Can You Use Dining Chairs as Accent Chairs?

Chairs are a staple piece of furniture in your home, and they offer an opportunity to transform a space depending on their construction and style. You may think that you have to only use a chair for its intended purpose in your home but feel free to take creative liberties. One creative way to expand your home decor is to reinvent and repurpose your furniture. Although a certain type of chair may be ideal for sitting at a desk, kitchen table, or best in a bedroom, it may be used elsewhere.

You can definitely use dining chairs as accent chairs if you need to. Dining chairs do not solely belong at a dining table awaiting hungry guests. Many types of dining chairs make perfect accent chairs for entryways, libraries, bedrooms, and offices. When selecting a dining chair to be used as an accent piece, consider well how it fits your sense of aesthetics, that it has a sturdy construction, and improves visual interest.

Can You Use Dining Chairs As Accent Chairs?

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Typically most accent chairs are low-lying and akin to couches with thick cushions that beg you to sink into them, or they may have a high-design with striking architectural features. Dining chairs usually have a higher back, elevate a seated person more than an accent chair, and are without arms. If you are wondering what factors to consider when selecting a dining chair as an accent chair, we have you covered. Ask yourself the following questions. How large or small is my space? What is my budget? What type of chair style best fits my space?

Seating That Makes a Statement

Having an accent chair or two in your home helps to create a focal point, is a conversation starter, and offers a comfortable place to sit. Many dining chairs can be easily used as an accent chair no matter how small or large your home. An artistic dining chair can add a much-needed pop of color or has a quirky pattern that catches the eye. Don’t be nervous, have fun placing a dining chair in a living room that matches the wall color and decor, or complements the room. It is okay to not match, and you should stick to your rules for aesthetics and the vibe you want your space to have.

Before you choose a dining chair, you will want to consider the following points.

  • Know your budget before you scoop up a find at the thrift store or at your nearest furniture store. Dining chairs may cost anywhere from $99 and upwards of $1,000 or more if it is a custom design.
  • Measure your space before you make a final decision. You don’t want to be stuck with a dining chair that is too large or too small for its new home.
  • Understand how your dining chair’s design, structure, and construction will impact your space’s visual appeal, comfort, and needed maintenance.
  • Dining chairs made from fabric or leather have a different appeal and require different needs versus a chair made from wood or metal.

Ultimately, the chair you choose to be an accent chair is about showing off your personality, connecting the elements in your space, and should fit your needs. Feel comfortable breaking established rules about interior design and decor. Own your space with the perfect dining chair!

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Can Dining Chairs be Used in Living Rooms?

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Placing a dining chair in a living room beside a couch to be used as an impromptu side table, or in a corner or reading nook is ideal. A well-planned out living room can receive a boost of energy, color, and visual appeal with the right dining chair. Choose a vintage dining chair with attractive defects, rich staining, or an intricate pattern. Select a dining chair with attention to structure, plush textures, or highly polished wood elements.

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Can Dining Chairs be Used in Bedrooms?

An accent chair is a great addition to a bedroom. A dining chair can be used as a small desk, a place to stack clothes or books, or a conversation piece. Unless you love dining chairs with an industrial flair made from metal or wood, opt for a dining chair that offers the most comfort on your seat if placed in your bedroom. Since your bedroom is typically a more intimate space in your home, the extra seating provided by a dining chair can be used for putting on shoes, lounging, or adding some attractive throw pillows.

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What Are the Rules for Selecting an Accent Chair in a Small Space?

It might seem a little tricky decorating a small space with an accent chair, but it possible to find the right match for your home. When choosing the perfect accent chair when you have limited space, you will want to consider the following ideas.

  • Avoid making your space feeling cramped and choose a chair that has an open back or creates a visual flow to help move your eye around the room.
  • Transform your small space with a dining chair that has a woven seat, tapered legs, or a mid-century design.
  • It’s all about the curves and silhouette. Choose a chair that doesn’t skimp on comfort but has elements that contribute to a slimmer design, or details that make your room seem larger and keeps your eye moving. Look for chairs with a rounder back, open back, a higher seat, or without arms to achieve this feat.

Relax, and remember to have fun with your personal sense of style to create an eclectic feel, or to tie together all of the elements in your home.

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How Do You Choose an Accent Chair for the Living Room?

First, before you choose an accent chair, you need to know the focal points of your living room and its overall energy.  What is the main element that ties your room together, and how will your choice of accent chair fit? Your room will be dominated by a specific color, texture, or theme. Make your accent chair stand out in your space with a bold color, inviting textures, or because it is a vintage find. Remember to consider well your space, and whether an oversize chair will overwhelm a room, or if a chair is a bit too small. Don’t be afraid to experiment because you can always move your accent chair to another space.

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Show Off Your Personal Style With a Dining Chair as an Accent Chair

Furniture like chairs offers a ton of flexibility to transform a space using texture, color, and visually stunning architectural elements. Placing a dining chair upholstered with rich velvet fabric, leather, or a woven design immediately elevates a room, and gives the eye a place to focus. Use a dining chair to complement existing pieces in a space, make a small room feel larger, or add extra seating to a large room that is exciting and comfortable. There may be rules to home decor and accent chairs, but you can feel confident taking creative liberties with the furniture you choose to furnish your home.

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