bloccare Coffee Table

The Bloccare coffee table follows suit with a design that’s both fitting for the time period but ties together a modern space. The natural walnut finish is accented by a partially black surface and the simple lines/contemporary construction makes this piece a classic. It was made with eco-friendly material, has hidden storage, and gives you ample space for remotes, food, drinks, and more. You can get it with or without expert assembly. It comes with full instructions and takes about 40 minutes to put together.

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3. Safavieh Gold Coffee Table

Along with the natural wood look, the 70’s was all about the glam. Black and gold, disco balls, bronze decor. Safavieh’s gold coffee table adds just the right amount of glam to any 70’s-theme room, making a beautiful centerpiece or an eye-catching item by the window. Its circular design is sleek and brings a modern feel to the vintage decade. Each table is handmade, too, meaning that no two are exactly the same (perfect for those who love having unique pieces in their homes).

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4. Round Gold Leaf Coffee Table

This circular table adds the same amount of glam with a smidge more subtlety. It has an antique gold finish over an open metal frame with a mirrored glass surface. With no assembly required, this table is a beautiful conversation piece for any living room and brings a timeless vibe to the space. At 35.5” wide, it’s the perfect spot for magazines, serving trays, accent decor, and drinks.

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5. Velvet and Glass Coffee Table

Velvet was big in the 70’s. It was all over the fashion industry: pants, shirts, even bathing suits were made out of this glamorous material. For people who didn’t want to wear it but loved the look, a table like this was a must-have for their home. It has a tempered glass surface and works great as a coffee table or an ottoman. The tufted body adds a stylish pop to any room that's sure to be both a centerpiece and a conversational starter for you and your guests.

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6. Henn&Hart Coffee Table

Henn&Hart’s coffee table is a great space saver for any place. It nests as a full-size coffee table for everyday use, but a slightly smaller one can be pulled out for extra room when you have guests or are entertaining. The soft, sleek design achieves its look with a glass top surface and a steel frame that’s been painted gold. Who says you can’t have a glamour piece in your living room that’s also expandable?

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7. Solid Wood Round Table

Another wide trend in the 70’s was handmade accents pieces—specifically ones that were hand-woven or made with macrame. It was one of the easiest things to incorporate considering you could just hang a piece on your wall and call it good. This table, though, brings a fresh hand-woven accent to your home while also complementing the natural wood trend. The material is woven around iron supports and is environmentally friendly. It’s the perfect end table for any couch.

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8. Rotating Wood Coffee Table

This table brings the late-60s/early-70s right to your home. It has a modern shape with a vintage vibe, and the glass surface gives this table some extra shelving space. Best of all, it rotates! Use the glass as a shelf on some days and a tabletop on others. The black oak material shows the merge between the 60s and 70s, where wooden pieces were favored but before it was all about the lighter styles. It does require some assembly, but the finished product brings a trendy edge to your home.

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9. Retro Walnut Coffee Table

This walnut coffee table combines a vintage aesthetic with a modern industrial feel, giving it the ability to add a 70’s vibe to the most contemporary room. The textured tabletop has a medium brown finish—a perfect balance between light and dark woods. It stands on four wireframe legs that help open the space. This table requires minimal assembly, but can hold up to 60lbs and is perfect for drinks, serving trays, books, and more.

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10. Mid-Century Solid Wood Coffee Table

Edloe Finch’s mid-century table combines the 70’s love of wood with the fun, colorful designs we know and love. Its tapered legs are clad with brass feet, adding a spark of glam to this vintage piece. The table has an open front shelf and a drawer with a hand-painted peacock design to keep your newspapers, magazines, remotes, etc. in. Best of all, the only assembly required is to attach the legs!

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11. Ink+Ivy Accent Table

Ink+Ivy’s contemporary coffee table has a natural wood finish and tripod-style legs that bring a mid-century vibe to any modern room. The unique triangle shape makes the table a great conversation piece with curves that contrast the sharp corners of typical furniture. It’s built from solid wood, ensuring both stability and longevity—so long as you take care of it accordingly. The table comes in a pecan color with a veneer finish and requires some assembly.

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12. Geometric Nesting Coffee Table

WE Furniture’s geometric nesting table has a sturdy metal base and a wooden tabletop that fulfill the needs of 70’s aesthetic. While the top itself is round, the foot is hexagonal with supporting metal bars slightly angled downward to create the geometric shape. There are six different color combinations to choose from, each with their own mix of classy, glam, and sophisticated. The larger of the two tables is 28” in diameter while the smaller is 18” in diameter.

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13. Chevron Patterned Coffee Table

This coffee table embraces one of the most iconic patterns from the 70’s: chevrons. As opposed to a color popping design, though, it Mindful Living has styled the tabletop to mimic the shape. It’s made completely of solid mango wood complemented by a clear finish and stands on mid-century hairpin legs. Full assembly takes between 15 and 30 minutes. The pieces come pre-drilled, so all you have to do is attach them!

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14. Solid Wood Coffee Table & Storage Drawer

If you liked the look of the Blocarre coffee table, you’ll love MuseHomeInc’s take on the design. It has a darker wood finish with an all-black tabletop, standing on brass-finished feet (fulfilling the glam accent of the decade). Its clean lines will surely make it the center of attention in any room. There are a large drawer and a spacious shelf to keep various items on, and it requires little assembly. Even though the table is built with wood, it’s easy to move around—perfect for anyone who loves to redecorate time and time again!

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15. Halmstad Coffee Table

Boraam’s walnut Halmstad coffee table is a perfect peak-70’s decor piece. It has a sleek design with rounded corners, and the light wood is the epitome of must-have looks during the decade. There are two shelves (open on both sides) for storing items like magazines or remotes. The table has a veneer finish and is built from solid wood, ensuring its durability. It's easy to assemble, and the simplicity of the design allows the table to fit seamlessly into any kind of home.

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We hope you enjoyed traveling back in time to the 1970s with us! Let us know which of these coffee tables is your favorite by leaving a comment below.

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