How High To Hang Key Hooks

We have all been there, in a hurry to get out the door and frantically searching for our keys. Of course, there is a simple solution to this problem, and that is installing a key hook. Key hooks allow you to hang up your keys in the same place every time, but you may be wondering how high to hang your key hooks. Fortunately for you, we have done the leg work and have the answer for you here.

There is no set rule on how high you must hang your key hooks. For practical reasons, it makes the most sense to hang key hooks somewhere between your shoulder and eye height. On average, this is between 60 and 66 inches from the floor.

While you can certainly go install your key hooks now, you may want to continue reading as we cover some important topics concerning the hanging of key hooks. In this article, we will be answering questions as to why it matters how high you hang your hooks, what the best locations are for your keys, how to properly space your key hooks, and finally, if key hooks need to be installed into the wall studs. Stick around until the very end, as we wrap up by discussing some of our favorite key hooks and alternatives to key hooks. Let's get started!

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Why Height Matters

It is important to hang your key hooks between shoulder and eye height, as this allows for your keys to be in your direct line of sight. This not only helps you remember where your keys are but makes them easily accessible as you're walking out the door.

Hanging keys higher up also helps to keep your keys out of reach of small children. If a toddler gets ahold of your keys, it might be months before you discover where they hid them!

Variables such as the size and style of the key hook shouldn't affect this measurement drastically, perhaps only by an inch. However, the location where you hang your key hooks may cause you to either raise or lower this measurement depending on the space available on your wall.

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Where Are The Best Locations For Key Hooks?

The very best location to install key hooks will be by whatever door you come into the house. That way, you can hang up your keys immediately upon entering your home. For many of us, that is the front door of our house or apartment. However, some of us park in our garage and then come in through our laundry room or mudroom.

No matter if you come through your front, back, or side door, we suggest you hang the key hooks at least three inches from the door frame. The reasoning behind this is to create enough clearance so that your keys aren't accidentally bumped while coming or going. For decor or privacy purposes, you could also hang keys on the inside of a cupboard door to keep them out of sight.

How Far Apart Should You Hang Individual Hooks?

How far apart you should space individual key hooks depends on the space you have available and how many hooks you need. We found that at least an inch seems to be the acceptable spacing to prevent knocking other keys or items down when you reach your key ring. However, we highly recommend you measure your space and do some math beforehand.

Once you have determined the right spacing for your key hooks, make little marks where you want your hooks to hang. This will help you space them evenly apart. Also, use a level to ensure your key hooks are straight.

Do Hooks Need To Go Into Studs?

Keys are not particularly heavy items, so you do not need to screw or nail these hooks directly into the wall studs. However, if you are using a shelf or basket to hold other items in addition to keys, then you will want to make sure it is anchored properly into studs. Alternatively, you could use drywall anchors.

Another option for those who are renting or don't want to cause damage to their walls is using Command hooks instead. These hooks are easily installed in a matter of seconds and stick well to the wall due to the strong adhesive they employ. Command hooks are temporary, so if you want a permanent solution, these are not for you.

These metallic Command hooks are small and sleek, making them the perfect solution for hanging your keys without being an eyesore. Click here to view these Command hooks on Amazon.

Our Favorite Key Hooks & Key Hook Alternatives

Besides the above-mentioned Command hooks, we found three different key hooks that we thought were some of the best options available to you. We choose these three key hooks based on their appearance, functionality, and affordability. In addition to key hooks, we found three alternative methods for you to keep your keys in a safe place.

1. Antique Skeleton Key Holder

We love the idea of combining charm and functionality with this key-shaped key hook. It comes with three hooks for plenty of space to hang up all your keys. According to the manufacturers, the installation of this solid cast iron key hanger takes only minutes. Two drywall screws are included, so all you need is a screwdriver. 

Click here to view this product on Amazon.

2. Rustic Multi-Purpose Key Rack

This impressive key hook has everything you would need to organize your entryway. There are five key hooks and two baskets for storing mail or sunglasses. Along the bottom, there are five more double hooks to help keep your hats, bags, umbrellas, and coats off the floor. There is even a chalkboard perfect for leaving messages for your housemates.

Click here to view this product on Amazon.

3. Key Cabinet

We love the modern minimalism of this key cabinet. You can hang your keys discreetly in this small, sleek cupboard. It can either be wall-mounted or attached to a magnetic surface. The interior of this cabinet features two bars that allow keys to be spaced as close or far apart as needed.

Click here to view this product on Amazon.

4. Small Key Basket

Our first alternative to the key hook is a small, decorative basket that you can place on your entryway table. With enough room for your keys, wallet, and phone, it is the perfect place to unload as you enter your home. We recommend this option for those with no small children unless you can keep the basket out of their reach.

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5. Decorative Serving Tray

While this three-tiered tray is traditionally used to serve up sweets at parties, we think it makes a nice substitute as a key holder. Much like the basket, keeping this tray on your entryway table allows you to dump your keys, pocket change, sunglasses, and chapstick all in one spot. Should you ever need to do some entertaining, you could make this tray do double time.

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6. A Lanyard On Your Purse

Rather than hanging your keys up or laying them down when you come home, keep them with your purse at all times. While some purses come with a lanyard already, you can easily attach your own by looping it through the zipper of your purse. This method also works for those who regularly carry a backpack or laptop bag. We like a lanyard in a neutral color, so it doesn't clash with your bag, but feel free to pick a lanyard that fits your style.

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In Closing

No matter where you hang your keys, remember to install your hooks somewhere between your shoulder and eye height. Don't forget to space them properly from your door frame, so you don't bump them. If you are using multiple individual hooks, make sure you use a level to keep those hooks in a straight line. We hope with this helpful information you'll never lose your keys again!

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