Blinds As Room Dividers – 17 Ideas You Will Love!

Blinds are designed to keep the bright sunlight and heat out of your home but they are capable of so much more. They can provide privacy by covering windows but when used within a room can also add some separation within a space. 

With so many design possibilities, choosing the perfect blinds to use as room dividers in your home can seem overwhelming. We have searched many sources to bring you 17 ideas for blinds as room dividers that you will love!

You will want to find a unique design to add a decorative element to your space. Using different styles of blinds as room dividers, space separators, or even just decoration can add an amazing look to your home. 

While blinds can provide a stylish addition to your space, there are some drawbacks to using blinds as room dividers in your home. Blinds can easily get dirty and dusty and will need to be dusted and cleaned regularly. 

Found in most homes, blinds of all sorts are some of the most popular home decor items in existence. Mini blinds may be the first type of blinds that come to mind, but many other types are available so there is one out there for everyone. 

Blinds come in so many different shapes, styles, and materials that choosing one can be a challenge. Different materials can create some beautifully versatile looks within your room, here are a few examples:

Hallway interior with wooden furniture near light wall. Stylish accessories, Blinds As Room Dividers - 17 Ideas You Will Love!

1. Loft-style living

With home prices increasing, lofts and smaller homes have become more popular. Space and separation are common issues in smaller living areas but blinds can offer a small-scale solution. 

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Interior wall with bench boy bedroom

Use blinds to help separate your space without adding walls and doors to your home. An open slat blind design helps your space from feeling closed in or secluded. 

2. Screen blinds

For a warm glowing room divider, consider the use of fashionable screen blinds. This type of blind is typically made of a semi-sheer fabric or plastic that allows light to penetrate it for a fabulous look. 

Light will shine through screen blinds for a luminescent ambiance that can add a warm welcoming look to your space. This look works well in light-colored areas but can also lighten up a darker-colored room. 

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3. Subtle lighting

Screen-style blinds can help to mute out too much light from lighting fixtures. Create a cozy ambiance within your home by dimming the lighting in your space. 

Place bright lights behind your screen blinds to create a subtle glowing look.

4. Light blocking blinds

wooden folding white blinds divider

Large windows can add beautiful natural lighting to your room but they can also bring in unwanted heat. Solid paneled blinds can be used to block out too much sunlight in your room and keep it cool.

Place this type of blind in front of wall-length windows to dim some of the light entering your home. 

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5. Changing space

Blinds have often been used in public areas, such as movie sets, to allow for changing clothes. This four-panel set of blinds provides enough privacy within this room for a wardrobe switch without occupying much space.

This particular type of blind can also be used in a bathroom space to hang wet towels or clothes that could use some steam from your shower. 

6. Private dining space

White folding door opening on modern minimalist white and wooden kitchen with island and big panoramic window,

Kitchens are a place to eat and also visit with family so they are notoriously noisy spaces in your home. To create a separate eating space from your kitchen, use 4-panel blinds to create a semi-private dining area. 

Panels can be closed for easy storage and opened to use when needed. 

7. Reading nook

Your living room is the perfect place to spend time together but that can make it hard to concentrate. By adding a set of blinds to block off a portion of your living room space, you can create a small nook to read or work. 

Add blinds to separate a small area of your living room space and add a comfy seat to cozy up with a good magazine or book without separating yourself from your family.

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8. Office space

Working from home can be a challenge, especially with your family in the house. A separate office room is not an option in every home but a small office space may be.

The lack of an office can be solved by adding a panel of blinds around a small desk within another room in your home. Separating your desk from the rest of your busy home will give you the space you need to get some work done. 

9. Unsightly spaces

Wooden folding screen on a beige background


Blinds can be used to hide areas of your home that may not be so attractive, such as dirty clothes hampers or cat litter boxes. Simply fold and unfold blinds to hide these areas when you don't want them to be seen. 

Smells may be a totally different issue, as blinds will not hide those. 

10. Bath separation

In busy households, privacy can be a hard thing to come by. It may not always be possible to be the lone occupant even in the bathroom. 

Some degree of separation can be achieved using a panel of blinds. Place the panels strategically to form a barrier between two areas of the bathroom for a bit of privacy.

11. Partial coverage blinds

Much like a partial wall, blinds can be used to add a sense of privacy within a space without a wall or door. Using wooden blinds in a bathroom can add a sense of relaxation and privacy without sacrificing space. 

Because they only provide partial coverage, blinds prevent your room from feeling secluded or closed in. 

12. Faux wall

Create the illusion of a wall in your room without making a permanent addition to your home with the use of blinds. Blinds can be placed strategically behind a decorative piece of furniture or item to add a sense of structure to it. 

This strategy can make your home look bigger through the appearance of separate spaces. 

13. Indoor window

Pony walls are shorter or half walls used to separate spaces while maintaining an open look. If a pony wall isn't your style, consider opening your space by cutting an indoor window in an interior wall for an interesting look.

 Blinds can be used to create the appearance of a window inside your home by placing them in the wall opening. This indoor window can help to maintain an open look in your home.  

14. Custom shelf blinds

Small shelves can be added to blinds for more of a custom look. Use a sturdier set of blinds to hang light shelves on. 

Add books or small decorative items to your shelf for a custom look in your space. 

15. Separation in an open floor plan

An open floor plan is a stylish modern design scheme that allows for an expansive ambiance within your home. Although this floor plan is hugely popular, it may not be for everyone. 

Blinds can be used to separate your open floor plan into different areas. A dining room can be separated from a noisy living room or a busy kitchen can be separated from a dining space.

16. Retractable wall

Blinds can be used on a larger scale to separate rooms in homes with an open floor plan. By using larger blinds, a retractable wall can be made out of blinds to separate larger spaces. 

This type of wall alternative creates some separation without enclosing spaces. 

17. Closet blinds

Another area in your home that you might choose to use blinds in is your closet space. Use large paneled blinds in place of closet doors for a stylish door alternative. 

Fun patterned blinds are sure to be an eye-catching addition to your room.

Final thoughts

Hallway interior with wooden furniture near light wall. Stylish accessories

Blinds provide an alternative to walls within your home. They can be a stylish way to add some character and personalization to your room. 

With so many options in design and placement, finding the perfect way to use blinds in your space can seem daunting. We hope that the above listing of 17 ideas to use blinds as room dividers has inspired your home decor project. 

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