17 boho outdoor patio design ideas

With a focus on rich textures, colorful patterns, and a mix of eclectic furnishings, boho style offers endless possibilities to express your personal taste and create a welcoming outdoor space.

From the laid-back charm of rattan furniture and the warmth of layered textiles to the whimsical touch of hanging planters and bold, globally-inspired accessories, these 17 boho outdoor patio design ideas will inspire you to curate a space that's not only stylish but also uniquely yours.

1. Rattan Furniture with Colorful Cushions

A cozy patio setup featuring rattan furniture adorned with vibrant, patterned cushions for a classic boho vibe.

 boho outdoor patio design. Rattan furniture with colorful cushions

2. Macrame Hanging Chairs and Fairy Lights

Elevate your patio's cozy factor with a stylish macrame hanging chair, complemented by twinkling fairy lights for enchanting evenings.

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boho outdoor patio design. Macrame hanging chair with fairy lights

3. Moroccan Lanterns and Low Seating

Transform your patio into a bohemian haven with Moroccan lanterns and comfortable low-seating arrangements for a relaxed vibe.

boho outdoor patio design. Moroccan lanterns with low seating

4. Bohemian Rugs and Potted Palms

Create a warm and inviting outdoor space with layered bohemian rugs and lush potted palms for a touch of nature.

boho outdoor patio design. Bohemian rugs with potted palms

5. Bamboo Screen and Hanging Planters

Enhance privacy and add greenery to your patio with a natural bamboo screen and an array of hanging planters.

 boho outdoor patio design. Bamboo screen with hanging planters

6. Outdoor Daybed with Canopy and Throw Pillows

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation spot with a plush outdoor daybed, draped canopy, and an assortment of throw pillows for comfort.

 boho outdoor patio design. Outdoor daybed with canopy and throw pillows

7. Vintage Wooden Ladder with Climbing Vines

Introduce a rustic element and greenery to your patio with a vintage wooden ladder adorned with climbing vines.

boho outdoor patio design. Vintage wooden ladder with climbing vines

8. Colorful Mosaic Tiles and Succulent Planters

Inject color and personality into your patio with vibrant mosaic tiles and creative succulent planters for a lively outdoor setting.

 boho outdoor patio design. Colorful mosaic tiles with succulent planters

9. Woven Hammock and String Lights

A woven hammock strung beneath a canopy of string lights offers a dreamy nook for relaxation and stargazing.

 boho outdoor patio design. Woven hammock with string lights

10. Rustic Wood Furniture and Tribal Print Throws

Mix rustic wood furniture with tribal print throws for a patio that balances natural textures with bold patterns.

 boho outdoor patio design. Rustic wood furniture with tribal print throws

11. DIY Pallet Couch and Brightly Colored Pillows

Craft a unique, budget-friendly pallet couch and decorate it with brightly colored pillows for a custom, eclectic look.

boho outdoor patio design. DIY pallet couch with brightly colored pillows

12. Outdoor Fire Pit with Surround Seating

An outdoor fire pit surrounded by comfortable seating creates a warm and inviting gathering spot for cool evenings.

 boho outdoor patio design. Outdoor fire pit with surround seating

13. Turkish Kilim Pillows and Antique Side Tables

Accentuate your patio with luxurious Turkish kilim pillows and antique side tables for a touch of vintage elegance.

boho outdoor patio design. Turkish kilim pillows with antique side tables

14. Sheer Drapery and Iron Lanterns

Soft sheer drapery paired with ornate iron lanterns creates a romantic ambiance perfect for evening relaxation.

 boho outdoor patio design. Sheer drapery with iron lanterns

15. Recycled Glass Bottles and Wooden Crates

Utilize recycled glass bottles and wooden crates for an eco-friendly and creative approach to patio decoration.

boho outdoor patio design. Recycled glass bottles with wooden crates

16. Patterned Floor Cushions and Tassel Garlands

Create a cozy, informal seating area with patterned floor cushions and playful tassel garlands for a festive touch.

boho outdoor patio design. Patterned floor cushions with tassel garlands

17. Outdoor Kitchen with Boho Chic Decor

Incorporate a fully functional outdoor kitchen adorned with boho chic decor for the ultimate entertaining space.

outdoor patio design. Outdoor kitchen with boho chic decor

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