17 Blush Pink Bedroom Accessories For That Perfect Feminine Touch

Perfectly pretty, blush pink is one of the most popular colors to use when decorating a bedroom. This soft and delicate hue adds romantic charm to any bedroom. Below is a list of blush pink decorative items to help you design your perfect blush pink bedroom!

17 Blush Pink Bedroom Accessories For That Perfect Feminine Touch

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Serena Comforter

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This luxurious comforter is as feminine as it is gorgeous. With ruffles making up large flowers that pop from the surface as well as the pleats making it feel ready to curl up in, this bedding catches the eye and adds a sense of comfort to the space. This would be perfect as a feature in a shabby chic room or as a casual element in a more polished room. Available in twin xl, full/queen, and king, this comforter would fit any number of feminine designs. Be mindful of cleaning this bedding, though. The 3D flowers are delicate and require dry cleaning instead of the washing machine.

Room Darkening Curtain Panel

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These curtains are as functional as they are cute. The soft pink adds a sweetness to the room they’re displayed in, and the room darkening element promises a peaceful rest without interruptions from outside lights, such as the sun or your neighbor’s floodlights. Use these as a statement on the outside wall(s), either pulling out the blush pink from more subtle areas of the room or as a bold addition to a room using pink as the main color.

Sheepskin Fur Throw

The faux sheepskin fur shown here is a really cozy décor piece, as well as multifunctional. This throw would work well beside a bed to step on instead of cold hardwood, or as a cushion in a firm chair. Layering this rug on top of another rug with different color and pile length adds an interesting design element to a space as well.

Belle Throw

The Belle throw is a ruffled, lightweight blanket that works great tossed across a chair or folded at the end of a bed. The ruffles give a youthful yet elegant feel, and the soft blush would help lighten a darker room or add a warm element to a lighter room, allowing it to compliment a number of color schemes.

Ruffled Curtains

How cute are these ruffled curtains? Although this pair isn’t lined like the curtains listed previously, these panels give a breezy feel to a space and would work well in a light and airy room. Perfect for multiple styles including modern and farmhouse, their flexibility makes them a staple piece no matter your design tastes. However, be careful how you care for them. The ruffles on these do not like washing machines, and it’s best to dry clean to make sure you don’t damage them.

Rose Gold Foil Lip Print

This print would work great as a sassy statement or to decorate the bedroom of a makeup obsessed girl. The rose gold color layered over the blush pink background is classic and feminine, while the foil material creating the lipstick print gives it a more modern feel. This would fit perfectly above a vanity as part of a larger wall collage, or in a frame on a nightstand or dresser.

Collapsible Storage Boxes

These super cute boxes are not only perfect for storing any number of things, but their blush pink color really pops when placed on a bookshelf or in a storage cube. They are perfect for a baby girl’s nursery to hold diapers, wipes, and clothing, or if you have an older daughter use them to store toys or dress up clothes. Not only that, but if you decide not to use some they easily fold up for storing in a drawer or box without taking up much room. Simply pull them back out when you’re ready for them!

Metallic Throw Pillow

The only thing better than a throw blanket to curl up with is a throw pillow to rest your head on, and this pillow is perfect for a snuggle. Not only is the blush color and the shag material a fun addition to any room, but the metallic fibers in the shag give it an added zing. Use this on a bed to give a decorative edge or in a chair to create an eye-catching alternative to traditional throw pillows.

Heart Shaped Sheepskin Rug

Not only is this faux sheepskin cute because of its shaggy fibers and blush color, but the heart shape of the rug seals the deal. A sweet addition to a bedroom, layer this on top of another rug for an unexpected pop of color and interest.

Sweet JoJo Prints

These floral prints would work wonders as a base for a wall collage. The watercolor flowers will soften your space and add elegance to the room, and the similarities of the captions and colors on each will unify the wall décor when added to it. Use these above a bed or dresser to create an exhibit of art in your room.

Geometric Rug

This rug is such a fun design element! The modern geometric shapes not only define a room’s design style, but the colors mixed into them allows the rug flexibility to work with multiple color schemes. This would work well as a statement piece in a bedroom while also tying together the room through the shades used in the design. Use this rug with the bed to center the room, or pair it with a chair to create a cozy reading nook in the corner.

Jewelry Box

With a design that could work well in any room, this jewelry box is functional and flexible. It allows for plenty of jewelry storage in the pull out drawers and necklace hooks. This would work perfectly as a subtle statement on a dresser or vanity, and when paired with a vase of flowers or a framed picture would make for a perfect display.

Wall Clock

Either as a stand-alone feature or as part of a wall collage, this clock is adorable. The pink frame pops against the black and white of the clock face and draws the eye to it. Display above a doorway for an easy check on time, or add it to a collage on a wall opposite the bed to do the same while giving unique visual interest to your art collection.

Pineapple Lamps

Do you lean more towards vintage décor? These lamps with pineapple bases might be the perfect thing for you. With their distressed ivory bases and blush lampshades they’re soft and welcoming, perfect for a bedroom. Display these in a room with other cozy elements like linens and rugs to create the perfect space to relax.

Rose Print

This photographic print would make a wonderful addition to a wall collage or as a statement piece on a small wall space. Hang this in a bedroom to add a botanical element, reinforce a feminine feel, or use the pop of pink in this print as a statement in a black and white collage. This would also make for a nice framed piece on a dresser or nightstand. Pair it with other items like a lamp, decorative storage box, or a candlestick for a cute display.

Sparkle Print

For the girl that has that sparkling personality, this print is a cute addition to a wall or framed on a flat surface. Place this print in a white frame for a simple girly look, or in a gold glittered frame for a more dramatic flair. This would be perfect displayed on a dresser with other sparkly items such as a sequined canvas or metallic vases or candlesticks.

Blush Table Lamps

These lamps are traditional and cute with their square white shades and vertically ribbed bases. The colors of these lamps give them a breezy feel, with the white and nickel acting as a base for the blush to pop against. Consider using these in a bedroom to add to a light and airy design, or in a room with heavier furniture and linens to lighten it. Placing these on either a white or gray nightstand set will allow the pink to really catch the eye, or use darker furniture to make the entire lamp act as a statement.

Building Your Perfect Room

Any of these items would help to create a relaxing and feminine retreat for you, your child, or even guests! Use your favorite from this list, or mix and match a few to create that perfect space that’s completely you.

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