How To Keep Outdoor Curtains From Blowing

Are the summer breezes blowing your outdoor curtains into your lap as you try to relax on your patio? How can you contain the curtains to enjoy your favorite afternoon place?  In this post, we found the best ways to tame the curtains to share with you.

While we can’t control the wind, we can mediate how much billowing happens with our curtains. Here are some ideas to keep outdoor curtains from blowing:

  • Use a tie-back for gathered curtains.
  • Thread a cable through the bottom hem and, using the cable, connect each end of the curtain to tent stakes. 
  • Weigh down the hem by threading a chain through or filling with sand or pebbles.
  • Install a rod at ground level, and slide curtains onto the rod through the bottom hem or grommets.
  • Add decorative weights to the exterior of the hem.
  • Use magnets to connect the curtain to a base frame. 

Please continue reading to learn the details for how to set-up the options we’ve suggested. We will also talk about keeping the curtains from sliding on the rod, the best fabrics for outdoor curtains, and how to secure outdoor blinds.

An outdoor gazeebo with white outdoor curtains and a dining table with chairs in the middle, How To Keep Outdoor Curtains From Blowing

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How To Mitigate Blowing Curtains

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A white colored hanging curtain blowing in the wind

Use A Tie-Back For Gathered Curtains

Gather the curtains and pull them to the side. Use a cute tie-back to hold them in place. Use tie-backs when privacy or shade is not a big concern. For examples of curtain hooks and tie-backs, visit our article 13 Types Of Curtain Hooks And Tiebacks. The rope tie-back featured below is perfect for a nautical themed patio. Click here to see it on Amazon.

Pack Curtain Tiebacks

Cable The Curtain Hem And Stake Down

Thread a decorative cable through the bottom hem and attach it to a stake at both sides. Be cautious where it is staked to avoid any tripping hazards. You can position a tent stake closely to the ground or use a dog tie-out. Staking is best for curtains used during camping and picnics because they are temporary. The tent stakes featured below are perfect for hard dirt and will go in close enough to minimize tripping hazards. Click here to view them on Amazon.

Steel Nail Tent Pegs

Weigh Down The Hem

Thread a small gauge chain through the hem of the curtains. It will keep the entire curtain hanging down smoothly and avoid sections from blowing in the wind. Alternatively, you can fill the hem with sand or pebbles for a similar effect.

Install Curtain Rod Or Rail At Ground Level

Build a curtain rod on the floor, and then slide the curtain onto the rod or rail using the bottom hem. Add grommets to the hem at even intervals to affix to the rod and create a classier look. Use a curtain rod that can be attached to the floor at a minimum clearance to reduce the tripping hazard. Click here to view this rod on Amazon.

Industrial Curtain Rod, Curtain Rods for Windows

Decorative Hem Weights

Attach cute weights at 1-foot intervals to the bottom of the curtain to hold it down. The insect weights below clip-on with ease and add a garden feel to your outdoor space. Click here to see them on Amazon.

Pack Tablecloth Clips

Magnetic Connection

Attach magnets to the bottom of the hem, then hang with the opposing section of the curtain facing against a base frame.

How Do You Secure Outdoor Blinds?

New window with shutter

Protect your outdoor blinds from damage by using any of these suggestions:

Glue Magnets To The Window Casting And Blind

The magnets catch the bottom metal rods and help prevent blinds from blowing. Make sure to attach magnets in the exact location where the bar touches the blinds. Blend magnets into your decor by painting them to match your railing.

Clip Bottom Of Blinds To An Anchor Point

Add an anchor point to the ground or floor, and a clip to the bottom of the blind. Securely connected blinds should be taut. To avoid a tripping hazard, use an anchoring device that will lie flat.

How Do You Hang Outdoor Curtains?

Relaxing square pavillon in the line on direction to the beach and sea in cozy tropical environment

There are multiple decorative ways to hang outdoor curtains, let’s take a closer look and some suggestions.

Use A Classic Curtain Rod

Silver metallic curtain pole and curtains

For wood structures, you can drill to install a curtain rod intended for outdoors. Outdoor rods have been treated to withstand rust and fading. Make sure to match the rod style to your metal accents and outdoor furniture.

Weaver Cap End Indoor

Click here to view this rod on Amazon.

Tension rods can work for structures that have columns built with brick or stone as long as the curtain fabric is lightweight. Be mindful that a tension rod might not hold up well to strong winds.

Check out this hack to weatherize curtains and rod for an outdoor space:

Use Wire to Hang Curtains

Using wire to hang the curtains can be inexpensive. Get some heavy-gauge steel wire cable, eye hooks, and wall anchors.

Boho style home patio terrace with curtains and wicker, rattan, reed decorations.

  1. Attach an eye hook and a wall anchor to one end of the wire to a nearby column or post.
  2. Thread the curtain onto the wire.
  3. Keep the wire taut and secure it with an eye hook and wall anchor at the opposite end. If stretching across a large space, consider adding an eye hook and wall anchor in the middle of the structure and thread the wire through to avoid any sag in the middle.

Create a Floating Outdoor Curtain

Sometimes we build a patio or deck without any pillars or a roof, which would be ideal for curtain hanging. But, you can add a simple frame to hang curtains on the patio to achieve a floating look. Keep in mind, floating curtains tend to billow so using one of the aforementioned tips to keep curtains secure is necessary.

Beach shade with white gracefully fluttering fabric curtains on seashore

For this brief tutorial, we are using wood, but you can use any weatherproof, alternative materials that work for your outdoor space.

  1. Add pillars by attaching tall boards upright to the edges of the patio platform to create struts. You can alternatively dig holes to cement the boards into the ground.
  2. At the top of the pillars screw in either eye bolts or curtain hardware.
  3. Go ahead and slide the curtains onto a rod, and hang the rod.

How do I Keep Outdoor Curtains From Sliding On The Rod?

  • Place a magnet on the metal rod at the place where you want the curtain to stop.
  • Use a rubber band as a stopper. Make sure to choose a rubber band that blends in with the rod.
  • Add a double-sided command strip to the desired curtain stopping point.
  • Reposition the rings and put the end clip on the outside of the mounting hardware.

What Fabric Is Best For Outdoor Curtains?

When shopping for outdoor fabric, make sure it is rated for outdoors. Outdoor fabric gets a special treatment that adds resistance to outdoor elements.

Solution-Dyed Acrylic Fabrics

These fabrics do not fade as quickly as non-treated fabrics. They withstand exposure to sunlight because they have 2,000 hours of lightfastness. They are also mold-resistant, and a high thread count adds some weight for wind resistance. There is a good variety of colors and styles to choose from as they mimic indoor fabric.

Sunbrella Canvas Macaw

Click here to see this product on Amazon.

Polyolefins and High UV Polyesters

Polyolefins and High UV Polyesters are second in line compared to solution-dyed acrylics because they are also extremely durable. For sun exposure, they have 1,500 hours of lightfastness to minimize fading. They come in multiple ranges of textures and themes.

Light Filtering Grommet Top Curtain Panel

Create a beachy feel with these flowing curtains. Click here to see on Amazon.

Spun Polyester

Spun polyester fabrics are priced lower, but also needs to be replaced more frequently. It does not have a high lightfastness, so prone to fade. It is good for those of us who like to change our themes often or who tend to store curtains inside when not in use.

Outdoor Curtains for Patio Thick Privacy Grommet Curtains for Bedroom

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In Summary

We have looked at multiple methods to keep the curtains from blowing and added some extra tips for outdoor curtains such as how to secure blinds and the best fabrics to withstand the elements. Before you go, we have more curtain posts for your reading pleasure:

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