Best Colors For Kitchen Cabinets And Countertops [6 Awesome Combinations!]

Deciding on what colors for your kitchen countertops and cabinets can be a heavy task. Should they match? What's the right way to create contrast? Are you choosing styles that are way off trend? All of these are completely valid questions when you're trying to create the perfect kitchen in your home. Fortunately, we've created a list of cabinet and countertop combinations that are bound to point you in the right direction for your next kitchen makeover.

Whether you're needing to create an interesting space out of a small kitchenette or looking for an inviting kitchen to gather and cook with family, here are gorgeous color combinations for kitchen cabinets and countertops to suit any style:

  • Wood and white
  • Blue and gray
  • Marble and black
  • White and black
  • Rosemary and wood
  • Beige and brown

A great thing about most of these color combinations is that they are completely interchangeable. You are free to decide which color is best for your countertops and what's best for your cabinets. Still not sure what color combination suits your style? We're going to take a look at the best ways to style these colors and create your dream kitchen.

Minimalist inspired contemporary kitchen with a white granite breakfast bar,Best Colors For Kitchen Cabinets And Countertops [6 Awesome Combinations!]

Wood And White

Wood may seem like a general term in terms of decor, and it certainly is; light oak, cherry, walnut, and so many more wood types all have vastly different colorings. So which one is going to compliment white in your kitchen? Well, almost all of them! White complements almost any color and undertone, so you have lots of options with wood. As long as you stay away from woods that are too yellow, which can reflect a yellow tint onto the white, making it look dingy, then you're most likely making a smart decor choice.

Natural Wood

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Minimalist themed kitchen with oak paneled cabinetry, wooden white paneled lower cabinets, and a carpeted flooring

White and light natural wood is perfect for a minimalistic kitchen. With these cabinets, the darker streaks within this wood add texture that a more solid finish wouldn't achieve, which is a great touch if you're going for a cleaner, less decorative look.

Two-toned cabinets, where the top cabinets and bottom cabinets don't match but complement one another, is a popular design trend. This creates dimension, even in a flat layout kitchen such as this. Matching the countertops to the upper, disconnected cabinets ties the design together with a color-blocking effect.


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A wooden countertop breakfast bar inspired with a retro themed design

Darker woods, like walnut with a natural finish, are perfect for a modern rustic kitchen. White is a bright contrast that brings out the deep tones of richer browns. If you don't have upper and lower cabinets, like this kitchen pictured above, then matching a large island to your countertops is another way to achieve a two-toned look.

Blue And Gray

Although cool tones, blue and gray kitchens actually create a warm and inviting space. Both colors are calming, and when paired together, can create unique looks.

Retro inspired kitchen area with wooden countertops, dark blue colored cabinet panels, and a white rug under the breakfast bar

This combination of gunmetal gray and dark cyan gives a touch of industrial style to this kitchen. Even while using these darker shades, blue still makes the room feel brighter. Gray countertops that tie into the island's hardware creates a cohesive look that prevents the deeper blue shade from being too overpowering.

If that kitchen coloring is feeling just a bit dark, you can try a lighter shade of cyan and grey marble countertops. This allows the beauty of a richer blue with a softer contrast to brighten up the room. The added hints of natural wood behind glass cabinets make these cabinets even more dynamic.

Marble And Black

Marble and black feel rich and elegant and yet is nothing short of daring. Black cabinets are certainly a bold choice, especially without cabinet frames, to break up the black solid wall. However, when paired with a marbled countertop, it creates a gorgeous contrast that is perfect for added pops of color. You can try light pink drinkware peeking through glass cabinets, like pictured above, or you can add gold or brass hardware to the cabinet doors.

White And Black

Interior of a contemporary inspired kitchen with a black and white mixed breakfast bar, and white paneled cabinetry

If the all-black cabinets are a bit much for your taste, you can break up the color with two-toned cabinets. You can do this by painting the top cabinets white and the bottom black. You can also have your cabinets be one color, usually the lighter of the two, and a large island painted to contrast, like pictured above.

Rosemary And Wood

Rosemary, a softer, earthy color green,  is a beautiful color choice for the kitchen because it brings a sense of nature into the room. It causes those who enter to feel calm and relaxed. Light wood countertops are the perfect complement to these cabinets because it balances out what could be an overwhelming color yet still sticks to that natural color palette.

Beige And Brown

Variant forms and shades of brown are a common choice for cabinets and countertops. With such a wide range of brown colors to choose from, it's easy to create the exact look you want.

Interior of a vintage themed kitchen with marble countertops, wooden flooring, and oak cabinetry

For a luxury kitchen, beige and brown granite countertops and walnut or cherry cabinets create a warm and homey space. Since granite countertops contain bits and specks of many different colors, you can choose cabinets that play off those colors.

Interior of a luxurious inspired kitchen with a marble countertop, and white paneled cabinetry


If you are using a lighter granite, cabinets that highlight the darker parts of the countertops will highlight those colors. If you choose to do a darker granite, you can select a lighter brown or beige to highlight.

What was the most popular kitchen cabinet color for 2020?

2020 saw a rise in more daring and bold kitchen cabinet colors. Navy blue, black, and jade were popular choices paired with brass or gold fixtures, tons of plants, and an abundance of natural light. These can be paired with white countertops for added brightness or rich walnut wood finishes for an upscale feel.

Alternatively, light touches of colors spiced up all-white kitchens. Pale pinks, the fairest blues, and grays so light they're almost white kept bright kitchens in trend with an added bit of color.

What trends are coming up in 2021?

This year is going to see natural hues finally get their time to shine. Grays are slowly making their way out and being replaced by gray-beige, gray-blue, and even gray-green. These will be balanced out with natural woods, earthy browns with yellow undertones, and creamy off-whites.

These colors play off the rise in popularity of French farmhouse decor mixed with America's love of rustic stylings. 

Should appliances match cabinets?

Interior of a huge and spacious white inspired kitchen with a marble countertop breakfast bar and white paneled cabinetry

When choosing cabinet colors, it can be important to consider appliance color or vice versa. The only time you have limited options is with white appliances. White appliances can quickly make your kitchen look outdated. Generally, the only time you want white appliances is with matching white cabinets. The creates a uniform look that will mask the immediate reaction that your appliances are old simply because they are white and, as that hasn't been trendy for quite some time.

With black appliances, you have much more freedom since they match most decor. You just want to avoid deep blues or dark, almost black, woods that will clash. 

Modern vintage themed kitchen with dark wooden cabinetry with a double door fridge, dual oven, and a black granite breakfast bar

Of course, it's hard to go wrong with stainless steel. The reason for stainless appliances maintaining their popularity is due to their ability to fit any decor. When you choose stainless, you can build and change your kitchen decor around it without a second thought. These appliances also tend to be durable and long-lasting, making them worth the cost.

Do dark countertops show dirt?

When looking for a countertop that doesn't show dirt, crumbs, or other kitchen remnants as easily, dark countertops are the way to go. Dark granite, black heavy marble, and various materials that are dark with patterns and textures are going to help hide mess within their many colors. However, if you choose solid black countertops, they will more easily show dirt than countertops with color dimension.

Are white countertops going out of style?

White in design and decor is everlasting. It's a color that creates a blank slate to build around, no matter how trends change. Because it's timeless, white countertops are unlikely to ever truly go out of style, as opposed to how those countertops are styled in the kitchen.

All-white kitchens with countertops, cabinets, and everything in between being the same bright shade of white, are slowly seeing their way out of the modern design. Coming in to replace these monotone kitchens are industrial grays and stainless steel or luxurious blacks and golds. However, most of these styles can be achieved around white countertops.

This is a huge positive since countertops aren't the easiest or most inexpensive way to upgrade your kitchen. However, changing cabinet colors or decor pieces is much more manageable.

Create Your Dream Kitchen

In conclusion, kitchen trends will come and go, but you're the one who has to love and live in your kitchen. Whatever inspires you to create your favorite space, do that! There are no hard and fast rules to kitchen styling and decor, and ultimately your choices are limitless. 

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