How To Clean A Lanai Screen [3 Methods To Try!]

The word “lanai” brings images to mind of a relaxing, Hawaiian getaway. Though in recent years, the lanai has become a popular addition to beach and inland homes alike. A lanai screen prevents mosquitoes, other insects, wildlife, grass, and leaves from entering your relaxation spaces. However, this may not be the case for pollen and dirt, and when these build in the screens, this could very well make your space much less calming. We have researched the best way to clean this to keep your relaxing retreat just that!

There are a few ways that you can clean your lanai screen:

  • By hand with water, a cleaning agent, a soft brush, or rag.
  • Spray with a pressure washer and a cleaning agent.
  • Use a garden hose and a cleaning agent.

Now you know how to clean your lanai screen, but we’ve done the research and have a few more tips and tricks for you. Keep reading to learn more!

Beautiful lanai at this estate home with furniture and spacious landscape. How To Clean A Lanai Screen [3 Methods To Try!]

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Methods For Cleaning

There are three basic ways to clean your lanai screen as you do rudimentary cleanings. When you do a deep clean, though, you may have to use a combination of these methods to get out all of the set in substances and stains.

By Hand

For this method, we recommend using a soft bristle brush and terry cloth towel. You don’t want to use anything too rough, as this could cause tear holes or cause other damage to the screen fibers. 

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Check out this soft bristle brush with an adjustable handle on Amazon.

You can fill up a bucket with warm water and dish soap. Grease-cutting dish soap is best. Then gently scrub away what has accumulated on the screen.

After you’ve finished, you may want to rinse the screen with your garden hose.

Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is a very efficient way to clean your lanai screen, but it does come with risks as these washers are very powerful and can cause damage if not used correctly. 

Most power washers feature a holder and pump for cleaning solutions. Any cleaning agent is acceptable, as long as it is healthy for your plants, though we recommend an outdoor cleaner or distilled white vinegar to be used in this machine.

Need a pressure washer? Take a look at this one we found on Amazon.

After you’ve applied the cleaning agent, you can begin using your pressure washer. Spray on the screen, being gentle on the seams of the screen and frames. The pressure should remove any grime that has been stuck. 

Garden Hose

The garden hose is another sort of pressure washing method, though it is not as powerful as the pressure washer. Though this may not be as powerful for cleaning, it also comes with less risk of damaging your lanai screen.

For this method, most cleaning solutions can be used. You can put dish soap or distilled white vinegar with an equal part of water into a spray bottle and spray the lanai screen.

Once the screen has been treated with a cleaning solution, you can begin spraying it with the garden hose. We recommend using a pressure nozzle on the garden hose to make it a bit easier to remove tough grime.

Learn more about this high-pressure nozzle on Amazon.

Cleaning Agents

Every cleaning agent has purposes they’re especially well suited for, but they are not all created equal. Some are good for cleaning the lanai screen, and some, not so much.

Dish Soap

Dish soap is a good option for cleaning the lanai screen because it is formulated to remove sticky grime while also being gentle. It will not eat away at the screen fibers. In addition, it isn’t harmful to plants, wildlife, or pets. 

Also, you can choose a type of dish soap with a smell you enjoy!

Window Screen Cleaner

If you mainly have a problem with your screens collecting dust, this product is your solution. The screen cleaner dissolves dust particles, and more than that, it is formulated with dust repellent. It also adds gloss and a UV protector.

The downside is that you have to be careful with this product as it is not safe for pets or plants. According to reviewers, it can stain carpets and upholstery, so you will have to make special accommodations to protect the flooring and furniture in your lanai when using this product.

Learn more about this window screen cleaner on Amazon.

Distilled White Vinegar

Distilled white vinegar is a powerful, multipurpose cleaning agent, and we especially suggest it for washing a lanai screen. This cleaner is excellent for breaking down and removing stains, algae and mold because it is acidic.

In addition, it’s also non-toxic for your garden plants and animals alike.


Bleach is a great cleaning tool, and you may be tempted to use it on your lanai screen. We only recommend this for spot cleaning, though.

Household bleach can also be referred to as chlorine bleach, and if this bleach somehow makes contact with plants, the plants will suffer from chlorine toxicity and most likely die. This could especially be an issue when cleaning a lanai screen, as the bleach and water could run down into your yard or garden. 

If you feel that you need to use bleach, we recommend using it by hand, diluted with water. Dip a soft bristle brush or terry cloth towel into the cleaning solution and scrub the area you are attempting to clean. You will also want to use gloves as bleach can be harmful to skin.

Other Helpful Tips


Let’s say there’s an unpleasant smell in your lanai. Let’s say it’s more than unpleasant. It’s downright pungent, and you need more than a scented candle to get it taken care of.

For this, we recommend white distilled vinegar. Not only can you use it to deep clean the screens as described above. You can also set out a bowl of distilled vinegar overnight, and it will absorb the odor.

Before You Clean

If you live in a heavily wooded or grassy area, you may notice that your screens collect a lot of pollen and lint. Before you clean, try using a lint roller on the screen to remove the excess fluff. Then you can use water to easily remove what’s left. 

In Closing

A lanai is just the place to sit and relish the great outdoors with some shade and protection from bugs and dust, but the screen of a lanai can easily become soiled. No one wants to sit in that. You can either clean your lanai screen by hand, with a pressure washer or with a garden hose. In the end, you will have a relaxing area to enjoy again!

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