12 Awesome Color Schemes For Bedrooms

Your bedroom is, for most people, a sanctuary. The private oasis where you begin and end each day. Creating a pleasing look that appeals to you is a necessity for a place that's restful, relaxing, and truly your own. We've compiled 12 great color schemes for bedrooms, so everyone can find something here for their special space.

We're sure you can find your favorite colors here. Whether you like calming gray or blue, favor a fanciful pink and purple, or you prefer bright oranges or yellows, you'll see how it can look. We'll also help you start building the look yourself with some tips in the right direction and suggested decor.

Crimson color scheme bedroom with a large bed wooden headboard, 12 Awesome Color Schemes for Bedrooms

1. Neutral Cloud 9 (White, Beige, Cream, and Black)

A huge white themed bedroom with a white bed mixed with dark nightstands and lampshade

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The simple decor and calming colors turn this room into a cool and collected space. This is the perfect area for someone who typically needs to wind down and settle after a long day. The minimalistic details and neutral colors also guarantee a soothing spot made for rest.

To recreate this look, start with a cream ottoman such as this one:

Click here to see this ottoman on Amazon.

2. Crimson Hideaway (Red and Wood)

A modern bedroom with a red painted header wall and a huge window with a white curtain

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Using a darker crimson color takes some of the edge off of red's usual vibrancy and energy. Pairing it with this warm wood helps soften the effect and create a more tranquil space. As a result, the color doesn't seem to overwhelm the room.

Pair side lamps together with a similar chandelier, then add red decor. For example, try these drum lamps:

Click here to see this lamp on Amazon.

A similarly styled chandelier, such as this drum pendant, completes the look:

Click here to see this chandelier on Amazon.

3. Blue Utopia (Blue and Gray)

A modern contemporary bedroom with a classic styled beddings mixed with modern styled furniture

Blue has always been a popular choice for a bedroom. Cool, calm, and collected, it just makes sense for a restful and relaxing space. Gray, the trendy new favorite neutral, is a smart and sensible match. The varied shades of blue add depth to the room, and as a result, create texture and visual interest.

4. Earthy Eden (Blue and Brown)

A modern contemporary bedroom with cabinets, tables, and a blue and brown accent wall

Brown and blue are an age-old combination, as natural as the earth and the sky. There's a certain comfort in a room like this, cozy and calming. The brown accent wall and area rug really grounds the space and pulls it all together with clear focal points.

To imitate this look, start with plentiful storage. Pair a cabinet together with some floating shelves for a bedroom that has space for everything. For example:

Click here to see this shelf on Amazon.

Click here to see this storage cabinet on Amazon.

5. Orange Bliss (Orange and Black)

A modern three colored bedroom with a floral designed wall and a red curtain

This color combination is cheerful and fun, with bright pops of orange zest. The black helps mellow the room and bring the energy down, keeping it sophisticated and stylish.

For a similar style, pair silver lamps such as these with some orange accent pieces:

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Then, add some fun art! For example:

Click here to see this print on Amazon.

6. Beach Haven (Teal and Tan)

A narrow bedroom with a mixed blue and beige colored wall

This light, beachy blue just fits with a sandy tan. If you want to spend every day feeling like you're at a house by the ocean, try this duo. You might even be able to hear the waves when you close your eyes.

For your own beach bedroom, consider starting with this bedspread in sea glass:

Click here to see this bedspread on Amazon.

7. Pink and Purple Paradise

A purple and white themed bedroom with modern designs and a cozy bed

Straight lines and geometric shapes make this a trendy space. The pink and purple are romantic and soft, especially when accompanied by soft lights and big fluffy pillows. This room is contemporary, but at the same time, classic.

Get a similar effect with a contemporary art print such as this one:

Click here to see this art on Amazon.

Then pair it with shaggy plush pillows. For example:

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8. Lovely Leather (Leather, Cream and Brown)

A rustic themed bedroom with a wooden dark varnished bed and brown curtains

The big sleigh bed and stocky leather chair make up the majority of the room. To keep the rest of the space from seeming crowded or heavy, sparse and light decor is used otherwise. A big mirror against the wall also brightens things up and makes the room seem larger, offsetting the furniture. In addition, the chandelier draws the eye upward. As a result, this brings some of the focus higher and not just at the floor level.

You can achieve a similar look with a few key pieces of furniture and a large mirror. For example:

Click here to see this mirror on Amazon.

9. Gray and Tan Nook

A small classic designed bedroom with a bed with gray beddings, cabinet, and picture frames hanged on a beige colored wall

The room is a bit small and full of built-in bookshelves. While a gorgeous focal point, they could also be overwhelming without careful consideration. It's balanced out with a high chandelier (drawing the eye up) and with prints that cover high along the wall. Gray and tan are both calm, neutral colors that help keep the space open. With so many knick-knacks along the wall, a strong color would suffocate. Easygoing neutrals are a perfect choice.

Try covering your walls yourself with a variety of photo frames such as this set:

Click here to see this frameset on Amazon.

10. Green Garden (Green and Brown)

A spacious bedroom with a brown bed with brown beddings and a wall painted in light green

Rich, warm wooden floors together with bright overhead light balances nicely against a cheerful yet cool green wall. The plants outside tie in nicely with the look of the room. However, if your own landscaping isn't quite so convenient, indoor plants would do just as well. The brown and green combo is natural-looking but also clean and trendy.

11. Dramatic Den (Black, Yellow, White)

A yellow bedroom with classic floral designs mixed with yellow beddings and a huge mirror on the background

The fabulous detailing on the wall just makes it seem to stretch on forever.  This effect is only heightened by a large, dramatic mirror right over the bed. The yellow and black pair are intense, bold, and also energetic. White helps to balance everything out and dial the drama down. This is a great look for someone who doesn't want to risk a boring bedroom.

Achieve a similar effect with a stick-on molding like this:

Click to see this molding on Amazon.

12. Vibrant Cocoon (Green and White)

A green color inspired bedroom with a green wall, bed with green pillows and green sheets

For a room that's fun and high-energy, this bright green and white palette is perfect. The room just oozes out a bold vibrancy. As a result, the look is perfect for a bedroom made for play and rest. 

For a similar look, try artwork such as this one over the bed:

Click here to see this art on Amazon.

Then, add some pillows. You're halfway there.

Click here to see this pillow on Amazon.

In Summary

Making your bedroom a personal space that suits your tastes and preferences is important. After all, you gear up at the start of each day, and wind down after, in one familiar spot. If you spend so much time there, it should at least be a relaxing and comfortable space.

Many people prefer neutrals such as gray, white, cream, and beige, or calming colors such as blue or green. However, these aren't the only choice. Even a playful orange or yellow or a rich pink or purple can have an appealing effect. Pick colors that suit you best.

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