How Big Should Wall Clock Be?

The size of a wall clock is an important aspect of a room's design as it is generally one of the first things someone notices when they walk into a room. Not only does one factor in the location of the clock, but also its size in proximity to where one resides in the room and how well it can be viewed. Clocks are not in all rooms of a house for instance, and they are not all the same size. Their functionality in relation to their size, as well as the style, has a lot of bearing on the outcome of what fits best in a room.

A wall clock should be between six inches and eighteen inches in width. Wall clocks come in three general sizes: small, medium, and large. A small clock measures around 8.5 inches, a medium clock measures between 12-24 inches, and a large clock measures between 24-32 inches.

One should not choose a clock that doesn’t fit the space where one will hang it, the space surrounding the clock should be four times as high as the clock and six times as wide. It is best to place the clock at eye level which can make the room seem slightly bigger, it is also advised to leave nine inches between the ceiling and the mounted clock. 

A brown themed bedroom with brown bedding sets and a light gray colored wall, How Big Should Wall Clock Be?

How Big Wall Clocks Should Be                  

Design Considerations For A Small Clock

  • Wood, metal or pendulum
  • Non-ticking 
  • Battery operated
  • Automatically adjusts when time changes 
  • Back nail slot
  • Easy to read
  • Fog proof glass 
  • Quartz powered 
  • Arabic or Roman numerals.                                                

Functionality and Design

A small quiet non-ticking wall clock (8.5 inches) would fit nicely on shelf or a wall in a bedroom in or a bathroom or in the laundry room. It can be quartz powered, analog or digital, battery operated, usually in a modern design with easy to read numbers. Fog proof glass is handy for temperature fluctuations, with a nail slot on the back of the clock, or a clasp on the back of a clock for use on a desk or nightstand with Arabic or Roman Numerals in an easy to read format which adjusts when the clocks fall back or spring forward without fuss. Smaller clocks with a Roman numeral typeface look best in a muted interior design space with solid colors, (white, light grey, beige or black) when the clock has a black border and white face. 

1) Brandream Luxury Vintage Small 6.2 inch desktop clock.

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2) Silent, non-ticking metal clock 10 inches in diameter, with large easy to view numbers one can view without prescription glasses. Silver frame with a white face makes it an ideal choice for a modern home. Comes with a back nail slot to hang. 

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Medium Clock: 

  • Contemporary 
  • Conceptual
  • less traditional
  • minimalist
  • glass
  • stainless steel construction 
  • composite materials
  • aluminum 
  • bold colors and daring designs
  • battery operated.

Wall clock placement

A medium wall clock (12-24 inches) is contemporary, less traditional, minimalist design, made up of glass, aluminum or composite materials often with bold colors and unique designs with quartz timekeeping. When thinking of where to place  medium sized wall clocks fit nicely in the bedroom, bathroom or den as a good way to keep track of time while not using up excess space. Usually medium sized wall clocks with a classic design look the best in the kitchen. If one is looking for a piece that stands out.

1) From Normann Copenhagen furniture Design, 11.2 inches, Watch me Wall Clock, modern design and minimalism. Comes in six different color combinations, consists of powder coated aluminum.     

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2) Adalene wall clock 14-inch Analog Quartz Wood frame with a beige face and Arabic numbers. The clock does not tick and the quartz timekeeping mechanism is accurate.

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Large clock: 

  • Abstract
  • Contemporary
  • Decorative
  • Minimalist
  • Modern
  • Frameless
  • Easy to read
  • 3D
  • Silent
  • Non-ticking pendulum
  • Handcrafted
  • Non-linear.

Are Large Wall Clocks still in style?

Large wall clocks (24-32 inches) are trending now more as a statement piece to offset the advent of the digital age. People feel that nostalgic twinge when thinking about the style they want when placing a large wall clock in their home. Handcrafted minimalist pieces are the trend with a non-linear flair such as frameless clocks, unusual shapes, as well as 3D designs. Oversized large wall clock are usually found in hallways, living areas and kitchens.

1) Oversized vintage wall clock.

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2) Large DIY Wall clock Frameless 3D Mirror Surface.

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How to hang an oversized clock

Step 1- Use a stud finder in the chosen location to hang the clock. (The 2-by-4 support pieces of wood behind the drywall). Normally a clock is placed 57 to 60 inches off the floor.


Step 2- Use a pencil to write in the height using the hanger on back of the wall clock.


Step 3- Using a screwdriver, put the screw in place leaving some space at the end of the screw to allow the hanger on the back of the clock to securely position.


Step 4- Hang clock. It is advised to not hang the clock on the drywall as it is not as stable as using a screw and stud to adequately support it.


Step 5- Taking into consideration the size of the screw anchors, drill a hole into the wall.  (Metal anchors are preferred, and are okay to use with drywall, brick and masonry walls). Lightly tap with a hammer to prevent making a large hole in the wall.


Step 6- Take a screw, put it inside the anchor and turn with a screwdriver (use more than one anchor as a precaution)  this adds more security to prevent the clock from falling.                                

Matching different sized wall clocks to décor items

Kitchen- In the kitchen, a wall clock is usually found in the lower end of the medium sized range and all the way up to a larger size. (8 to 31 inches). A clock in the kitchen is a big statement, and if one has a country style kitchen, one can spruce it up with a minimalist look to offset the dark warmth one was after. One can pick from a digital model, analog, maritime or a cuckoo clock with a pendulum.

Living room-The use of oversized clocks in the living room can use one’s creativity to bring the room to life, whether it be a wall clock, using family photos to bring warmth to the room, or one can use an abstract clock with bright colors to enhance the space.

Bedroom- A kid’s bedroom. Definitely think of a non-ticking clock, perhaps on the smaller side to hang on above a dresser or to stand on a desk. Think of animals on clocks to add a sense of fun to aid in learning how to read as well as creating a safe space for them.

Hallway- The hallway is someone’s first impression when they enter your home. A vintage oversized wall clock is a nice addition over a bureau with dried flowers in pots to give a feeling of hospitality.

Bathroom- A very small clock in the bathroom should suffice. It’s where someone has privacy and when getting ready in the morning for work. It also depends on the size of the bathroom. If is is double bathroom with two people getting ready, then a larger clock with a non-ticking clock would do.

Office-A minimalist approach to a home office with a handcrafted medium-sized wall clock with a bold color or unusual design will break up the monotony of the workday as well as adding a creative outlet.      

In Closing

In summary, the three sizes of wall clocks, their various designs, the style of one’s home as well as one’s personal preferences, can all marry together a beautiful combination of designs. Whether one is checking out wall clocks online or in person, or with an interior decorated, a clock is a vital part of one’s home life. With the fast pace of the modern world, one usually wants a quiet non-ticking clock to add to the ambiance of one’s home.

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