10 Colors That Go With Lavender Walls (With Pictures)!

Did you know that lavender is one of the most soothing colors for a bedroom? It's true. Perhaps it's because we tend to associate purple with dream time, psychic energy, and luxury. Lavender, in particular, is popular as a girl's room color. It's a great color, but finding the right color palette for a room with lavender walls can be tricky. What other colors would work well for your lavender room? You may be surprised to find out the truth.

Good colors to pair with lavender walls include:

  1. White
  2. Yellow
  3. Dark brown
  4. Peach
  5. Beige
  6. Cream/off-white
  7. Black 
  8. Deep purple
  9. Light green
  10. Light grey

It's easy to get nervous about pairing purple of any shade with other colors in a room. Before you give up on trying to find the best colors to pair with lavender walls, check out our designer-approved ideas below. You might find something that really works well for you. 

Horizontal space with bright mockup empty wall. Very peri lavender paint color, 10 Colors That Go With Lavender Walls (With Pictures)!

What Are The Best Colors To Pair With Lavender Walls?

Purple isn't a neutral color, which means you need to take care when you're pairing colors with it. It's easy to clash lavender with the wrong color.

We're here to help you avoid that mess. Whether it's for curtains, trim, or cabinetry, we took a look at some of the best options for a room with lavender walls. Some of these picks might surprise you!

1. White

Cozy minimalist bathroom in purple pastel tones, washbasin with mirror, bathtub, tiles and concrete walls, armchair

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White is one of the easiest colors to add to a room's palette, regardless of the other colors that you pick—even maroon. Lavender is no exception to this rule. When you pair white with lavender, you get a really gorgeous and airy ambiance that most people will fall in love with. 

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This color tends to be a staple for trim and furniture in lavender rooms, especially if you are trying to create a more open living room. It's a favorite for girls' bedrooms, too, because it has the potential to add a feminine touch to your room. 

If you are not entirely certain what color to use for your furniture or accessories, it's best to stick to white, as it's generally the safest color.

2. Yellow

Dining table, black chairs, yellow poster, plants and firewood log rack in a modern dining room interior

Do you want to add a little color contrast to your room? Perhaps it's time to do something bold and go for a bright (or pastel) yellow, like in the photo above. Yellow sits across from purple on the color wheel, making it a perfect complementary color to add. 

Adding yellow to a purple room is a good way to add a focal point to your home. It adds action, liveliness, and excitement. A good rule of thumb to follow is to pick a yellow that's as dark as the shade of lavender your walls are painted. This can help make things look more coordinated.

3. Dark Brown

Living room modern design with branches design on a wall with a sofa and a bonsai tree beside it

People often forget that lavender is a plant found in nature, surrounded by colors like green and brown. You can channel that nature-filled look in your home by adding dark brown. Dark brown, like the "branches" painted on the wall here, is reminiscent of the stems of real lavender.

To add a little more cohesiveness to this room, the designer also added some dark brown pillows to match. It's a quick and easy way to make sure that your room has an earthy and adult look to it. If you choose this option, make sure you have tons of lighting to ensure it doesn't look too dark.

4. Peach

Colored contemporary living room, pastel purple colors, sofa, armchair, carpet, tables, steps and potted plants, co

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Peach is a gorgeous color that tends to add warmth wherever it's added, and when you have a color like lavender, warmth may be needed. Peach gives you an exotic twist for a color palette that is feminine but mellow. 

If you are looking for a way to warm up lavender in a modern way, then peach might work well. This is particularly true if you're looking at midcentury modern furniture or 70s futuristic furniture. It just jives.

Because peach and lavender tend to darken a room when together, it's best to try this pairing in a large, well-lit space.

5. Beige

Modern living room in purple tones, hall, open space with parquet oak floor with steps, sofa, carpet and coffee tab

As a neutral color, beige is a safe bet for almost any color palette. It's warming but it doesn't run the risk of making a room look too warm or too old school. White is great for light and crisp rooms, but beige offers a more modern take that's more colorful. 

Unlike other colors, beige doesn't offer contrast. It's more about adding support and giving your home a wider, open appearance without making it look too stark. Beige is a good choice if you simply have an accent wall in lavender and want more balance.

6. Cream/Off-White

Bohemian wooden bathroom and bedroom in boho style in white and purple tones

Cream-colored walls and accents are a good way to get a similar effect to white without it being blindingly strong. Like white, cream is a neutral that pairs with everything. Like tan or beige, cream offers a softer and warmer effect. Unlike beige or tan, it doesn't run as high of a risk of making your home look cramped.

If you are a fan of antique home styles like Victorian homes or Baroque, a lavender room with cream accents is a great choice. It's historically accurate, too. 

7. Black

Toilet bowl in modern bathroom interior

Black is a contrast neutral that is a surprise to see in a room with such a soft color on its walls, but hear us out.

Here, we see a bathroom with a lavender accent wall and white walls surrounding it. While the designer could have gone with an all-white look, they wanted contrast. As a result, they opted for black accents. 

The black accents help add an edge to the bathroom that it otherwise wouldn't have. If you want to make a modern statement in a home, then pairing a lavender wall with some black trim is a good way to do it.

8. Deep Purple

Moscow, Russia, September 2019 Bedroom with purple walls, a white linen, pink pillow and a pattern of yellow polka

When people think of colors to add to a palette, they often ignore one of the easiest ways to make your room look great. A quick way to enhance your color palette is to add darker shades of purple to your room. This gives your room a sleek gradient look. 

Though it's a classic among designers, the truth is that having a gradient appearance is a great way to make a room look put together without it being overly contrived. Simply put, it's easy to make this palette look put together, even on a budget.

9. Light Green

Girls children purple and green bedroom with mirror and white furniture

Are you looking for a color palette that oozes whimsy and fun? Then take a look at how nicely light green can go with a pale lavender in the photo above. This cute color palette was developed for a child's room, and it shows. This combination gave the room lively and vibrant energy that's perfect for a playroom. 

If you are older and want to make this work, you may have to go with lighter greens that verge on pastel. You also may need to pair it with a neutral that helps add a little more adult vibes to the room, such as dark brown. Low on inspiration? You can see other green and purple room ideas here.

10. Light Grey

Chic large living room - luxury interior design modern. White sofas and gray rug

Finally topping off this list of great colors to pair with a lavender wall is everyone's favorite neutral: grey. Grey has witnessed a major increase in popularity since 2010, and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. This color is popular because it's a neutral that offers a cooling, calming effect on a room. 

Grey's impeccable modern appeal is what makes it such a powerful option for people who want to enjoy rooms that have a sleek and professional look.

Here, we see how grey turns a lavender room into a dreamy escape from your worries. Grey furniture in a lavender office room, on the other hand, looks quirky yet smart. 

If you love the idea of having a room that looks like it was professionally designed, adding some grey can help. It's a favorite among design professionals.

In Closing

Horizontal space with bright mockup empty wall. Very peri lavender paint color

When it comes to room colors, lavender is a rare but beautiful pick. If you want to make sure that your room looks amazing, you need to apply a little skill when creating a color palette around your walls.

Thankfully, there are tons of different colors that work beautifully with lavender. It's all about finding the right color set for your design goals. So don't worry too much, take your time, and check out those colors. You're bound to find something you love. 

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