11 Awesome Foyer Mirror Ideas

A gorgeous foyer is a welcoming space to your home. The design can be a reflection of what the rest of your home looks like. And speaking of reflections, we love a beautiful foyer mirror upon entrance. Having a mirror in your front hall not only reflects to enhance the rest of your space but gives you and your visitors a handy place for hair and lipstick touch-ups. 

The wonderful thing about decorative mirrors is the wide variety of styles and shapes. There is truly a mirror out there for any design style and any size space. We've found eleven different inspirational foyers that use mirrors to great advantage. So please, keep reading and take a look at what we've found.

Modern foyer with round mirror hung on a wall with wood panels, 11 Awesome Foyer Mirror Ideas

1. Use A Gold Mirror Against Gold Damask Wallpaper

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Modern foyer front entrance with gold mirror against gold damask wallpaper

In this light-filled foyer, the designer has made beautiful use of a large square-framed gilt mirror. What makes it special is it's hung against a bit of extraordinary gold damask wallpaper. Beneath the mirror, a simple foyer table is dotted with ivory and gold porcelain vases. It's simplistic but exquisite and is a great way to approach the foyer. We also love how the door adds natural light to bring the gold aglow.

This beautiful simple 28" x 28" weighs in at an easy 10 lbs. It's available in several smaller sizes as well. Click here for this on Amazon.

2. Use A Tall Mirror Behind A Smaller Table And Lamp

Foyer with entrance to the rooms, tall mirror behind a smaller table and lamp

If your foyer is inside an apartment building and you want to utilize the landing at the top of the stairs, consider a tall mirror. Here, this large mirror starts at the top of the table and rises tall enough for a full-body view. On the table are a gorgeous little shaded lamp and a low dish that could hold mail or other small objects. A similar table is used on the opposite wall but is paired with a petite loveseat. This gives visitors a place to both rest and get a quick visual check.

3. Copy The Look Of Your Foyer Hutch With Your Mirrors

Modern foyer with eccentric square mirrors on the wall above a floor cabinet

In this gorgeous foyer, a mid-century styled foyer table sets the style for the space. But what is really special is the arrangement of mirrors above it. These are designed in a similar mid-century modern style. They function almost like artwork as their abstract styling is less about self-reflection as it is about a reflection of light.

This cool mid-century model mirror collage is more art than functional. But it's a great way to add some sparkle and reflection to your foyer. Click here for this on Amazon.

4. Contrast A Circular Mirror With A Rectangular Plant Stand

Glass entry door to foyer with circular mirror with a rectangular plant stand

If you have a narrow front hallway, there may not be space to utilize a foyer table or hutch. But if you still want something decorative, here's an idea for you. Why not pair a mirror with a raised plant stand? Here a trendy circular black mirror with a narrow frame matches a black rectangular plant stand, also narrow. Both look great with the black door and stark white walls. If you don't have a lot of natural light in your foyer, you might opt for a silk plant in the stand rather than live houseplants.

Here's a 26" large round mirror with similar styling as the one in the above image. Click here for this on Amazon.

5. Choose A Mirror To Fit Your Style

Beautiful white foyer with gray hardwood floors in a freshly renovated house

We all know that design happens in trends. We also know that trends come and go. So, what's important in your home is not so much what's trending, but what you love. If you're a fan of rustic reclaimed wood, shabby chic, or maybe eclectic boho, choose a mirror that suits your space. In this bright coastal home, rather than choosing something gilt or heavily framed, the homeowner has utilized a lovely octagon shaped mirror with bits of mother-of-pearl around the edges. It's the perfect choice for the look of this home. Here's a similar design on Wayfair --click here.

6. Mirror An Accent Wall In Your Foyer

Bright modern foyer with a mirror and an accent wall

If you love the light a mirror can introduce into an interior space, here's another approach. Rather than hanging only a small accent mirror, consider installing an entire mirror wall. In this foyer, a simple ottoman and wall mirror are next to a large, L-shaped mirror wall. We love that the designer broke this wall up into alternating vertical sizes of rectangular mirrors rather than one large panel. It creates interest and prisms of light.

7. Play With Metallics

Foyer with large wooden door, metal table and chrome framed mirror

If you love a bit of a posh feeling and have a playful spirit, consider metallics. In this traditional hallway, the designer surprises us. A silvery side table coordinates with the small upholstered footstool. The wall features a large mirror framed in a delightful, double-tiered silver metal; it plays off the glimmering theme. 

Though a bit different from the one in our hallway image, this Grecian style will give you the same spirit and playfulness. Click here for this mirror on Amazon.

8. Frame Your Mirror Between Wall Sconces

Framed mirror between wall sconces

If you love a formal look, consider hanging an elegant mirror between two wall sconces. Here a silver framed mirror is delightful, centered between two shaded sconces. Below, a simple bench provides a place for removing shoes or setting your briefcase at the end of a long day. Sconces are a super choice for a foyer with lower light than other rooms in the house. Even if you have an overhead foyer light, sconces can provide a nice romantic alternative to a bright overhead glow. 

Achieve this look with a glass shade sconce from Wayfair --click here.

9. Hang An Over Large Mirror In A Horizontal Direction

Modern foyer with oversized horizontal mirror

We've already talked about using a full-size mirror vertically, but why not horizontally? In this narrow foyer, the homeowner has hung an oversized thick, silver-framed mirror horizontally. This orientation allows for more than one person to see their reflection in the mirror and catches a wider swath of reflection from within the home's opposite space. See a similarly sized mirror at Wayfair --click here.

10. Starburst Mirrors Are Reflective And Interesting

Starburst mirror above the cabinet with flowers in a foyer behind a modern living room

This beautiful loft space makes use of clean lines and contemporary designs. One exception to that rule is the use of the ornate starburst mirror over the entry table. It provides a bit of reflection for quick outfit checks, but mostly it serves the purpose of looking fabulous. We love this bronzed gold color against the rich blue wall.

Starburst mirrors come in a wide array of designs, complexness, and finishes, but we love this one for the look above. Click here for this on Amazon.

11. Hang A Simple Full-Length Sheet Of Mirror For Simplicity

Eccentric shaped mirror on the corner of a foyer

If your hallway is the final stop for a full-frontal outfit check, then why not aim for something simple? Here a full-length pane of mirror glass has a shapely style. The trick to this kind of mirror is to get a glass that's thick enough not to bow or give a distorted reflection. Always go for something 1/4" thick or thicker. If you prefer something with the tiniest bit of frame, this streamlined design comes in several different color frames,  seen at Wayfair --click here.

Your Foyer Mirror Reflects Your Style

Now that you've seen what all of these fabulous designers did with their foyer mirrors. It's time to decide what to do with yours. We're sure you've now got the perfect look in mind.

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