Gorilla Ladder Vs Little Giant Vs Werner: Pros, Cons, & Major Differences?

Are you searching for a new ladder, but aren’t sure whether Gorilla, Little Giant, or Werner would make a better investment? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together this guide to walk you through the pros and cons of each brand’s ladders to help you make the right choice. 

Gorilla and Werner Co. Ladders are well known for their stability and their durability, but they’re both heavy and each has its own downfalls. Little Giant Ladders offer a large variety of accessories for customization, but they are heavy and can be wobbly the higher they get.

So which brand has the best features and extras? And are any of them safer than the others? Keep reading to learn all about these different ladder brands and what makes them unique.

ladder isolated on white - Gorilla Ladder Vs Little Giant Vs Werner Pros, Cons, & Major Differences

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How To Choose A Ladder?

To find the perfect ladder you’ll need to take into consideration what is most important to you. Determine how you will use your ladder, how tall it needs to be, and whether or not you will require additional accessories.

Stability and safety should also be at the forefront of your mind since ladders can be dangerous.

Gorilla Ladders

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ladder isolated on white

Gorilla ladders are designed and engineered in the United States, but their ladders and other products are made overseas. They’re owned by Tricam Industries, based out of Minnesota.

Gorilla and Tricam Industries support Habitat For Humanity as well as the Monarch Foundation, so you can feel good about purchasing their products knowing that they support charitable and environmental causes.

Pros Of Gorilla Ladders

Gorilla ladders have the highest duty rating available from the IAA, which is a huge selling point for their products.

They have high ratings for their ease of use, and many owners praise their ability to easily fold and unfold for use or storage. Their ladders’ steps are easy to climb and provide a sense of security due to their size and sturdiness.

Cons Of Gorilla Ladders

Customers tend to note that the biggest downside of Gorilla ladders is that they tend to be rather heavy and bulky, making them more difficult to move around. While the weight makes it troublesome to relocate, it also helps the ladder remain stable while being used, which is a vital feature in any ladder.

Gorilla Ladders 22-Foot Ladder

This 22-foot ladder can support 300 pounds and telescopes to different heights to meet your project’s needs. This ladder is built to tackle the toughest of jobs and offers the perfect solution to a wide variety of jobs.

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Little Giant Ladders

Black ladder on light grey wall background with shadow. Vector illustration

Based out of Utah, Little Giant ladders is another product that is designed in the United States while production is outsourced to other countries.

Little Giant offers an extensive product line featuring ladders designed for a variety of different jobs and in a variety of different lengths. They also offer high-quality safety cages, stepladders, and stepstools. 

Pros Of Little Giant Ladders

Little Giants ladders offer some really cool options that can make a huge difference in how quickly you get your next job done.

These ladders are offered in varieties that come with utility shelves, and you can add accessories like tool trays, wheels, and even extra steps. Little Giant’s easy customization options are one of the biggest features of their ladders, but they’re also well known for being comfortable to use.

Cons Of Little Giant Ladders

The most common complaint about Little Giant ladders is their weight, which makes them difficult to move around, especially the larger models.

Mobility issues can be alleviated with the addition of the coaster wheels available as an accessory. Other customers have complained about the ladders feeling a little unstable, with this issue being more noticeable the higher you go. 

Little Giant Ladders Velocity With Wheels

This ladder comes with wheels to help make transporting the ladder easier since it can be quite heavy. It supports up to 300 pounds and includes levelers to help stabilize the ladder while it’s in use.

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Werner Ladders

set of yellow Ladder isolated on white

A reliable name in ladder manufacturing, Werner’s products are made in Mexico and designed at their headquarters in Illinois.

They offer a wide variety of equipment and tools that are commonly used in worksites across the United States. Werner also offers a variety of accessories, so you can customize your ladder to make jobs easier.

Pros Of Werner Ladders

Werner’s ladders are notable for their stability, they have a high rating among users, and are a staple in most professional construction capacities.

Werner offers an abundance of accessories for customization, and they have an extensive variety of sizes, products, and materials. Another highly praised attribute of Werner’s ladders is their durability; they’re tough enough for any job.

Cons Of Werner Ladders

Werner ladders also tend to be very heavy, which can be an issue when mobility is part of the job. Casters are available as ladder accessories, which can improve the portability of your ladder. Another disadvantage of Werner ladders is that they can be difficult to extend and retract.

Werner 365 Stepladder

This 5-foot ladder is a great choice for small jobs, and it’s perfect for around the house. It has a small shelf to hold tools or paint which is a handy feature for a ton of projects. 

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Major Differences

Werner and Gorilla both offer high levels of quality and durability, while Little Giant has faced issues with both. Little Giant has a wide array of accessories, but their products’ stability has often come into question, particularly in taller models. All of these brands have been scrutinized over how heavy they are.

What Are The Safest Ladders?

Ladders made from fiberglass are the safest material option since fiberglass is an insulator. This means that it will not carry an electric charge if it comes in contact with an electric current.

Ladders often get brought into unsafe conditions, and fiberglass is flame resistant, making it a great option to have handy for emergencies.

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What Is The Best Size Ladder For Home Use?

This depends on the level of home repair you’re capable of tackling on your own. If you just want to replace light bulbs and clean the gutters, a 5-10-foot ladder will probably be suitable for most jobs.

For things like siding jobs, roofing, or painting, or for homes two or more stories in height, you may want to consider a taller option.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Fiberglass Ladder?

Fiberglass ladders can last between 5 and 50 years or longer with proper care, shelter, and regular maintenance.

More durable than aluminum and wood, fiberglass doesn’t rust or decay quite like other options.  This resistance to deterioration prolongs the lifespan of fiberglass, leading to a significantly longer lasting product. 

What Is The Life Expectancy Of An Aluminum Ladder?

Aluminum ladders generally last around 20 years but can last longer with good care. It’s very important to store aluminum ladders safely away from moisture to prevent rust which can quickly destroy aluminum. Aluminum is a soft metal that can bend or dent easily, so use care to avoid damaging the ladder.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Wooden Ladder?

Wood ladders tend to last between 5 and 20 years and can last longer when well cared for. The key with wood ladders is to keep them sheltered and re-finish them when needed, but wood degrades quicker than metal or fiberglass.

Wood ladders are sturdy and durable, but they don’t typically offer the same safety features, extensions, or accessories as more modern options.

wooden Ladder leaning against white wall. Isolated vector illustration on white background.

Is It Okay To Store Ladders Outside?

No, to keep your ladder in good condition, you need to keep it sheltered. Rain, snow, and sun can all negatively affect your ladder and cause bleaching, rust, and warping. Store your ladder in a garage, shed, porch, or closet to keep it safe.

Can Ladders Be Stored Standing Up?

Yes, it is acceptable to store ladders standing up, however, most people prefer to store them laying horizontally.

Storing your ladder horizontally or laid down on its side will help prevent it from falling and sustaining or causing damage. Consider adding large hooks in your garage or shed so you can hand your ladder out of the way.

In Closing

Now that you know the differences between these ladder brands as well as their advantages and disadvantages, you’re ready to decide on the best option for you.

Don’t forget to consider the weight limit on each model as well as how much weight you’ll be carrying up the ladder. Good luck, and remember to be safe whenever you’re on a ladder.

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