Front Door Color For A Yellow House [Inc. 11 Examples in Pictures]

The color yellow is full of cheer and positivity, so it should be no surprise that it makes for an excellent color for the exterior of the home. While it may not be the most common choice, it truly transforms the look of the home. From the faintest pale yellow to the loudest yellow, there are many hues in between.

The color of the home exterior complements other exterior decorative elements like the trim, the roof, the windows, the garden beds, and even the front door. Finding just the right color for the front door is an important aspect of the overall design and aesthetic of the home.

So, if you're beginning to wonder what color front door will go with your yellow home, you've come to the right place. We created a list of front door colors for your yellow house to inspire your creativity! Without further ado, let's get to it.

Luxury elegant new yellow beach home with brownish double door, Front Door Color For A Yellow House [Inc. 11 Examples in Pictures]


Green is a color of freshness, growth, and harmony. Ranging from pale green to forest green, this color adds much depth and life. Since yellow is bright and green is fresh, the color pairing looks refreshing and eye-catching.

1. Lemon And Lime

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A very colorful entrance way to a yellow home with green doors in Pensacola Florida

Lemon and lime just go together, right? The bright green french doors are commanding of attention and serve as the focal point as you approach the home. The wide glass panels break up the color and bring in lots of natural light.

2. Muted Color Palette

a meticulously painted yellow victorian home with an ornate spring green door

If you're after a more muted color palette, the pale yellow and sage green duo oozes elegance. The colors combine to make a very soft aesthetic while simultaneously creating intrigue. The design in the corbels and the front door even match. 

3. Front Entrance Focal Point

Snow showel beside the green front door of a home.

This house has a unique spin to its exterior color scheme. The front entrance uses the yellow and green color pairing while the rest of the house is painted white. If you're looking for a way to create a strong focal point at your entrance, this is the way to do it.

Brown And Black

Both brown and black are classic, timeless colors that match well with just about any color on the exterior of a home. The colors are dark and commanding, which complements a yellow exterior very well.

4. Classic Elegance

A luxury yellow mansion with brownish double doors and three parking garage

This house features all kinds of shapes that make the aesthetic very alluring. It combines the use of curves and straight lines well, with no exception for the front door. The curved front door melts into the design and the brown hue helps it do so effortlessly.

5. Natural Wood

Luxury elegant new yellow beach home with yellow exterior and brownish double door in Venice, Florida

Never underestimate the charm of natural wood. This stained front door brings organic beauty to the aesthetic of this yellow home. 

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6. Black Complements

A beautifully maintained yellow home with brown doors

If you don't want the door color to stand completely on its own, use the same hue throughout various exterior elements. The inky black shutters help create a cohesive look on the exterior. 

7. Auburn Brown

Single Family Home with yellow Exterior and red door and Trees in Autumn Colors (Foliage) in Sleepy Hollow, Hudson Valley, New York

With a house in this shade of yellow, it's easy to match any color door with it. This auburn brown door seems to ground the aesthetic and provide warm color. The door color will even match the changing leaves during the fall months!

8. Dark Contrast

Aerial view of a yellow modern American craftsman home with lush landscaping, set among a forest of trees

Black and yellow is a bold color combination that pays off. Your eyes don't focus on just one design piece of the home but rather on the whole. The colors undoubtedly mix well together. 


White is a crisp, clean color that evokes a feeling of freshness and positivity. In design, it's one of the most classic colors and goes well with any style of home and any color combination. When paired with yellow, the white hue certainly pops.

9. Trim Work

Gorgeous yellow country house with a white door and a nice lawn

This home features exquisite trim work. The white color perfectly outlines and highlights certain exterior features, which only elevates the aesthetic of the home. The white door is the perfect color option since it blends in seamlessly. 

10. Grand Entrance

Longfellow House-Washington's Headquarters National Historic Site in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Don't miss out on making a statement with your home's exterior design. The flat-front house ensures that the entrance is grand and commanding of attention. The white trim, railing, columns, and door are the perfect touch.


Blue is a cool, calm, and relaxing hue. Couple it with yellow and you have a show-stopping color display. 

11. Navy Blue

Yellow House with a blue door Pink Rose Bush in Front

The blue door on this home makes for a fun color choice. While the yellow is captivating on its own, the blue adds that extra allure. The navy blue hue is sophisticated and inviting. 

Drop us a comment and let us know what color front door you pick for your yellow house! Before you go, make sure to check out these other amazing home decor guides:

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