37 Boho Living Room Ideas (Inspirational Photo List)

Boho style is richly textured and full of bright colors and intricate patterns. It creates a warm, inviting space that can truly showcase your creativity. One of boho style’s trademarks is that it’s filled with life, often in the form of many potted plants and unique handmade items.

Boho style, however, doesn’t need to be chaotic. You can create your own calm, serene version by using just a few of these elements against a neutral background.

37 Boho Living Room Ideas (Inspirational Photo List)

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Since boho style is so warm and creative, it’s perfect for living rooms. Since your living room is where family and friends congregate, it’s important that it feels inviting and full of life.

We’ve collected some of our favorite examples of boho style living rooms in this post. Keep reading to get inspired!


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turquoise walls boho living room.  Potted plants, a wicker basket on a boho coffee table against a brightly-colored wall art

This living room makes a statement with its turquoise walls—a classic color for boho decor. Potted plants, a wicker basket on a boho coffee table against a brightly-colored wall art add unique touches.


Maximalistic boho living room

Lots of patterns are a hallmark of boho style, and this maximalistic room has plenty! However, the common colors of red and turquoise make it cohesive instead of chaotic.



This minimalistic living room allows the patterns of the decor to pop against the neutrals of the walls and furniture.



Nature is an important part of boho style, and this living room celebrates it with its huge potted plants and floor-to-ceiling windows.



For a glamorous take on boho style, add some shiny gold decor like lamps, pillows, and mirrors in classy designs.



One of the most enjoyable parts of decorating in boho style is designing little vignettes, and unique details like this macrame plant hanger are the perfect components for creating them.



Boho style has a certain exotic flair as if you just came back from a trip around the globe and decorated your home with all of your treasures. This living room has lots of those exotic touches, like patterned floor pillows, a dreamcatcher, and a tiny orange tree.



Natural light, plants, and lots of patterns and textures—this monochromatic boho living room checks all the boxes.



This living room is a traditional take on boho style that looks like it’s straight out of an elegant country home. Patterned curtains and a bright turquoise floor give it that unique boho vibe.



This turquoise-walled boho living room has lots of unique little details and pops of color, like the patterned blanket on the chair, the design painted on the edge of the doorway, and the hanging garland.

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Fresh colors, richly textured wicker baskets, and lots of patterns fill this boho style living room, while the green hanging plants accentuate the green in the decor.


Boho style doesn’t always have to mean bright colors and intense patterns, and this room is proof. Showcasing just a few boho elements such as potted plants and lots of texture against a neutral background allows them to truly shine.


Boho living room with large doors leading to porch. a skylight. woven rug,

Porch doors and a skylight let in natural light and glimpses of greenery. Lots of textures in natural colors, like the knitted blanket, woven rug, and cushions, create a soft, light version of the boho style.


Boho style can also be dark and moody, like this living room with its gray walls and black window frames. The room is full of ornate details and interesting textures, like the woven pendant light and a bevy of couch pillows.


This living room has a very simple, natural, cozy boho style, full of rich jewel tones, potted plants, and a wide array of patterns.


Arched windows give this boho living room an almost cathedral-like atmosphere. It’s full of elegant touches like the shiny chandelier and uniquely patterned rug.


Wild touches, like the bamboo shoots in the corner and zebra rug on the floor, help this boho living room take a walk on the wild side.


Boho style is the perfect way to infuse your home with the spirit of hygge—a Danish word meaning cozy contentedness.  This room, with its furry blankets and rugs, fairy lights, and peaceful color palette, is full of it.


Rustic country farmhouse meets boho in this warm, sunlight-filled room. Lots of unique touches make it a boho haven, like the hand-shaped wooden chair and big potted tree.


Boho style has roots in the bohemian artists of 1890s Paris, and this art-filled living room reflects that heritage. With plenty of colors, plants, and sunshine, this room is a feast for the senses.


This boho living room has a magical vibe from its candles, lanterns, ottomans, and a huge pile of richly patterned pillows on the sofa.


This simple, functional living room is full of boho style. The tapestry, fairy lights, and open shelves all help create that free-spirited vibe.


A color palette of turquoise, terracotta, and cream create cohesiveness in this classic boho living room.


Even the simplest neutral color scheme has boho flair when paired with lots of texture and motifs.


Plants and boho style are a match made in heaven since both loves lots of natural light! Soft muted tones allow the greenery to take center stage.


The macrame wall hanging and the textile wall arts give this boho living room a magical, celestial vibe.


Boho and rustic make a fantastic combination, as you can see in this living room. Rustic details like a window frame over the couch blend seamlessly with the boho accents of patterns and rich textures.


Natural light floods this cheerful apartment, illuminating the bright, clear colors of the decor. Texture abounds and ranges from the soft, fluffy rug to a giant potted fern near the window.


Boho style extends outside the doors of this living room to the plants and wicker baskets on the balcony.


Rich jewel tones borrowed from the intricately patterned carpet on the floor draw together all of the elements of this boho living room.


A tapestry rug, plants in macrame hangers, a cozy couch with a a blanket and pillows transform this living room into a cozy boho retreat.


Modern and boho styles are an unlikely combination, but this pairing creates so much interesting texture and contrast. It’s all tied together with one cohesive color palette.


Hanging plants bring the outdoors inside in this light-filled boho living room, while the fireplace provides the perfect spot for delightful arrangements.


A bright rainbow of colors fills this small living room. Plants and multiple forms of artwork add that distinctive boho touch.


From the green velvet couch full of soft pillows to the cascade of purple flowers on the coffee table, this boho living room has a softly regal air.


Lots of distinctive motifs and eyecatching plants share space with furry pillows and velvet furniture. An eclectic collection of items, as seen in this living room, is another hallmark of boho style.


Muted jewel tones add richness to the multitude of patterns in this boho style living room. Intricately designed elements, the wooden furniture and potted plants provide a natural touch.

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