What Curtains Go With Beige Walls? [Inc. 13 Examples]

Beige is a pale sandy color that looks marvelous in any home style. It's a soft hue that's instantly calming and relaxing. Because of its soft color, it's easy to pair any other color with it. Whether you want a room full of neutral tones or with some pop of color, beige is the perfect backdrop color for the walls.

So, as you begin decorating your home, you may begin to wonder what curtain color will go with your beige walls. We did the work for you and created a list of 13 gorgeous color pairings. The following curtain colors and styles are the perfect finishing touches in your beige-walled room. So, without further ado, let's get into it!

Dark blue colored curtains on beige colored walls and a fireplace at the middle, What Curtains Go With Beige Walls? [Inc. 13 examples]

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Brown And Beige

Brown shares a similar base color to beige, instantly making the two colors a fabulous pair. There are numerous shades of brown, from dark cocoa to light tan. Beige is another obvious color choice since it matches the walls perfectly. Brown and beige help create a seamless appearance.

1. Elegant Floor-Length Beige Curtains

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Beige colored walls with long light brown colored curtains

These floor-length curtains accentuate the architecture and design of the room. It helps soften the windows and create visual interest. Having the curtains flush with the floor is the most common way to hang them.

Beige Cotton Curtain Panel

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2. Apron Length

An empty space room with beige colored walls, brown curtains, and wooden flooring

Apron length curtains reach a few inches underneath the window sill. This style prevents the curtains from getting dusty and dirty from touching the floor. 

3. Pinch Pleat Top

A beautiful living room with white chairs beige colored walls and long brown curtains

There are multiple ways and styles in which you can hang your curtains. These curtains have a neat "pinch pleat" style at the top, meaning the fabric is pinched together to form pleats at the top to allow the curtain panels to fan out. 

4. Curtain Track

Living room with beige colored walls, triangular patterned brown rug, white sofa set, and light brown colored curtains

A curtain track is a great way to design an unobtrusive look where you don't see the curtain track at all. This can give the room a more elegant and seamless appearance. The curtains truly become a part of the room's intentional design. 

5. Puddling Curtains

Beige wall with off-white sofa, matching pillows and grey striped blanket placed on top

Curtains have a puddling effect when there are at least 6 inches of extra fabric pooling on the floor. It elevates the room's aesthetic with a feeling of luxury. 

6. Tie-Back Panels

Beige colored wall with light yellow colored curtains and unlit candle on top of black wooden table

If you don't want your curtains swinging freely in the room, tie-backs are an excellent addition. Curtain tie-backs also help create a distinct look in the room.

7. Barely There Aesthetic

Bed with folded blankets and light brown colored curtains near windows with potted plants

Finding curtains that have an almost identical color as the walls form a "barely there" aesthetic. The curtains bring a delightful texture to the room without making a strong statement. 

8. Tab Top Panels

A beige wall with long tied-back beige curtains

Tab top panels have fabric loops at the top through which you slide the curtain rod. Because it's more difficult to slide the panels over the rod, tab top curtains are considered more decorative than functional.

Tab Top Curtain Panel

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White is a crisp, clean, airy color choice. When it comes to window treatments, the color white softens the windows and lightly filters in light. It helps open up the space and will easily match any interior decorating style. 

9. Sheer Curtains

Off-white couches placed near windows with white curtains on beige colored walls

Sheer curtains make for a light, airy aesthetic. While they don't provide much privacy, they're absolutely stunning and bring layered softness into the room. 

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Sheer White Curtain Panels

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10. Pearl Sheen 

Striped beige colored walls with double door and white curtains on the sides

Hanging curtains higher than the window or doorframe adds height to the room. Hanging them just below the ceiling will draw the eye up and give the appearance of a taller ceiling. The pearl sheen of these curtain panels is stunning. 

Dark Gray And Black

If you want a strong color contrast to your beige walls, then dark gray and black is the way to go. A dark color against the light-colored walls brings warmth and definition into the room.

11. Framing A Room

Dark blue colored curtains on beige colored walls with a fireplace and long rectangular table at the middle

Curtain panels do a marvelous job of framing a room. Without the curtains, this room would feel rather plain and too open. The curtains used on the window pair create cohesion in the room design and provide a pleasant color contrast. 


Pink is such a lively, cheerful color that can be found in an assortment of tones. It's playful yet romantic, so you can make the color work in many rooms and designs. If you're looking for a fun burst of color, give pink a shot.

12. Two Tones

Beige colored walls with pink and beige curtains

Accompany your bright pink curtain with a beige panel to soften the look and add more soft fabric to the room. Pairing these two together transitions the space nicely. 

Cream And Light Yellow

Cream and light yellow are soft complements to beige. While the colors are indeed different, they share some of the same undertones. This makes the colors pair gorgeously together.

13. Soft Floral Design

Beige colored wall with flower vase on top of a peach colored wooden drawer complementing a long, beige and grey floral tied-back curtain

These elegant curtain panels feature a faint floral design in them, making them look that much more soft and romantic. The tie-back keeps the panel out of the way and loosely hung.

We can't wait to hear which color and style of curtains you decide to incorporate into your beige-walled room! Let us know in the comment section below. Before you go, make sure to check out these other inspiring home decor guides:

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