How to Arrange Two Sofas in Living Room

When it comes to setting up a living room, arranging the couches just right is of the utmost importance. It sets the tone for the entire area. A typical living room set has one sofa and either chairs or a loveseat. But what if you need the extra seating provided by two sofas? How can you arrange them so that the flow of your room is comfortable and relaxing? We researched a variety of sources to find out the best ideas to help you decorate your living room exactly as you need. 

The common ways to arrange two sofas in a living room are:

  • Two couches opposite each other
  • L-Shaped arrangement
  • Wide-shaped angle

The best way to layout the two sofas in your living room will depend on the shape and size of your room, as well as your taste. If you are a little unsure of where to start, no worries. Here is our guide on how to arrange the couches. 

Cream white sofas with multicolored throw pillows with a brown rug, How to Arrange Two Sofas in Living Room

Two Couches Opposite Each Other

This layout is a pretty standard one. It features your two couches facing each other, which creates a great space for visiting with friends and family. 

It also helps the room look symmetrical by creating a mirror image. Because it does this, this arrangement looks best in square or rectangular rooms, not ones with angles. 

This layout works well with the two couches spaced close together or far apart. A great way to help everything come together is to place a coffee table in between. 

For example, this Convenient Concepts table helps pull the design (and two couches) together.

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Click here to view this coffee table on Amazon. 

A negative to this arrangement is that it makes it challenging to have everyone see a TV. If you intend to use your living room for a media area to watch movies altogether, this may not be the option for you.  

To help illustrate what this arrangement looks like, we've selected a couple of examples. 

Living room interior in soft ivory with cozy fireplace

As you can tell with this room, the layout helps create an open space that is perfect for entertaining guests and helps the fireplace be the focal point. 

Keep in mind the area you have and the features of your room. If you have a great accent wall that you want to focus on or a fireplace, this arrangement is a great option. 

Luxury living room with white sofa on one side and beige sofa on the other side of a wooden glass coffee table with blooming white phalaenopsis on a rustic vase

With this layout, the walls are all taken up by windows, making it hard to add a television. Because of that, there is an excellent opportunity to face the couches towards one another. In this case, the sofas work spaced far apart. It's open and inviting. 

L-Shaped Arrangement

The L-Shaped arrangement is excellent for those who aren't so set on symmetry or have a room that isn't square-shaped. 

It also is a great way to get a sectional look out of your two couches without having to go out and buy a new one. 

Brown colored sectional sofa with patterned pillows

Gray sectional sofa

Unlike the two couches facing one another, this design is great for those who want a media entertainment space. It helps ensure that everyone can see the movie without having to crane necks. 

This seating arrangement is not as conducive to conversation as it could be. Another downside can be that the room looks a little cramped if it is not a big area. Keep this in mind as you select your arrangement. 

Let's show you a few examples of this design. 

Family Room Interior with grey sofas near a brick fireplace

With the fireplace in the center of the wall, it was hard to get the TV at the right angle. By positioning the sofas like so enables all to be comfortable while being entertained. 

Modern living room with off-white couches, off-white striped throw pillows and area rug

In this case, the use of the L-shape arrangement allows open space, creating a light and airy atmosphere. Pushing the couches against the wall makes this happen.  

Luxury living room interior with reddish brown couches and wooden rectangular coffee table on grey area rug

This irregular-shaped room suits the L-shaped design by focusing on the views outside rather than inside. If you are choosing not to make the fireplace a focal point, this is a great way to do so. 

In a Wide Angle

This concept is so fantastic for irregular shaped rooms as well. It is excellent for open concept and large living spaces. If you have an armchair or recliner that you would also like to throw in the mix, this is the layout we recommend. 

Often with this setup, you will find that the couches are spaced rather far from each other for them to work. 

Large mid century style living room in a modern home with gray couch

If you do choose to use this layout in a square-shaped floorplan, it can cut off some of the corners of the room. This eliminates a lot of usable space. 

The emphasis of this design is that the sofas should be at wide angles to create a sensible space and not one that feels disjointed. 

Let's show you what we're talking about. 

Living room with two columns, couches, chairs, and a border patterned (red, white and black) area rug at the center of parquet floor

As you may notice in this room, the couches are spaced far apart at varying angles to create a wide-open space that is comfortable and great for lounging around. The floorplan is enormous, and there is a bay window, making this layout a sensible choice. The additional chair also helps round out the design. 

Living room interior with leather couches and fireplace

The same concept works for this room, as well. It's ample space, but you may notice that the angles of the couches cut off a little area near the windows.

Additionally, in this case, the owners chose not to focus on the fireplace.

It is all up to personal preference. It's great to try out arrangements to see what looks best in your living room. 

How Many Couches Should Be in a Living Room?

As with everything, it is up to you to decide how many couches you want. If you have a smaller room, one couch will suffice. It may look better than two sofas. 

Or, one sectional may be better than two couches. 

Try adding a chair with one sofa if the room is small, but you need more sitting space. This will help the room from feeling overcrowded.

If the room is enormous, you could have three couches, one against each wall with one open side. It would be smart to assess the room and try out the area with the sofas you do have before going out and purchasing an additional one. 

Do You Have to Have a Sofa in a Living Room?

Now, you may not need a sofa in a living room at all. However, it is recommended that there is some sitting space for guests. The living room will not get much use if there is no place to sit down and live in it. 

Substitute a sofa for something else like a chair, bench, ottoman, or daybed. You can even go with bean bag chairs. Adding something will make the room functional without you having to go and spend a chunk of change on a new couch. 

Some great, fashionable options aren't as expensive. 

For example, a nice pair of chairs like these could be just fine for a couple or a small apartment. 

Click here to see these chairs on Amazon. 

You may also consider switching a couch for a bench. This option is a money saver and still supplies sitting space. Place a seat like this one against a wall for another solution.

Click here to see this bench on Amazon.  

There are other options besides couches out there if that is where you're heart is taking you. 

Can You Put Two Different Couches in a Living Room?

Two white sofas with matching lightcolored throw pillows inside a luxurious white modern house, How to Arrange Two Sofas in Living Room

If you already have two couches, but they don't match each other, don't worry. This look can work if you do it right, and it matches your taste. Some people may not prefer this, but if it is what you want, we say go for it. 

If you do want to combine two different couches, embrace the difference. Try to find common elements to combine the looks of the two separate sofas. Matching pillows or blankets can help with this process. This way, you add to the look without trying to hide it away. 

Are you saving up to purchase matching sofas? Try buying matching couch covers if you want everything to look clean-cut without spending a ton of money. This one, for example, comes in many different sizes and colors.

Check out this couch cover here on Amazon.

If you have saved up to buy matching couches, check out our guides right here at HomeDecorBliss: 32 Beige Couch Living Room Ideas15 Gorgeous Chocolate Brown Couches [Inc. Design Tips!]

When it comes to creating the perfect living room, there are a ton of options. Try out new arrangements, add elements you want, and keep your taste in mind. 

A white modern living room with two white sofas and black throw pillows, How to Arrange Two Sofas in Living Room

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