27 Incredible Condo Living Room Ideas

Condominiums are one of the easiest forms of homeownership. Often, things like lawn work, the roof, and the driveway are taken care of through an HOA fee. This means all you have to worry about it was goes inside.

With condominiums, some of the interior decorating challenges may come with a lack of natural light. If you have a middle unit with neighbors on either side, your windows are limited to the home's front and back. This is one thing to think about when picking your home's finishes and furnishings.

Another challenge may be in square footage. As condominiums are more common in cities than in the country, the spaces may be compact. If this is the case for your condo, you may need to choose furniture that works with your home's overall scale. In this post, we've found 27 condo living room ideas that may help jumpstart your own design inspiration. Let's take a look at what we found!

A modern condo living room interior with wooden floor, sofa, standing lamp and bookshelves, 27 Incredible Condo Living Room Ideas

1. Use Plants To Bring The Outdoors Inside

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Design interior of living room with small design table and gray L shaped sofa

If your condo living room doesn't have a patio, then consider using house plants to bring more of that outdoor feeling inside. With sunlight only entering the room from the outward-facing wall, those windows are the room's natural lifeforce. Keep them open and place your plants in front of them.

2. Choose A Beautiful Accent Color For One Wall

Modern and bohemian composition of living room interior with gray sofa, rattan armchair, retro footrest, plaid, pillow, tropical plants, small table and elegant accessories

If you have a small living space with only one wall of windows but love color, consider painting an accent wall. If you keep the other walls more neutral, you can have your favorite color without making the room dark or closed in feeling.

3. Add Wainscoting To Give Your Condo Living Room The Feeling Of A Home

Scandinavian interior design living room with gray colored furniture

If you're looking for a unique finish to add to your living room, why not add trim to give your room an old-world feel? Here beautiful wainscoting has been added throughout the room and crown molding at the top where the walls meet the ceiling. 

4. Put Your Dining Table Near The Window

Scandinavian style condo living and dining room with parquet floor and city overview on glass window

Often in condo living rooms, you walk in the front door into the kitchen, then there's a small table area, then the living area beyond. What if you mix it up a bit? Place your dining room table near the gorgeous window instead of more interior. Here mismatched chairs add character to the small wooden table.

This is a beautiful mid-century-styled condo size dining set. Click here for this on Amazon.

5. Add Dramatic Lighting For An Elegant Look

Modern dining room and living room with tiled floor and luxury decor

In this luxury condo living room, the lighting is the showstopper. Elegant built-in lights rim the edge of the tray ceiling for a look that's unique. The boxed fixture over the dining table emits the same soft white light as the ceiling fixtures.

6. Back Up Your Sectional To The Sliding Doors

Interior of a modern, bright and airy Scandinavian design living room with wooden floor and gray sofa

If you have really large floor-to-ceiling doors that take up the entire end of your condo living room, you may want to back up a piece of furniture to them. Here the small sectional is placed in such a way that it doesn't block the whole doorway to the balcony. But placing it here gives more space for the living room. We have another post on this subject here: "How To Arrange Furniture In A Living Room With A Wall Of Windows."

7. Keep Your Furniture Pieces Small And Cozy

Bohemian living room interior with wooden furniture, sofa, parquet floor and light blue colored wall

If you have a condo living room, chances are it's smaller. That's why it's great to pick pieces that provide super seating and comfort but work within the scale of your place.

Tripod side tables like these are great for small living rooms. Click here for these on Amazon.

8. Invest In A Beautiful Light Fixture

Scandinavian interior design living room with house plants, sofa and wooden furniture

The advantage of condo ownership is that you are allowed to change paint and lighting. Here, the homeowner chose an exquisite chandelier that really elevates the look of the room.

9. Keep Things Light And Bright

Cozy design loft living room with white brick wall and carpet on white wooden floor

If you're in a loft space with a whole lot of exposed brick and wooden beams, considering painting the brick a light color. Here the wood beams have been kept natural, but the brick has been painted light and creamy white. As a result, the entire living room is light and bright.

10. Invest In A Great Sofa

Modern living room interior with hardwood floors and view of kitchen in new luxury home

If you live in a condo, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to invest in a great sofa. We love this beautiful buttery leather model with Scandinavian-style legs. It really stands out and will be something to enjoy for many, many years. See our post here on this subject: "How Long Does a Leather Couch Last?."

11. Use Your Bicycle As Decor

Vintage living room interior with good vibes, white comfortable sofa with cushions and blanket, green armchair, cupboard, small table, red bicycle and poster with number five on gray wall

Condominiums are a great idea for a whole lot of reasons. But sometimes they lack good storage. If you commute to work on your bicycle, or just have one for weekend fun, consider a multi-tasking approach. Store your bike in such a way that it acts as room decor for your living room.

12. Choose A Beautiful Color For Your Upholstery

Modern living room interior with comfortable sofa and carpet on wooden floor

One way to make your condo living room stand out is to choose a beautiful color for your upholstery. Whether it be a vibrant turquoise couch or something else entirely, choosing a color you love will really put your stamp on your interior.

13. Add Some Shelving Near The Ceiling

New design home interior with window, TV, large sofa and white furniture set

Because storage can be limited in a condominium compared to a house, it's great to think of clever storage ideas. In this small condo living room, a book ledge has been built above the window wall. It's a great way to add that extra area without taking up floor space or sacrificing natural light from the windows.

14. Use Your Stair Wall For An Art Gallery

Interior of a large and bright loft apartment with framed photos on the stairs and view of the living room

If you have a set of stairs in your condo living room, that stair wall may seem like wasted space. It's time to rethink that! Use the stairwell as a place for a gallery of your favorite art or photographs. Or hang a beautiful collection of small framed mirrors to reflect all the light coming in from the outdoors. 

15. Hang Your Television On The Wall

Sea view living room of luxury beach house with glass door and wooden terrace

One way to save space in your condo living room is to hang your television rather than sitting it on a piece of furniture. This way all of your floor space can be used for humans and the furniture needed to be comfortable.

16. Choose Multi-Functional Pieces

Beagle dog sitting among pillows on old-fashioned comfortable sofa and looking at camera, coffee table and bookshelf in home room

Though the dog sure is a great addition, that's not the multi-function we're referring to. We really love the cube-styled bookcase on the back wall. It's a great size for showcasing framed photos, objects of art, and books. But it also can be outfitted with baskets and bins if you need hidden storage.

This multi-purpose piece can be found on Amazon.

17. Pick A Nice Area Rug To Define Your Spaces

Luxury kitchen and living room interior with white walls, gray sofa and gray carpet on wooden floor

The judicial use of area rugs can go a long way toward defining living spaces. Here the area rug clearly defines the living area, keeping the kitchen area separate.

18. An Open Frame Coffee Table Will Keep Things From Looking Bulky

Interior view of a contemporary lounge with staircase

If you have a tight condo living room, choose a coffee table that is not bulky. Here an open wire frame base holds up the wooden tabletop, but the effect is open and not heavy. 

This industrial-style coffee table with a live edge wooden top won't bog down your condo living room. Click here for this on Amazon.

19. Pick An Awesome Sectional And Coffee Table If You Love Movie Watching In Your Living Room

Interior of a modern, bright and airy living room with cozy sofa and TV

If your favorite living room activity is lying around on the sofa and watching movies, then design it for that. Here a comfortable sectional takes up two full walls of the living room. A large square coffee table is centered in it. On the opposite wall, a TV console table provides storage and a spot for the viewing screen.

20. Make Every Piece Count

Modern home interior with wooden floor, sofa, standing lamp and bookshelves

If you have a dramatic view from an upper-story condo, make your living room count. Pick a few really stellar pieces and one or two paintings you love, and keep things simple yet comfortable. 

21. Set A Mood

Bohemian living room interior beige sofa, wooden furniture and brick wall

In this beautiful condo living room, the designer has set a calming mood. Leaving the red brick wall exposed speaks to the industrial heritage of the building. But the feather calm beiges and browns make it feel like a tranquil oasis. We love the thoughtful selection of comfortable pieces and colors that work so well together. Right down to the gorgeous shade on the window. 

Bamboo Roman shades are the perfect look for a room like this. Please click here for these on Amazon.

22. Make Good Use Of Additional Lighting

Apartment with white brick wall, sofa, table and pattern rug

Lamps are super important in condo living rooms. Because they often lack a whole lot of windows, it's important to use floor and table lamps to fill in where you may need a bit of extra lighting. It's also really fun to find the pieces that are perfect for your interior.

23. Use Your Window Wall For A Home Office

Cropped shot of technology and a notebook on a desk in an empty home office during the day

If your condo living room serves double duty as your home office, consider setting it up at the window end. This gives you loads of natural light for your workday and something to look at when you take breaks. A desk typically won't block the light, and putting it against the window tucks it out of the way.

A small table like this would be a perfect window-front workspace as it's not bulky. Click here for this desk on Amazon.

24. A Ventless Gas Heater Can Give You The Feeling Of A Fireplace

New modern scandinavian loft apartment with glass windows, gray corner sofa, fireplace and gray carpet on parquet floor

If you love a fireplace but don't have a flue, consider adding a ventless gas or electric heater to your condo living room. These units are easy to install and often come with beautiful flame options. With a simple click of the remote, you can have the warmth and appearance of a natural fire.

You might have to hire someone to install it, but a recessed ventless gas fireplace can elevate your condo living room from warm to wow! Click here for this model on Amazon.

25. Add A Hammock For Fun Lounging

Apartment with white brick wall, sofa, table and pattern rug

If you have gorgeous windows in your condominium living room, why not hang a hammock in front of them! Not only will it look extraordinary, but it will also be a unique conversation piece when friends are over. We guarantee people will be vying to see who gets to swing in the hammock.

If you don't want a full hammock, you might consider a hammock chair. You can sit cross-legged and curl up with a good book and your favorite kitty cat. Click here for this on Amazon.

26. Create A Reading Nook Near The Window

A room used as a home office with city overview on glass windows

Rather than put your main living seating area next to the window, consider adding a simple auxiliary seating area. Here a comfy armchair, side table, and area rug create that kind of nook.

27. Wallpaper An Accent Wall

Green table with plant between pink chair and blue sofa in floral living room with wallpaper and brick wall

Wallpaper is back in fashion, so why not make a statement in your condo living room? Here bold color furniture works great with this greenery-filled wallpaper.

So Many Wonderful Ideas

Your condo living room doesn't have to be a cookie-cutter version of everyone else's living room. Whether you gussy it up with furniture or paint or grand lighting, there is a way to make it stand out and be uniquely yours. We hope these inspirational living rooms left you with some great ideas for your own condo living room.

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