How To Run A Washing Machine Drain Outside Into The Yard?

Running a washing machine drain out into your yard is not a difficult task. But you may have questions about the process and how it will impact your yard. Don't worry! We have conducted thorough research on the topic to bring you the answers that you're looking for.

Before you start draining your washing machine into your yard, you should know that there are rules to follow so that you don't end up breaking the law and getting a penalty. Make sure to follow the steps below before attempting to drain your washing machine outside:

  1. Check Yard And Surroundings
  2. Research What Goes Into The Project
  3. Gather The Necessary Materials/Equipment
  4. Cut And Replace The Tubing
  5. Test Everything Until Satisfied

In this article, you will learn what to do in each step of the process when draining your washing machine outside. Additionally, we will discuss whether draining the greywater from your washing machine could have adverse effects on your yard. So continue reading to find out more.

Flexible water drain pipe from washing machine and pvc pipe connector - How To Run A Washing Machine Drain Outside Into The Yard

How To Drain A Washing Machine Into The Yard

Now that the introductions are out of the way, it's time for you to learn the proper steps for draining the greywater from your washing machine into your yard.

Check Yard and Surroundings

In the case of draining your washing machine outside into the yard, it's best to stop and take a good look around you. Do you have enough open space? Will draining the washing machine outside directly affect any neighboring houses?

These are some of the questions that you must ask yourself when doing this project, or you will end up running into roadblocks along the way. 

Before attempting any kind of project, it's always best to lay out your ideas first. This way, you have a clear and concrete goal that you want to achieve.

Research What Goes Into The Project

The next step is to conduct research and educate yourself. After surveying your yard, it's time to check how best to go about your plan and whether or not it's an acceptable thing to do in your community.

First, let's start with whether or not it's legal for you to do this project in your area. There may be rules in place to prevent you from draining your washing machine outside and failing to comply with the law will lead to you paying a penalty or worse.

But in some states, it's perfectly legal to do so, just as long as you meet the requirements set by the local authorities. It's always best to check with the local government before attempting any type of large project that involves your home.

Gather The Necessary Materials/Equipment

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Plastic Barrel isolated on white

After making sure that it's legal for you to do this project, it's time for you to gather all the necessary supplies and equipment that you will need. 

If your washing machine is in the basement or somewhere similar, then you will need to consider buying a sump pump. This helps pump the greywater from your washing machine outside into an elevated surface with no trouble at all.

In some cases, you may want to have some degree of control over the drainage process. If so, then consider buying a large barrel to hold the greywater. This will allow you to choose when to drain and use the washing machine's greywater on your terms.

Check out this barrel drum on Amazon.

Cut And Replace The Tubing

Once you have all the supplies and equipment necessary, it's time to cut out the drain tube of your washing machine and replace it with the one you prepared. This allows you to have a degree of freedom to just how far and where you want to greywater to drain.

So whether you want to hook your washing machine to a sump pump or attach it to an irrigation canal of your own design, it's imperative for you to first replace the tubing on your washing machine. This provides strength and rigidity to the whole project.

Additionally, make sure to connect all the pipes included in the project securely. The last thing you want is for greywater to suddenly burst out and flood your home.

Check out this drain hose on Amazon.

Test Everything Until Satisfied

After you have attached all the pipes and set everything down, it's time for you to test the overall efficiency of the project. This is an important step that you must not skip as it tells you if there are any problems like leaks or blockages that need resolving.

Make sure that every connection is tight with no visible leaks or moisture coming out. The last thing you want to create is a suitable environment where mold and mildew can thrive and grow.

If there are problems that you can't seem to resolve or figure out how to fix, then it's best to call a professional to take a look.

Is Professional Help Necessary For Draining A Washing Machine Outside?

Canadian father and son check water drainage on old washing machine outside their house in winter. DIY project.

You do not need a professional's assistance for this project. However, you may need to call a professional if you have a detailed plan in mind that involves laying down and burying pipes underground, or if you require a sump pit.

But most of the time, the project will involve just you cutting out the current drainage tube and rerouting it. Whether you want the greywater to drain into a barrel or outside, it's a simple job that many homeowners can do.

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Will Draining A Washing Machine Outside Affect My Yard?

Nicely trimmed front yard with green grass in front of a luxury house.

Draining a washing machine that does the laundry is generally safe. Just make sure that the detergent you're using is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

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On the other hand, draining your dishwasher water outside is potentially unsafe. The use of dish detergent makes the water more harmful than the greywater produced by a washing machine. Draining it outside can cause harm to your plants and your garden.

What To Be Aware Of When Using Greywater?

Closeup of a washing machine in a wash cycle.

First, you need to understand what greywater is. Simply knowing that it's the wastewater of a washing machine is not enough.

Greywater is the water that comes from doing laundry. Afterward, you recycle it for another purpose. In this case, a lot of homeowners use it to water their gardens and plants at home to avoid waste.

You should be aware that not all greywater is the same. First, greywater that has detergents that are high in potassium and low in sodium is great for watering plants. The same doesn't hold for the opposite.

Also, do not attempt to use greywater that has bleach in it to water the garden. That's an easy way to kill all the plants that you have been raising.

Will Greywater From The Washing Machine Harm The Yard?

hands squeeze the washed laundry taken out of the washing machine. High quality photo

As long as you're aware of what goes into the laundry, then using greywater for other purposes is generally safe.

However, if you regularly wash clothes that contain feces or vomit, it's best to avoid using greywater in the yard. You could spread pathogens and bacteria. This could potentially cause harm to you and your family, not just the plants outside.

Also note that if you're cultivating plants that do not take kindly to additives and chemical products, the use of greywater could potentially be fatal to them.

Lastly, be careful when using greywater or when draining the washing machine outside in general with neighbors around. While it might be okay for you, your neighbors may not appreciate greywater potentially getting into their backyard. 

To Wrap Up

Flexible water drain pipe from washing machine and pvc pipe connector.

When draining a washing machine outside, all you need is new tubing, some pipes, a sump pump if the washing machine is located in the basement, and sometimes a large barrel.

Of course, it all depends on the vision you have in mind. But this is a project that's simple to do and doesn't require much work. Just make sure to learn what the local guidelines are when it comes to draining outside.

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