7 Top Garage Door Colors For A Gray House

Looking to enhance your gray house with the perfect garage door color? We know it can be tough, so we’ve researched to give you some creative options to update your home.

A modern gray house with front stairway and porch, What Color Garage Door Goes With A Gray House?

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Gray is neutral, so you have plenty of choices for your garage door. Just be cautious with colors that have too much gray—they can make your house look dim. Here are a few colors that go well with a gray exterior.

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • White

Continue reading to see how to make these colors work well!

Color Considerations

Homes usually have three colors: the main color, trim color (awnings, door, and window trim), and accent colors (doors, shutters).

The right garage door color will tie these together. A dark door grounds the house, while a light door draws the eye up.

Take a walk around your neighborhood, see how the colors of their garage doors fit in with their homes, and work to be in harmony with them.

You don’t have to match your neighbors but aim for harmony unless you want to stand out.

For example, if one neighbor has a black door and the other has a white one, you could choose gray to balance the two. Keep your front door as the focal point and make the garage door a complement, not the main attraction.

Good Color Combinations

Here are some of my favorite color combinations. High-contrast colors give a modern aesthetic visual that is pleasing to the eye.

Deep and rich colors make the home seem warm and inviting. Monochrome gives a classy visual appeal. 


Gray House With a Black Garage Door

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Suburban Australian house with garage and front yard

A lighter gray, almost white home contrasts nicely with the black garage doors, giving a classy modern feel.

Be cautious if the black garage door is in full sun all day, as the black will absorb the sun’s heat and increase the garage’s temperature. 

Deep and Rich

Light Gray, Dark Blue Indigo Garage Doors

The dark blue garage door brings visual interest to the home. 

Blue metal doors

Red Garage Door

Go for an intimate feel using a darker shade of gray siding to make the red garage door pop. 

Gray house exterior with red garage door

Green Garage Door

A green garage door gives a hint of adventure in a middle shade of gray.

Gray house exterior with green garage door

Brown Garage Door

The rich brown of the garage door offsets the gray brick for an excellent curb appeal.

Gray brick garage with brown gates on the street

Be careful with brown. Select a shade contrasting with the gray for the best visual.

A brown shade similar to the house will make the garage door wash out and look muddy instead of clean. 


Middle Gray With A White Garage Door

Bring traditional to your street with a classic white garage door against a medium gray house.

Drive way to home

White Garage Door

Get a cottage feel with a white garage door against the middle of the darker gray-toned house.

White garage door against the middle of the darker gray-toned house

Gray House With Gray Garage Doors

A light gray house with a dark gray garage door gives a modern, contemporary feeling to the home. 

Luxurious gray house with front stairway and porch

To give the illusion of a larger home, the door should be the same shade of gray as the house. 

Be cautious of the gray paint’s undertone color. While it may look simply gray, it can have a blue undertone that makes it seem cooler or a warm undertone that makes it appear darker. 

Stone Buildings

A house with a stone exterior works well with broader ranges of color. Try a soft purple, blue, or green against the lighter gray stone. Darker stone also works well with lighter colors.

It is not necessary to match the garage door to the front door. View our article about whether or not the “Garage Door Should Match The Front Door” for more details.

Should Your Garage Door Color Match the House Or Trim?

The garage color can match the house, the trim, or the accent colors. Matching the garage door to the trim brings the home into harmony, and matching the primary house color increases the house’s visual size.

Painting the door the same color as the window shutters and gutters creates attractive accents. 

Will A Painted Garage Door Last Longer?

In short, yes, a painted garage door will last longer. The paint will extend the door but not the working mechanisms.

Typically, metal garage doors have a baked enamel finish. This finish lasts a long time and does not require much maintenance. If painted, however, it will need to be maintained every five to ten years. 

Wood doors do not come with a coating, so they will need to be painted or stained and have higher maintenance needs.

What Is The Best Finish For Garage Doors?

For the best outcome, use semi-gloss acrylic latex exterior house paint on the garage door. It will endure harsher weather and excessive moisture.

Should You Stain Wood Before Painting?

Wood stain can impede painting the wood with acrylic-based paint. The oil can keep the paint from sticking. Use a primer coat to seal the wood. Then the paint coats will cover smoothly. 

Painting Over Stained Wood

If the door is already stained, here are the steps to take so that you can paint the garage door.

Water-Based Stains

  • Use soapy water to remove any particles. 
  • Dull the stain by lightly sanding the surface with 50-grit sandpaper.
  • A deglosser, which is liquid sandpaper, can be used to strip the finish off faster. Use it with care, a safety mask, and gloves in a well-ventilated area. Let it dry for 10 minutes.

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  • Use wood filler to repair any damage to the wood. Do another sanding with sandpaper and clean again with a damp cloth.
  • Test an area with a quick-dry primer to ensure the paint sticks well to the site. If it does, wait an hour, then paint. If it does not, sand and repeat the steps above.

Oil-Based Stains

Oil-based stains can be covered with latex or oil-based paint. 

  • Put on the safety gear, goggles, and gloves. Ventilate the area.
  • Mix 1/4 cup of trisodium phosphate in one gallon of warm water.

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  • Using a sponge, dip it into the mixture, squeeze the excess out, and wipe down the surface twice. Let it dry.
  • Sand the uneven areas, then wipe clean.
  • Apply a bonding primer that will adhere to hard-to-paint surfaces.

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  • Then paint. The surface will need two coats of paint.

Project Completion

Gray houses lend themselves to an open palette of contrasting and complementary colors.

Whether the door is to blend in with the background or stand out and make a statement, there are many choices at your fingertips. 

Go dark with a light gray and light with a dark gray. Black and red colors make the garage door stand out, while white and green give a more sophisticated look. Enjoy the outcome. 

For future reading: Click here to read about “Should The Garage Door Match The Front Door?

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